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Bees: The Easy Off-Grid Money Maker

Bees: The Easy Off-Grid Money Maker  The subject of homesteading often focuses on various methods of gardening, different types of livestock, or even the multiple ways to generate electricity.

But one area that is often overlooked is bees. As a growing number of homesteaders and off-gridders are discovering, honeybees are a great way not only to grow your own all-natural sweetener, but also to deliver another steady source of income.

Beekeeping is this week’s subject on Off The Grid Radio, as we talk to beekeeper and homesteader Derek Abello, who runs a prominent bee removal and relocation service in Arizona and who is an expert on getting started in beekeeping.

Abello tells us:

  • Why homesteaders and off-gridders should consider beekeeping.
  • How beekeeping can provide extra cash beyond simply the selling of honey.
  • Why beekeeping is far easier than most people realize.
  • Which equipment is needed – and not needed – to get started.
  • How bees can be obtained for free, saving you lots of money.

Finally, Abello tells us how bees helped him and his family get off processed sugar. He also shares advice for those homesteaders who might be squeamish about working around bees.

If you are looking to live a healthier life and wanting to make some extra cash, then this week’s show is for you!


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