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Feinstein’s Ultimate Bait-and-Switch Anti-Gun Legislation with Michael Hammond – Episode 142

No issue has been as polarizing since Obamacare legislation hit the floors of Congress than the recent anti-gun legislation pushed by Senator Diane Feinstein in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook school shootings. Before many reporters could get their microphones hooked up for on-scene coverage, Feinstein decided to capitalize on the tragedy by pushing her agenda to dismantle the Second Amendment by any means possible.

But today’s guest on Off the Grid Radio is asking listeners not to be fooled or sidetracked by anything coming from the anti-gun camp, including universal background checks, which he says is the ultimate bait-and-switch ploy. Michael Hammond, legislative counsel to Gun Owners of America, says that we’re at a crossroads in the history of America, and how we respond to this recent attack on constitutional liberties may well decide the fate of the nation going forward.
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In this episode:

  • Is this Second Amendment crisis good for the country?
  • Is the background check system broken?
  • Should we accept universal background checks as written in exchange for concessions on anti-gun legislation?
  • And more…
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