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Fun House Mirrors and Reality – Episode 021

logoJoin Bill Heid and Brian Brawdy on Off the Grid Radio as they discuss the ramifications of this past election, what we need to do as a country and a people going forward, and how now is not the time to lose sight of our need to prepare for whatever future is awaiting us in the face of a government that is imploding before our eyes…


Off The Grid Radio
Released: November 12, 2010

Welcome to Off the Grid Radio, better ideas to bust you and your family out of today’s global control grid. Now here is today’s show.

Brian: Ladies and gentlemen as the announcer says welcome to Off the Grid, the radio show, the radio show of our website You know what Bill, I’m so excited today. Ladies and gentlemen were going to say good morning to Mr. Bill Heid. I’m watching Jeramy, our producer over on the board with the blue button that cues the music going come on, come on, come on, we’ve got a lot to talk about, speed up the music.

Bill: Hurry up, hurry up Brian.

Brian: So Bill Heid, good morning, how are you sir?

Bill: Well welcome, I’m wonderful. It’s a brisk November morning and welcome to you, welcome back to beautiful sunny Thompson, Illinois.

Brian: And it was sunny this morning. There is one of those low cloud decks that when the sun comes between Earth and the clouds it kind of makes everything orange underneath, just beautiful, have a little Stevie Ray Vaughn playing as I was driving in so…

Bill: When you were on the way in, what could be better?

Brian: I can’t, I’ve got a short list but this morning would be on it.

Bill: Well, today I think we need to talk about the election and so…

Brian: Elections?

Bill: The elections, so here we are in November and we’ve got a little bit of the change and I think it’s appropriate to give kind of like where are we going to go from here? What’s going to happen? What’s this really mean and I think for our listeners and our listeners are very different from my perspective than most of America. And so our listeners are a little more attuned in to what is really going on so I think this will be an important show to continue to listen to for that reason. Now because it is Thanksgiving and because what we’re going to talk about has a political connotation, do you have the George Washington Proclamation up?

Brian: I do and you know what I’ve never seen his signature, that’s really cool.

Bill: You’ve got such a great speaking voice, Brian Brawdy.

Brian: Thank you very much.

Bill: Could you read that and then let’s let that preface our show since we’re coming close to Thanksgiving and because we’ve got to talk about political matters?

Brian: And that every day should be like Thanksgiving.

Bill: Every day ought to be like Thanksgiving, we ought to be thankful and grateful people.

Brian: The glass is always half full. Okay so this is coming from George Washington, it says – I’ll read the end quickly just to give our listeners an idea of where we are. It says, “Given under my hand at the city of New York the third day of October, 1789.” And again to quote George Washington, “Whereas it is the duty of all nations to a knowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits and humbly to implore his protection and favor and whereas both houses of Congress have by their joint committee requested me to recommend to the people of the United States a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts that many and signals favors of Almighty God especially by affording them an opportunity peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness.” Now therefore I do recommend and assign Thursday the 26th day of November next to be devoted to the people of these states to the service of that great and glorious being who is the beneficiary author of all the good that was, that is, or that will be, that we may then all unite in rendering unto him our sincere and humble thanks for his kind care and protection of the people of this great country previous to their becoming a nation. For the signal and manifold mercies and the favorable interposition’s of his providence in the course and conclusion of the late war, for the great degree of tranquility, union, and plenty which have since been enjoyed for the peaceable and rational manner in which we have been enabled to establish constitutions of governments for our safety and happiness and useful knowledge and in general for all the great and various favors which he has been pleased to confer upon us and also that we may then unite in most humbly offering our prayers and supplications to the great Lord and ruler of the nations and beseech him to pardon our national and other transgressions, to enable us all whether in public or private stations to perform our several and relative duties properly and punctually, to render our national government a blessing to all of the people by constantly being a government of the wise, just, and constitutional laws. Discreetly and faithfully executed and obeyed to protect and guide all sovereigns and nations especially such as have known kindness to us and to bless them with good governments, peace, and concord. To promote the knowledge and practice of true religion and virtue and the increase of science among them and us and generally to grant unto all mankind such a degree of temporal prosperity as he alone knows to be vast.” And again Bill that was a direct quote from George Washington in 1789 isn’t that fantastic?

