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Easy First Steps To Find The Perfect Homestead

homesteading for radioEach year an increasing number of Americans join the self-sufficiency movement. From 2008 to 2013, the number of Americans who grew their own food increased from 36 million to 42 million. Alternative energy, too, is on the rise, and as of 2014 a record 600,000 businesses or homes had gone solar.

On this week’s edition of Off The Grid Radio we talk to off-grid expert Susan Patterson, a writer and modern homesteader who has lived off grid in three states and currently is homesteading in the high desert region of New Mexico. She’s completely off grid – and loving it.

Susan tells us what we need to know to start living the self-reliant life and homesteading – and she also shares with us critical tips for gardening in hot, dry weather.

Susan also tells us:

  • What the first steps anyone wanting to join the self-sufficiency movement should take.
  • Why renting is an option for some but not all homesteaders.
  • How to find the perfect piece of homesteading land.
  • What she did when local laws prevented her from homesteading.
  • Which vegetables grow best in an area with poor soil and little rain.

In addition, Susan tells us her unique methods for gardening in New Mexico that anyone, in any state, can implement. It’s helped her grow food when her neighbors can’t.

Join us as Susan gives us expert advice learned from years of living the off-grid way of life!

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