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How To Raise A Family In A School Bus

bus familyOff-grid living has many shapes and forms, but living on a 1970 converted school bus generally isn’t one of them.

Yet one American family is doing exactly that, and on this week’s edition of Off The Grid Radio, we talk to a member of the family, Sarah Springfield, who tells us about the joys and challenges of off-grid bus living.

She, her husband and their four children have lived on the double-decker International school bus for a year and have lessons that every American – on and off the gird – could learn.

Sarah tells us:

  • How much money they’ve saved living on the bus – and why they’re doing it.
  • What she doesn’t miss about living in a house – and what she does miss.
  • How they’re obtaining electricity and water.
  • What life on a bus is like with three small kids and an infant (yes, child No. 4 is a baby).
  • Where they purchased the bus – and where you can get one, too.

The bus has an electric kitchen and a bathroom and other modern-day luxuries we take for granted. But it doesn’t have all the “junk” and “stuff” that piles up in every American room. Why? They don’t have room for it.
the bus
Do you think you may be interested in living on a bus? Sarah gives advice on that, too. But even if you’re fine staying in your house, you’ll learn something you can use in your everyday life.

Listen as the mother from one of America’s most unique and inspiring off-grid families shares her story!

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