Bill: It’s a wonderful thing and I think that the part that I obviously take from where I stand is he wants the government to be a blessing to the people and I think when we think about what is a culture thinking about, what’s the Zeitgeist as the word is.

Brian: Sure.

Bill: Today I didn’t hear any candidates campaigning on the idea of government being a blessing to the people. That’s one that I missed, maybe I just didn’t watch enough television or something.

Brian: I was glued to it as you know – we’re recording our show just a little different this week than we did because Tuesday was Election Day obviously and I spent most of the 24 hours before and most certainly in the 24 hours after glued in my office to the four different TV screens. And I’ve got tell you when you watch MSNBC and Chris Matthews covers it and then you flip over to Brett 0:06:41.1 and what’s her name Gretchen somebody or the other it’s kind of… I couldn’t believe Chris Matthews goes to Michelle Bachmann, are you being hypnotized? I mean the lack of disrespect that Chris Matthews at MSNBC had for an elected official of our government – the blessing is that going both ways at least not in that interview.

Bill: Well, I agree and one thing that I did watch a piece of MSNBC and they really had a who’s who Keith Olbermann and Rachel and all these people. I mean this was a joke, this was like – these people were more further left I would say then the gang of four in China that were cast out, these people are way at the end. I’ll tell you one kind of cool moment that I saw all and it was, they were there in the studio and they went to Ed Schultz who was at Harry Reid’s headquarters and they were talking about Rand Paul and of course they were you know, the fear mongering began. And so they began to talk about Rand Paul and they said, look if this guy – now if this guy holds true to his perspectives, if he holds true to the policies that he has articulated in his campaign which he probably will, I mean time will tell. His dad certainly has, his dad has a perfect voting record.

Brian: And did I not see you know that he was – 78% of the people in his district voted for him? There can’t be another politician in this country Bill who got 78% of the vote.

Bill: And he is not, Ron is not a compromiser.

Brian: No.

Bill: He just and I’ve been following him and I know somebody that worked for him and I’ve been following him since the 70s, revealing my age again. And he never, he hasn’t compromised since the 70s.

Brian: Even being a libertarian where all of the other libertarians are going you should not have an opinion on securing our borders. He’s such a libertarian he does not even compromise with the libertarians. He’s like look, you can think what you want but our government, one of their jobs is to secure our borders and he takes some shots from other libertarians out there for that decision but 78% in the polls, unbelievable.

Bill: Yeah, it’s unbelievable and you have to just give him all of the respect in the world even if you would disagree with him you have to give him all of the respect because like George Washington and the other men that we you were talking about before on other shows that were the founders, one thing they had was moral fiber.

Brian: Absolutely.

Bill: You couldn’t push them off so I think you’ve got to commend him for that and we’ve got to find some hope in people like Rand Paul as he takes his position. Is he going to be a filibuster who knows if he is going to do this debt ceiling and we can talk about that when we come back?

Brian: That sounds great. We’re going to go ahead and run to a quick commercial break. When we come back to Off the Grid News, the radio version of our show you’re going to learn how tie together 34 warships with falling coconuts. 0:09:45.5 when we come back after the break.

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Welcome back to Off the Grid Radio, better ideas for off the grid living.

Brian: Ladies and gentlemen as the announcer says, once again welcome back to Off the Grid News. Here with Mr. Bill Heid, I am Brian Brawdy and when we went to the break Bill I said how can we equate flotillas 34 boats strong, 34 ships strong with the following fruit or with falling coconuts? So the answer to our little quiz is…

Bill: Well, this has to be, you know you read the George Washington thing.

Brian: I did.

