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Beans, Beans, The Magical Fruit with Sara Pitzer – Episode 053

Have you considered what NOT having control of your food supply is costing you? In Germany right now, that loss of control has contributed to the deaths of thirty-nine people. The sad thing is that Europe can’t figure out what the problem is. First it was cucumbers, tomatoes, then lettuce, then sprouts, then it wasn’t sprouts, and today it is sprouts again.

The lack of ability to track down this source showcases the problem of allowing your food supply to become such a vast outward-spreading organism in which you have no control. When you take away personal, one-on-one accountability, you lose much more than the ability to hold the grower responsible for the food you consume. You automatically require government intervention in the food growing process and as we have seen, government intervention is seldom logical, quite easily corrupted, and an albatross around the neck of average citizens.
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Please join Bill Heid and Brian Brawdy as they talk with Sara Pitzer about beans, those veggies that are making a comeback all across America. There are wonderful things you can cook with beans and this presents each of us an amazing opportunity to become more firmly self-reliant.

In this episode:
•    The history of beans
•    The wonderful varieties of beans you seldom, if ever, see on grocery store shelves
•    Bean preparation—it’s really quite simple!
•    Raising heirloom beans—for health and to replant next season
•    And more…

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