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6 Vital Items You Can Never Stockpile Enough Of

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vital items

Food is usually first on most people’s list of vital items to stockpile.

When stockpiling supplies in your home for survival and disaster preparedness, there are certain vital items that may run out quicker than you realize.

Think about it: A large-scale economic collapse is going to last for months, if not years. An EMP attack will knock the power grid down on a national scale for an equal amount of time, if not longer.

Here are six vital items to consider buying more of:


Vital Items (#1): Baking Soda

This is truly one of the most overlooked survival items on the planet. It is one of the best all-around cleaning and personal hygiene product that you can buy – and it’s cheap. With baking soda, you can make soap, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, dishwashing soap, and a cleaning agent for floors and furniture.


Vital Items (#2): Batteries

Without batteries, how are you to power your electronic items and your flashlights? The best kinds of batteries to buy in bulk are common types such as AA or AAA. Nevertheless, you also will want to store plenty of more unique types for any special devices. For example, many heavy-duty flashlights will require D batteries.


Vital Items (#3): Fire-Starters

Fire is imperative in any survival situation because it can provide you with warmth, light, comfort, and security. It also provides you with a way to cook food or boil water.

Your best move will be to focus on purchasing a variety of fire-starters — lighters, matches and magnesium flint strikers — rather than just one type, so that you can have options.


Vital Items (#4): Ammo

Gone are the days of bows and arrows. Sure, you can build or use those kinds of more primitive weapons if firearms are not available, but you simply cannot call yourself truly protected in this society without guns.

Most prepping experts seem to agree that a minimum of 1,000 rounds stored per caliber is a good baseline. Nonetheless, even that much ammo may not last as long as you think it will. Consider storing more.


Vital Items (#5): Food

There’s a good chance that food was the first item you thought of when you started reading this article. Of course, it’s best to be self-sufficient, but the best kinds of foods to store for survival are ones that are both nutritious and long-lasting. Examples include white rice (avoid brown rice because it spoils), beans of virtually any kind, MREs (not the tastiest, but they still last a long time), canned meats and vegetables, sugar and honey.


Vital Items (#6): Water

Even though water is all around us in various forms, having access to clean and purified water for both drinking and personal hygiene purposes is an absolute must. Additionally, have plenty of emergency water filters. Store water in clean containers of various sizes and be sure to rotate it out at least once every six months to ensure it remains in good condition.

What would you add to our list? Share your thoughts in the comments section below:


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