Bill: And over the break we were talking about sort of hearty, tough, rigorous great Americans, right? Presidents and whether it’s someone like General MacArthur and others you know when blowing through their hair and then we get this guy that’s in office today and he’s taking, he’s you know he’ll probably be in India by the time this gets out but he’s taking warships, how many did you say 34?

Brian: According to the Drudge Report this morning, 34 warships. Talk about a slow boat to China, he’s taking 34 warships to India.

Bill: 34 warships and then the part that I can’t help but laugh about and I know that they have this, the biggest hotel near the Taj Mahal, they’ve rented every room. So here’s a guy that’s been coming on TV saying well you know I probably just haven’t been out amongst you all enough to get what you want out of government. This is what he said the other day, right or last night or whatever and so he’s kind of, he’s playing that Bill Clinton thing where he’s going to try to be a centrist or whatever. At least extensively he’s going to say that he’s a centrist.

Brian: Yes, and he reads everyone’s letters at night before he falls asleep but the cameras aren’t on him.

Bill: He reads the e-mails and letters like little kids, the Santa Claus letters. So here’s a guy who he is answer to that is to take off after getting swamped in the election, his answer is taking off, leaving with 34 warships and renting all of this space and having this big to do show probably spending more money on a trip than any president has ever spent. That’s his answer to what’s a landslide in the elections, that’s his perspective. And the funniest part that we were laughing about and I could not even hardly keep a straight face. We talked about it before, he’s actually having people remove the coconuts in India in places that he might walk I guess because what could happen? A coconut could come down…

Brian: Falling fruit.

Bill: And maybe hit you and you’d have a, you have like a bump on your head or something for a while wouldn’t you?

Brian: Well I mean maybe he should wear a hockey helmet. You know the only thing I saw when he was busy taking off in going out after the election is that the smart one of the whole gang was Hillary Clinton. She got 9000 miles away before the election even went down. I mean she was smart enough to get out.

Bill: She would rather be with the headhunters in New Guinea and 0:17:12.5 than she would be anywhere near this guy for her own – really she should have been campaigning. I mean Bill’s a campaigner but wait a second, wait a second; did I just coin a new phrase? Camplaigner…

Brian: Camplaigner, oh that is good, I’m going to write that down. Jeramy is just looking at me…

Bill: That’s negative, that’s like negative campaigning where you just point fingers at the other person which again takes me to another quick saying. I know here we are 0:17:39.5 just don’t get that website.

Brian: Too late I’m already on it.

Bill: Speaking of camplaigning, so I pop in, I never go to the Huffington Post but I happen to hop over to the Huffington Post and you know I feel nothing but pain for Arianna’s parents. They sent her to Cambridge and all she can do is that, all she can do – if you look at the headlines it was about the seats that Sarah Palin didn’t sweep. Here’s the seats that Sarah Palin didn’t sweep, here’s a tea party candidate picture of Glenn Beck their arch enemy, the one that they decided that they were going to target this guy and say this guy couldn’t win. Out of a landslide what was it and how many years is the landslide?

Brian: The 40s since it’s been that kind of seat change.

Bill: Yeah and so the only thing they can find at the Huffington, the camplaigner is that look what Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck didn’t do.

Brian: Yeah well obviously as Michelle Bachmann said to Chris Matthews, how is that tingle down your leg working for you? Nobody on that side you know was fired up at all. They were and you listen to Rachel that evening and for our listeners I’m not a huge fan of the way she reports the news and she went on and on and on about her initial interview with Rand Paul. And remember Rand Paul announced he is candidacy on her show way back when.

Bill: I didn’t know that.

Brian: He announced his candidacy and then when he came own right after he had one in the primary she tried to get him to continue to talk about the different pieces of legislation and in this interview she kept saying and I asked him, I did this and I did that. In a 30 second sound bite that she was on talking about the interview she said I’ve 10 times. Exactly what is it, you tell me… Keep your friends close to coin a popular phrase of late your enemies, keep your enemies closer. I’ve spent a lot of time on alternative websites just so what other folks are thinking.

