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8 Lightweight Survival Items Your Bugout Bag Is Missing

8 Life-Saving Lightweight Items Your Bugout Bag Is Missing

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Most survival kits or bugout bags are just too heavy, and so the owners begin removing items.

But in an effort to keep everything ultra-light, many items are being completely missed.

Let’s look at things from a different perspective and talk about some of the most overlooked lightweight items that you can purchase today (for pennies on the dollar, I promise). Once you know what they are, you might also think about adding them to your get-home bag, your car’s bug-out bag and some of them even to your everyday carry kit.

Sounds tempting enough? Great, let’s get on with the list!

1. Gloves

You should, in fact, have two pairs: a wool pair to keep you warm in case you’re bugging out during the winter and a pair of work gloves for various activities, including:

  • getting tree branches and other plants out of the way as you’re moving through the forest.
  • carrying heavy objects.
  • working with sharp or rough materials.
  • working with oils and other chemicals.
  • climbing a rope (much easier when you’re wearing them).

2. A baseball cap

If you’ll be out under the hot sun for days on end, a baseball cap will not just protect your head from the heat but also will guard your eyes. This is one thing a bandana can’t do. Another thing you can do is wear sunglasses + the bandana.

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Still, don’t completely disregard the baseball cap as it has many alternative survival uses. From filtering water to keeping various items such as the berries you forage, there are plenty of ways in which it can assist you if you have one in your kit.

3. Blast matches

There are many ways to start a fire in the wild, such as using the bow drill method, waterproof matches or using a magnesium fire-starter. However, the blast match tops them all because you can use it with only one hand.

You see, they were specifically designed this way to be used by soldiers who’ve been hurt and, guess what: that could be you. No one wants to conceive they could get shot or break an arm but these are the sorts of things that could happen when you’re out there, running for your life.

4. Wool socks

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If you’ll be wearing hiking boots, you absolutely need a pair of thick socks. Wear a thinner pair and you’ll quickly develop blisters. I also suggest you keep a second one inside your backpack, preferably in a Ziploc bag to keep it dry.

5. Baby wipes

Baby wipes can be a great replacement for toilet paper. Not only are they smaller but you can also use them to clean various things, including giving yourself a shower or cleaning your glasses.

6. Copies of personal documents

Of course, in a real disaster scenario, you’ll want to grab the originals but what if you don’t have time? Much better to have a few copies inside a Ziploc bag that you can use.

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Keeping the originals inside your bag may be impractical because you’ll keep getting them out and then putting them back in.

7. Moleskin

Even during the shortest bugout, you can expect blisters to cripple you down. If you didn’t break into your new boots or if you have to walk very long distances, you WILL get blisters. This is where a roll of moleskin helps.

8. Ziploc bags

You need more than the ones in which you’re storing items. Why? One, Ziplocs aren’t puncture proof, meaning they’re all going to become useless at some point.

Second, if you want to cross a river, you can fill the extra ones with air and put them inside your bag to help keep you afloat. Do the same if you’re stranded somewhere in the middle of a flash flood and you have less than a minute before the water sweeps you away.

Can you think of other items people forget to add to their bugout bags? Write them in a comment below.

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