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Collecting Rainwater From Your Own House Now Illegal?

radio -- rainbarrelIt seems that with each new day, the government is banning something – raw milk, septic tanks, even vegetable gardens.

But a ban on collecting rainwater? It’s true, and it’s happening in some parts of America. And it’s the topic of this week’s edition of Off The Grid Radio, as Seattle attorney Jeff B. Kray – one of the nation’s leading experts on rainwater harvesting laws – joins us. Kray has fought the good fight, defending homeowners in their battle against the government to collect rainwater legally.

Kray tells us:

  • Why some states restrict rainwater collecting.
  • What states have restrictions on rainwater harvesting.
  • Where he’d recommend relocating to for friendly rainwater laws.
  • What you should do in your state to make sure you’re legal.

It certainly sounds un-American to ban rainwater harvesting, and the Founding Fathers no doubt would have staunchly opposed it. And the Internet is full of rumors on what is and is not legal.

In this episode of Off The Grid Radio, we separate fact from myth and explore what really is the truth about rainwater harvesting bans.

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