Bill: Well let me go back to Ed Scholz for a second…

Brian: Scholz, Scholz, I’m going to burn this place down if I don’t get some commercials during the sweeps.

Bill: And so he – one thing he said about Rand Paul that I really appreciated and here’s what it is – he said, look this guy could shut the government down come that ceiling day because and this is where I think you are known by your enemies because he says this guy isn’t beholding to anybody. And I think you know normally Scholz is right about zero times out of 1000 but he understood that, he understands politics and he understands that this guy ain’t beholding to anyone, which is a great position to be in when you walk into that – on that first day and you know what is going to happen to these you know freshmen coming in. They are going to have all mic of all of the lobby that exists in the world hundreds and hundreds of millions if not trillions of dollars trying to influence them so there’s a line in the sand all of these folks ran on this concept of drawing a line in the sand. And we’re going to find out if they have the moral fiber of a Jefferson, of a Washington, of a John Adams here very shortly. We’re going to find out if they can stand up against that.

Brian: And what I love about your position is that whether they do or whether they don’t we’re going to find out in the short run. What they are going to find out immediately afterward is that we are not going to put up with it anymore. That’s what I love about the fact that we’ve got two years until 2012. I think the Internet, I think a lot of the people that you have on the Internet that you are friends with, some of the shows that you advertise on, all of the shows you’ve been interviewed on, that’s what I love about the Internet. You know everyone’s busy saying oh it’s been the tea party. Did the tea party do all that well on the election? I mean I can count three or four senators they backed that lost, two or three governors that they backed that lost – I’m not so much sure that it’s the tea party as it is people collectively getting together figuring out how to get news that isn’t on the Internet and then Facebook and MySpace and twitter and websites like ours, we get all kinds of great comments Bill as you know on our website. I think it’s more regular folks like us and the up swelling of communication that the Internet brings more so than it is the mainstream media, no wonder they are panicked.

Bill: Well I agree and I think that all good movements really our grassroots movements. We you know I think what we always emphasize here on this show is bottom up instead of top-down. We talk about individual responsibility, we talk about self government, family government, church government, small community government, it’s the last government we ought to be worried about is the President of the United States.

Brian: Absolutely.

Bill: We joke about him…

Brian: Yes.

Bill: But you ought to be more conscious of who your sheriff is and who your kid’s teachers are than about anything else. I mean we’ve got to start where we do have influence. Abraham Kuyper called that sphere of sovereignty – some areas we have influence over and some of them are above our pay grade.

Brian: Sure, sure.

Bill: I mean I don’t have any effect on President Bush or President Obama it’s past what I can do.

Brian: Speaking of pay grades, when we come back after the break I’ve got to ask you about the Fed now set to spend $1 trillion to buy our government bonds. We’re going to go ahead and run to a quick break and then Bill Heid educating me on is that a good idea a bad idea and more importantly what are we going to do in our sphere once that happens? Back after this break…

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Welcome back to Off the Grid Radio getting you ready to prepare for the worst.

Brian: Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to Off the Grid Radio. Bill I’ve got to tell you preparing for the worst – now you’re a good bit more knowledgeable on this than I am so I’m just going to tee it up, ask you a question, and then I am going to take very copious notes. Yesterday Bernanke you know betting on the power of money, what’s going on with $1 trillion purchasing the Fed purchasing $1 trillion over the next little bit of time of government bonds. I mean so we are kind of like buying our own bonds, I get that part of it but why aren’t people furious this morning? Why isn’t this the headline? Why aren’t people – so if you could educate us regular folks why should I give a darn whether Bernanke buys our bonds? What’s the scoop?

