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7 Incredible Survival Uses for Ziploc Bags

Image source: Wikipedia

Image source: Wikipedia

Most kitchens in America these days have at least one package of Ziploc bags. Like a great many other simple home items that can be applied to a variety of survival situations, Ziploc bags can come in quite handy during a crisis.

Here are seven survival uses for Ziploc bags:

1. Funnel

You can cut a hole in a corner of a Ziploc bag and then – voila! – use the bag to funnel anything you wish. In fact, if the hole is small enough, it could also work well as a water filter. While it won’t eliminate all of the nasty chemicals and bacteria, it will remove some of the noticeable dark substances. From there, you can use purification tablets or a pocket water filter.

2. Emergency Water Transporter

You easily can use Ziploc bags as a sealed water cup or as an emergency water transporter. Since the Ziploc will be very fragile when it is filled with water, you may want to “double bag” the water to keep it as secure as possible.

3. Keeping Fire-Starting Materials Dry

This is absolutely critical to survival. In cold and wet conditions, a fire will be far more valuable than shelter ever could. With warmth, security and protection even in the worst of conditions, you want to make building a fire as easy as possible.

The Secret To Starting Fires In Even The Most Extreme Conditions

Keeping tinder and fire starters protected securely in a Ziploc bag will ensure that they remain both dry and organized.

4. Keeping Electronic Devices Dry

Most of the time, we won’t be using any electronic devices such as a cell phones when stuck out in the wilderness. But if you reach an area of cell service, making a call with a cell phone could be a life-saver. The trouble is, cell phones and water don’t exactly go hand in hand.  Keep your cell phone turned off and dry in a Ziploc bag as you travel.

5. Keeping Socks And Clothes Dry

A real killer when lost in the wilderness is wet socks. Wet socks can have adverse effects (as in trench foot) on your feet. This is why you should rotate the socks on your feet after a few hours of hiking in wet conditions. There’s no better place to keep a pair of socks dry than in a Ziploc bag.

6. Emergency Hat

If your Ziploc bag is big enough, you can always use it as a hat to keep your head protected from the cold rain! It may sound funny, but it’s better than having a drenched head.

7. Wound Cover

Even the smallest of open wounds can be devastating in a survival situation once infection sets in. If you tie or duct tape a Ziploc bag over the wound, it can help to keep elements such as bugs or dirt out.

Do you know of other survival uses for a Ziploc bag? Share you additions in the section below:

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