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5 Export-Proof Jobs

Unemployed Americans, take heart. There are jobs out there that can’t be sent overseas or exported to some multi-national processing center. They are real positions with the potential to help you earn above minimum wage, feed your family, and rest easy knowing your job can only be done right here in the United States.

Personal and Home-Care Aides

Personal and home-care aides help older people take care of their personal lives and their homes. Many baby boomers could stay in their homes for years if they just had someone who could help out doing all the daily tasks – driving to the store for groceries, tidying up, running loads of laundry, reading and sorting the mail. They’re all simple tasks that don’t require medical training to complete – but they do require someone who can bend, twist, lift small loads, and read fine print. Patience, honesty, organization, and reliability also matter in this job, which generally pays $10 to $15 per hour.

Non-Farm Animal Caretakers

Calling all cat and dog lovers… or bird, ferret, or gerbil aficionados … there are jobs out there for you! According to the U.S. Occupational Employment Statistics, jobs for non-farm and small animal caretakers increased by 21.5 percent over the last five years. It might be as simple as checking in with animals home alone while the owners are out of town, or as complex as managing medication schedules for aging cats and dogs. The jobs are available as freelance positions or with pet management agencies, and range in pay from $15 for a thirty-minute dog walk to $250 per day for live-in pet management services. If you’re open to travel, there are also caretaking positions with free room and board for months or even years available for people willing to stay in the homes of pets whose owners can’t travel with them.

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Lifeguard/Ski Patrol

Despite being thought of as seasonal positions, in many parts of the country lifeguards and ski patrol jobs are open year-round. The physical requirements do limit who can do the job as well as ensure it can’t be exported past the local community limits. Those who can get certified will find they are welcome at community pools and ski parks as well as fancy hotels, private ski resorts, and upscale apartment complexes. Hours are often flexible, with weekend and evening shifts available for those who want to juggle two jobs or manage childcare around work.

Childcare Workers

Someone has to stay home with the kids, which in this economy means big money for daycare and childcare providers. You can work in a licensed daycare or provide childcare privately for one or two children. Even in small towns, the going rate is usually a minimum of $200 a week for full-time care per child, with larger cities running much more. Those willing to watch newborns and infants can charge more. Even providing part-time childcare, such as on evenings or weekends, can net professional providers $10 to $25 per hour.


They haven’t yet invented a robot that can cut hair properly or manage the moods of picky clients. As a result, hairdressers are experiencing growth as a profession by more than 4 percent annually even as the rest of the economy has been shrinking at a rate of 4.5 percent a year. You can run your own shop or rent a chair in an existing shop. The American Salon Magazine pegs the average haircut at $21, and with a steady clientele, it’s simple to keep a steady, export-proof income going with every snip.

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