Bill: I think that that’s – you’ve touched on something very important and here’s why, not only for the reasons that you stated but I think probably for a more macro reason too. It has everything to do with the elections and I applaud these gains don’t get me wrong what happened to because we are going to get a little negative but inside that context I’m very pleased that you have more folks being elected to office that seem to want to spend less money. How can that be a bad thing? But I think the real axis of government today when you use that word government we tend to think of it as strictly in terms of civil government have a body politic. The real action in the world I think is through agencies and the real governing of us as people is no longer through the executive branch so I’ve got to kind of say I think we have a lot of reasons and maybe this can be sort of the leaven of the rest of the conversation we have. I think we have a lot of reasons to be very, very nervous about our future. I am a long-term optimist; I’m a short-term pessimist because I think we are in bad shape about what’s going to happen because again I don’t see a legislative branch that is being the people that govern our everyday lives. Who governs our everyday lives? So let’s think about it for a second – you mentioned the Fed and let’s think about the rest of the agencies, you’ve got the SEC, the FTC, my buddies at the FTC. We have the FDA, we have all of these organizations I mean there’s just a couple but there’s the EPA that make sure that if you won’t to farm in a spot where there’s a mud puddle, you can plant corn there and so you have all of these whether his child protective services you have this huge almost immovable bureaucracy that in a very similar way that’s the way the Soviet Union when it collapsed, they have the same thing. So I think what you’re seeing is a minor change that is not going to affect our daily lives as much as I wish it would, as much as I wish it would.

Brian: So is that the proverbial frog sitting in a boiling pot?

Bill: I think very much so.

Brian: Turn the water up real quick it jumps out but if not it would just sit there and become fried?

Bill: I think very much so the calls the action that governs us, administrative law as they say is the real thing that I’ve never heard anyone talk about this during any you know camplaigning but let’s go back to the Fed because you said this is a great example of how these guys even though they are well-meaning guys and gals, some great women got elected – what you’re going to have here instantly with them buying this with the monetization of this debt is I think I read in one article we won’t really know exactly what the loss is but you’re just watering down your currency. In the old days they used to water-down milk and sell it and you know we live in a rural economy here and people used to cheat – there’s always you know it’s at the heart of man, right that they would water milk down and sell it because milk’s cheaper than getting it out of the cow so you set a little milk and sell it. Now we have sophisticated ways of testing milk and so forth but what you’re doing is just watering down currency so… Some economists have said that you’re going to lose in any place between 20 and 30% of your purchasing power with the decision that was made yesterday by someone who is Ben Bernanke and elected official? Of course he’s not and what happens when we try to investigate the Fed? What happens when Ron Paul – he couldn’t even get that out of Barney Frank and gang locked it into a committee, they couldn’t even get out of committee.

Brian: Groovy well, 0:32:15.7.

Bill: But it’s a no touch zone.

Brian: Right.

Bill: It’s a no touch zone.

Brian: Do you think it still will be after Republicans control the House?

Bill: Very much.

Brian: Really?

Bill: Very much, I’m going to predict that. I’m going to say that the Fed is not going to get – when you have more people knocking on the door sure but I think it’s still hands-off.

Brian: Okay.

Bill: Because I still think at the end of the day it’s the liquor for the drunk and the American people, I’m sorry not our listeners but I think the American people are the drunken if you stop giving them booze, if you stop printing money you’re going to have a real problem on your hands. And we could talk about that too.

Brian: Yeah, well you know you’re in concert then with Sen. Judd Gregg the Republican from New Hampshire is telling CNBC that we’re going to be like Greece in a few years. The exact quote, “this nation is on a course where if we don’t do something about it get federal situation, the fiscal policy under control we’re Greece, we’re a banana republic. Our status as a nation is threatened by what we’ve got coming at us in the area of deficit and debt and it’s only a few more years at most that we have to work with it here before the markets say and again this is his quote sorry your currency isn’t something that we can continue to defend.” Judd Gregg is not a radical guy I mean from New Hampshire, I dig New Hampshire 0:33:35.5 kind of guy but he’s not a radical. And he is saying we can be a banana republic that we could be in big trouble, we could be like Greece in a few years.

