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How To Live Off-Grid In A Boat For Cheap

The subject of off-grid living often conjures images of a two-story homestead, lush rolling hills, and a bountiful garden.

But that’s not the only path to living off the grid, and on this week’s edition of Off The Grid Radio we talk to a couple who sold their possessions for an off-grid life on a boat, at sea. Ryan and Olivia Frank moved from Colorado to Florida several years ago to chase their dream of life on the ocean: eating fish for their meals, collecting rainwater to drink, and using solar power for electricity.

It’s a “minimal” lifestyle, but they wouldn’t have it any other way. And, believe it or not, their monthly expenses are far, far less than they were on land.

Ryan and Olivia cruise the Caribbean, witnessing first-hand the amazing natural sights that most of us only will see on a postcard.

Ryan and Olivia also tell us:

  • How they make money with laptop-based businesses from their boat.
  • What they store on their boat so as to survive days away from land.
  • How they stay connected with friends.
  • Why living on a boat is cheaper than living on land.
  • What they miss about “land life.”

Ryan closes by sharing with us a harrowing “storm story” that sounds like something straight out of a movie – only he and Olivia experienced it first-hand in the middle of gigantic waves. They also tell us how they stay out of the way of huge cargo ships, whose captains often don’t see small boats in the water. If you have a sense of adventure and love off-grid life, then this show is for you!

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