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Gain More When You Consume Less with Craig Goodwin – Episode 091

Isn’t it amazing that a grocery store will truck in produce from hundreds of miles away, in fact, from another country entirely, when local farmers have the same home-grown produce sitting in storehouses, rotting away?

Ask yourself a question—do you know any one of the people who contribute to the food on your table? Can you put a face on any farmer who has provided the produce that makes up your meals? Today’s guest on Off the Grid Radio is Craig Goodwin, pastor and author of the book, Year of Plenty. This book chronicles his family’s year-long experiment in rejecting rampant consumerism and only buying locally produced, used, homegrown, or homemade items. It was an experiment that would not only change their lives, but it reconnected them to the community in which they lived.

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In this episode:
• Saying goodbye to supply on demand
• Connecting to God in the physical world
• Getting to know the community and supporting local commerce
• Reaching out beyond the boundaries of your community
• And more…

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