Bill: Well we are on our way to becoming like Greece in a few years and the bad news from my perspective if are going to play a little Gerald Celente role here and sort of make a trend, I’m saying it’s too late. I’m saying all of this is too late. Now in earlier in the year I think CNBC did a poll that where they asked Americans and quite a few about the economy. This is an interesting poll because we saw a reflection of it again at the exit polls. 92% of the people polled said that the economy was in bad shape, bad shape so this was in September or October I can’t remember when they did that poll. So – look at my little notes here but then you had own election day the exit polls saying that 9/10 people said that the economy was in bad shape so if we know something about the economy, we know that is something on the Americans minds. And it is not because it is an abstract because they heard some intellectual debate, it is people that have lost their jobs, they’ve seen downsizing, outsourcing, all of these things.

Brian: Sure.

Bill: And so they are Americans that know what is going on. Now are they always acting on this? I go to malls, I was in a mall in Alabama not too long ago and the malls were packed okay so I don’t think that it’s – and you live and drive by some urban areas when you see some malls and outlets centers, they’re still jam-packed on the weekends as if nothing is going on.

Brian: Bill I asked you last week when was the last time you could go into a Best Buy and get out of there and under a half an hour? There are usually 10 people at the register and with Christmas now 52, 51 days away it’s only going to get worse. So I look at that and I go all right in my simple little mind how do I juxtapose 97% or whatever the percent was of people saying the economy is in trouble with 10 cars deep at the drive up window at Taco Bell. I mean somebody’s got some money. I see people spending it all the time.

Bill: There’s a lot of easy money sloshing around certain parts and the last time this happened in the 70s we called it stagflation.

Brian: Alright, I remove that term.

Bill: Do you remember? Stagflation where certain industries – you’ve got to remember the American economy is the largest economy in the world. Now they say China is going to overtake us, that may well be true, China has their own problems as we discussed but the American economy is very large so you have pockets inside the economy that are very prosperous and then you have areas that aren’t. And I think what you have to is a widening of classes where you’ve got the upper-middle-class, people who still frequent malls, they still have their jobs, they are laying people off under them but they still have their jobs. They are laying people off Brian so they can keep their jobs right and then where do those people go? Well the answer to where to those people go is we found this last week to tell you the story remember the interview we did a long time ago, the Guatemalan interview?

Brian: I do.

Bill: Okay, we had a homeless person show up at the office okay? People from Chicago can’t get any jobs those on the south side and you know I hate to use the old Chris Farley thing but living in a van down by the river okay? So this is – you’re seeing a real separation between classes and what are we going to do about that other class? You can’t ignore the people that are out of work, somebody has to take care of them.

Brian: Right.

Bill: And then the big problem that I’m going to pose when we come back, the big problem that we have is we say less taxes, right? If we say smaller government then what? Then who is going to take care of these people? Now I have an answer and it’s not a big government… When way get back.

Brian: Yeah let’s do that. We’re going to go ahead and run to a quick break. When we come back Mr. Bill Heid here at Off the Grid News, the radio version of

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And now welcome back to Off the Grid Radio.

Brian: Welcome back once again to Off the Grid Radio as the announcer says Brian Brawdy here as always with Mr. Bill Heid. Bill I asked a question of some friends of mine yesterday at lunch, how do we honor our commitment to our grandparents without throwing our grandchildren under the bus? That’s my question for you and into the break you said look if we’re going to cut taxes, if we’re going to cut spending, right?

Bill: Exactly.

Brian: How do we honor our commitment to our grandparents without throwing our grandchildren under the bus?

Bill: Well, it has everything to do with how often you go to the mall the calls we’ve spent more money collectively and we don’t need to rehash the numbers about what it is. It is trillions upon trillions and there is no way when you add Social Security and all of the help budget stuff, state local debt, if you had personal debt is just can never, repeat can never be repaid. So what happens now? What would George Washington do, right? What was all in this last election is we saw all Republicans and to some degree tea partiers, I think America was branded concepts.

