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Why Distill Your Own Water?

When I went to our City Hall in Yelm, Washington, I asked if they use fluoridation in the water. The reason I asked is that my sweet lady is pregnant and I was concerned. We don’t necessarily drink the tap water, but we do bathe and shower in it. We also use it to brush our teeth, boil pasta and potatoes, make coffee and tea, and also use it to water and grow our sunflower, alfalfa sprouts and herbs.

The lady behind the counter told me told our city didn’t use fluoridation. I was relieved a bit.  I knew that the big cities I came from did. I heard on the radio that 70 % of our cities do. But even if Yelm doesn’t fluoridate, there are still chemicals like chlorine.

The authorities say fluoridation helps prevent cavities and that is why it is used in toothpaste. The evidence they have is not compelling to me. I see more and more companies taking fluoride out of their products. I see news channels investigating and many youtube videos citing news sources saying it’s poison.

One news station in Massachusetts investigated how the process of fluoridating the water is done. They pour fluoride powder (from China) into the water supply. This powder has other chemicals in it that do not dissolve, and no one knows what they are! No one they interviewed could say what those other chemicals were!

When I was a teenager, I learned that the Nazis used fluoridation in the water in order to make the public more docile in the concentration camps. Was this an experiment? Did it work? I have heard on the radio it affects the brains and lowers the IQ of children. Is this true?

Actually, the truth is … we don’t know. We might not know the truth for many years. There are many sides to the story. Good and bad? Politics? Fear mongering? Or just a tradition handed down from our parents, like TV dinners and canned meals?

If we wanted fluoridation, and thought it was safe to use (even beneficial) we should have the choice to put it in ourselves. It should not be mandatory for all. It does not kill germs or sterilize the water. If it’s put there for our benefit, shouldn’t we decide if we want it?

Drinking clean water is our most important need. The body can survive with little food, but cannot live without water. Usually after 3 days, it shuts down—unless you’re an experienced and disciplined yogi. However, not all of us are. Imagine what would happen to people without water for three days? What they would do for it under strain and stress of survival? What about those with babies and children?

Water is definitely good and the purer the better. In his book, The Body’s Many Cries for Water, this doctor experimented and cured virtually all diseases, even incurable ones, by having his patients drink water—a whole lot of it. Water goes to every cell when you drink it and also removes waste from the cell. As long as these two things are done, the cell is “immortal”, according to Dr. Alex Carrell. He found in his research on longevity, that he could keep a chicken heart alive indefinitely if kept in clean pure water. He explained: “The cell is immortal. It is merely the fluid in which it floats that degenerates. Renew this fluid at regular intervals, give the cells what they require for nutrition, and as far as we know, the pulsation of Life can go on forever.”

Our body is 70% water. Our brain is 80%. Water has memory. According to the book, Messages in Water, we can change the structure of water we drink by prayer or words, and it will react. Futuristic movies are made like Dune, where water is the most expensive and important thing in the universe. They wear suits that turn their sweat into drinkable water at the end of the day. In the movies about apocalypses and future “days to come” scenarios, money is walked on, useless, while water is killed for (movies like The Road or The Book of Eli). We have always be told by wise people that there will be a day where water will be worth more than gold. What about people in apartments? What about earthquakes like in Haiti recently? What if that happened here?

Why not save spring water?

When I went camping with my dad as a child, he warned me not to drink the spring water, the natural flowing water, because it was filled with parasites. He said I had to boil it first. A great thing about distilling is that it removes all plant and organic material.

When I was in London, a tour guide told me that more evidence had came out and that the Black Plague was not caused by rats, but spread by water that rained down and filtered through decayed bodies buried on top of  bodies  in graveyards ( before the six feet under law) and then given to people as drinking water. The Ganges river in India spread disease because of the custom of washing dead bodies in the river. I do not know if they still do this, but I read this in a book as a child.

Bottled spring water then? Well, bottles of spring water need to be transported by trucks and trains, and we cannot always depend on our fuel abundance lasting forever. Also, “spring water” is not from springs. It is bottled tap water filtered and sold by big bottling companies.  After reading the 2007 book Boys Adrift boy were my eyes opened up! I have never drunk bottled water after reading that book (or anything out of certain plastics). When I go out to eat, I ask for beer or wine. Check for yourself on the web about the practices of bottled water. BPA is a chemical used in plastic bottles and if that bottle heats up to 60º F while being transported in a truck, the chemical will leech into the water. They use the same plastic for milk bottles for babies. It affects things like testicle size and hormones. Please research and decide for yourself before calling it conspiracy.

You can make distilled water with a simple distiller over a wood fire. This is so simple so you can do this with no electrical power. You can build yourself or buy one. The first time I distilled water I used an electric machine. It was so easy.

It took only an hour and the water poured out slowly. We drank it and it tasted good. It tasted like nothing, actually, because only pure water tastes like nothing. Dirty water has flavor. To add to the taste of the water you can use a lemon, sprinkle in some Himalayan salt, or add a little mint to make it more “living“. Distilled water is the absence of all organic material (even minerals) so this will help structure it to make it more like you are used to drinking.

Water distillers are the only way to guarantee you will get all the fluoride out of your drinking water. The only way to remove the organic materials is through a distillation process. It is also the cheapest way. You are taking the steam and re-condensing it to a liquid. You can use the dirtiest of waters and make it the purest.

Can you distill water without electricity? Sure you can. Most people do not know this. They can buy a copper, stainless steel or even a homemade distiller and just use it over a wood fire. The water will distill in about an hour.

The best option, in my opinion, is not to buy distilled water in plastic bottles from the supermarket, but to distill your own. Whether that is with an electric distiller or a simple one of stainless steel over a fire, it’s up to you. Please go to for more information on distillers.

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