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Pocket Power X Review And Giveaway

Pocket Power X

Have you seen the Pocket Power X? It’s a great portable power supply that will do just about anything.

Well, we’re giving one away for free to a lucky Off The Grid News reader. Yep, that’s right: If you earn the most points (find out how below), you’ll pay zero, zilch, nada and get this great emergency and survival tool for free.

The PPX is a lithium-ion power pack that really packs a wallop. Its revolutionary new battery will provide enough power for just about any emergency you can think of. It can be charged off the house current, your car or even the sun, with the optional solar panel (the winner will get one of those too!).

Phone dead? Why use one of those little battery packs that can’t even fully charge it up? The PPX will allow you to charge your phone several times — or charge two phones at once — using its dual USB ports.

Car battery dead? No problem. This surprising little power pack will jump start any car with a dead battery. I even started mine 10 times in a row (with the car’s battery disconnected, just to see if it could do it). When I was done, it still had lots more power.

This handy power pack provides outputs in 5 volts DC, 12 volts DC (special jumper cable connection), and 19 volts DC for powering a laptop. The most common laptop power connectors are included, so you can use it with virtually any brand.

The PPX comes with the 110 Mobile, a compact 120 volt AC voltage inverter that connects to the 12 volt output. This allows you to use the PPX to power a whole host of other devices, which normally require you being at home and having the power on. That increases its utility.

For electrical power on the road, at home in an emergency or even while camping, the PPX provides whatever you need. It’s a great little unit.

And now, you’ve got an opportunity to get one for free. Just follow the directions below to throw your name in the hat to win your very own. Or, if you don’t want to wait to get your own, click here to buy one.


Here’s What You Need To Do For Your Chance To Win


Please answer the following question in the comments section at the bottom of the page:
Tell us why you think this would be a great off the grid item in a crisis and why you think you should win it?
Sign up to win using the form below and share this video with your friends.
Every friend that you get to sign up earns you 5 points. The person with the most points at the end of the contest wins the Pocket Power X!


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