Brian: Sure, sure, sure.

Bill: Like Levi’s or whatever that branded thing, symbols of things, it makes our lives simple to have symbols. So I think you are kind of right on by saying the tea party is a symbol of something but it doesn’t represent any substance necessarily. It is a concept that we can all kind of identify with and as busy as our lives are, we do need to have some concepts of some branded ideas.

Brian: Very 0:43:19.5 of you.

Bill: Thank you very much.

Brian: You’re welcome.

Bill: I got up early and work on that – a little picture of Socrates.

Brian: Very nice.

Bill: But I think I’ve mentioned to you before the old John Burch Society slogan okay and really say what you want about what their perspective own communism was, here it is, it’s less government, more responsibility, and with God’s help a better world. So what you saw with these Republicans who one, they said less government that’s what they advertised, that was their branded concept but they forgot to tell you that if you’re going to have less government that the individual has to have more responsibility. That means you have to have responsibility for your children, you got to have responsibility going from the past from grandma and mom but you also have a responsibility to Paige, your daughter.

Brian: Right, absolutely, absolutely.

Bill: So we have to be able to look back into history and say how did we get here? Whose shoulders did I stand on? What am I thankful for? Who didn’t have grandparents, right? Sometimes I get into philosophical and 0:44:34.7 debates with someone and say did you have grandparents? I think that’s one thing we can all agree on, you had a start. Well I didn’t like my grandparents – well if it wasn’t for your grandparents you wouldn’t be here. You still need to be thankful and respective. So I didn’t hear anybody campaigning all we’re all going to have to settle for less money, less consumerism, less goods, and start to take care of grandma. These people that go to tea party movements and I’m sorry if I’m stepping on any toes here, I have to ask everybody… Do you want less government but do you still want your grandmother in a state-funded nursing home? And the answer is do you want to be pragmatic and answer me?

Brian: Absolutely.

Bill: You know the answer.

Brian: We all know the answer and I think you are being very kind when you say well the politicians that run on the platform in the recent campaign of less government forgot to tell us that that was going to me more responsibility I’m an idiot. They didn’t forget to tell us idiots anything, they knew exactly what they were saying. Yeah, less government great, less government, less government, less government. Alright, well now it comes time, rubber meets the road, it comes time to either sign the check or whatever other analogy you want to use so what do we do? I mean what do we do, we can’t keep buying our own debt so I’ve learned from a lot of folks of late that is there going to be another trillion dollars that big Ben’s going to have to write the big check two years from now, what then? When will it finally be enough? How do we honor the commitment to our grandparents without throwing our grandchildren under the bus? There has to be an answer, the politicians just don’t want to give it to us.

Bill: The answer again is responsibility on the personal level first and then the family level and then the church level. There was a time when the church handled most of the charitable things and when you do charity locally I think you get a better genuine charity because you have some kind of responsibility. If I’m throwing a bunch of money into a kitty in a local church and some of it goes to family X and you know they are partying and having a lot of fun or buying things that I don’t have, then I would say hey, wait a minute maybe my stewardship there needs to be retracted.

Brian: Great word retraction, great word.

Bill: Yeah so it’s got to go back to a stewardship philosophy and I think what is going to happen if we can kind of predict like let’s look for forward into January, here’s your first gut check with these candidates.

Brian: Sure.

Bill: Here’s our 0:46:57.1, first gut check that, that ceiling thing comes, so we ran on these campaigns where we said no more so what does no more mean? Alright, no more when you’re not elected and your campaigning means no more but when you get in office what did Bob Dole say about politics? It’s the art of compromise, so will Rand Paul, will Jim 0:47:22.9 will these people compromise? Now they are still saying no but they’re going to – Chris Matthews, those guys were right, they will shut the government down. If they say no more, what does no more look like to you?

Brian: Sure.

