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How To Survive The Imminent Ebola Pandemic

Editor’s note: This was recorded days before the first person in America contracted Ebola.

The US government is sending troops to Africa to try and thwart the Ebola virus – and reportedly purchasing 160,000 protective suits to prepare for an outbreak in America.

Meanwhile, a University of Minnesota researcher is warning Ebola could become airborne, which would turn the outbreak into a worldwide pandemic and kill perhaps millions.

Ebola is coming to America — and it’s only a matter of when, experts say. Will you be prepared? That’s the topic of this week’s edition of Off The Grid Radio, as we talk to survival expert and author Mat Stein, who says the Ebola outbreak is far, far worse than the mainstream media is telling us — and that we’re on the cusp of a pandemic.

Ebola is “unquestionably” headed to the US, Stein says, but there are steps you can take to be ready.

Mat also tells us:

  • What alternative medicines you can stock up on to fight Ebola.
  • Why the World Health Organization is not equipped to stop the spread of the virus – and how it missed an earlier opportunity to thwart it.
  • How Ebola can mask itself as the common cold, thereby increasing its chances of spreading.
  • Why we should study the history of the Spanish flu – and how the Ebola pandemic could be even worse.


Ebola has already made its way from African villages to slum-filled large cities, which lack proper medical care and where people can easily get on airplanes and spread the virus to Europe, Asia, North America – and your state.

Listen as Mat shares easy steps on how you can be prepared.

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