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From the Archives… Debunking Flu Shot Myths with Megan Pond – Episode 140

Like many people all over the country, we here at Off the Grid News and Off the Grid Radio are suffering the same exposure to the flu virus that is incapacitating thousands across the country. This bug is unlike many that we have seen in the past, and the symptoms presented are not typical for the average flu virus. Even Bill Heid, Off the Grid Radio’s host, is down with the flu and out of the office this week.

And sometimes you just can’t improve on a timeless message. We have gone back into our archives (mainly because our host is out with the flu!) and have pulled out a message that’s as relevant today as it was then.

Anyone concerned with their health, especially with the government pushing the flu vaccine every chance they get (and what good has it done this year?), needs to listen to the message from Megan Pond from There are 5 major myths surrounding the influenza vaccine, and you’re going to want to know about all five of them in order to make more informed decisions about your health and the vaccines you receive.

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In this episode:

  • The government says there are no measurable amounts of mercury in vaccines anymore… is that true?
  • The one vitamin that is proven to prevent the flu…
  • Does the flu shot really prevent the flu?
  • How many lives has the flu shot really saved?

And more…

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