Bill: What does no more look like to the average person in America? Do you want federal money coming into your school system? Think about that money that comes into the schools. Remember all the little signs, voting propositions for more things for the school – you hate the children, right it’s all – we’re gridlocked not only in Washington but we’re gridlocked bureaucratically and with an entitlement perspective that is so far entrenched in our economy and in our mindset that I think is almost impossible to get out short of a collapse and short of a tragedy. That’s my, I say that apologetically, I have children, grandchildren, I do not want to see this but I don’t see any way out. And whenever we pay the debt he has to put this money so they say, they have to put this money because people are saying it’s the people Brian who are at the end of the day who are demanding with their votes that we be, that we take it and we make these things happen. So you see this little flip-flop on the independents and they came over and joined the Republicans. If you turn their faucet off, if you turn the spigot off and you say no more money that’s going to filter down through the economy and you’re going to lose jobs. There has to be a period of pain and those same people are going to swing against you next time and vote for the guy who promises the most stuff.

Brian: And I think if you look at the elections where in California and New York, they have governors elected Democratic, am I right? Democratic senators I know Boxer won reelection.

Bill: Look at California for a second. Here’s a great example if you want to know America’s future, look to California.

Brian: So we don’t have to look all the way to Greece, we can just look to Los Angeles.

Bill: They both have grapes. That you can – if you look there what you see is they probably have 35% real unemployment there and so that place is just no man’s land. And what’s their answer? They could have elected someone who’s actually created jobs…

Brian: Yes.

Bill: I don’t know Meg Whitman but they could have elected someone who has actually created jobs, who’s made a payroll, but what do they do, they elect somebody genuinely from the land of fruits and nuts, a kook who’s going to take them nowhere.

Brian: Now she’s not a kook Bill remember she wants to be referred to as Senator Boxer.

Bill: No, I was thinking of Jerry Brown.

Brian: I’m sorry… You say kook in California and I, with all due respect to every Boxer fan the one of you listening to us, when you said to got automatically…

Bill: You thought of Barbara.

Brian: I thought of Barbara.

Bill: Don’t call her by her first name.

Brian: That’s right, it can’t be ma’m, it has to be Senator or Lieutenant General.

Bill: Yeah, goof…

Brian: I know we only have a couple of minutes left but I want to get to that so what can regular folks do Bill? You know we talk a lot about Off the Grid News; we talk a lot about Solutions from Science so help us here with a quick solution. It would be easy to get on the Internet today and go Bernanke is a na, na, na, you know he bought out all of our debt, he did this or that, but what can regular folks do right now? What can I do when this show is over to minimalize the impact which we’re pretty sure is coming?

Bill: I think that is a great question. I think you have got to get control over your own world. What did 0:50:49.0 say if you want a better world, clean up your garage, alright? And that sounds way too simple because we are in the world of a division of labor where we think we can elect our way to this or elect our way to that. You can’t elect your way to prosperity, you can’t print money. Only entrepreneurs create jobs, right? So you can’t get from point A to point B so I would say what does clean up your own garage mean? How then should we live as Francis Schaeffer would say? And the answer is we take control over the areas that we can take control over – our world, our debt. Are we in debt, are we raising our children properly? Are we spending more money than we have? And I think until we start doing this at the level of the personal and at the level of the family, we get our own house in order that we really have to be careful about pointing our finger at Washington and shaking it.

Brian: Thank you very much Bill and speaking of keeping our house in order we’ve got to run so that we don’t hit our own inflated debt ceiling. Ladies and gentlemen as always we want to thank you for spending time. Please keep the e-mails coming, please keep the Facebook in the Twitter tweets coming. We read all of those and we learn as much as we teach or as much as we talk about here. Thank you for listening again to Off the Grid Radio. Be sure to e-mail us your questions, your comments, your critiques to [email protected]. You can find us on Facebook, Facebook/solutionsfromscience and of course follow us on twitter at offgridnews. Be safe, thank you so much for your time. We are looking forward to catching up with you in our next show.

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