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Obama’s New War: Is It Constitutional?

When President Obama essentially declared war on ISIS (ISIL) during a White House speech this month, his advisors said he didn’t need congressional approval to take military action.

But did he?

Critics say Obama is blatantly violating not only the Constitution but also the War Powers Resolution of 1973, and that’s the topic of this week’s Off The Grid Radio, as we talk to constitutional expert and author John Eidsmoe.

Obama is plainly ignoring what is required to take military action, Eidsmoe says.

Eidsmoe also tells us:

  • Why he calls Obama’s actions “unprecedented.”
  • How the Founding Fathers viewed presidential war powers.
  • Why the administration cannot tie this military action to the 2001 Bush-era authorization for war (as the White House is trying to do).
  • What is required for a president to arm rebels in foreign countries, such as those in Syria.
  • Why the War Powers Resolution itself may be unconstitutional – and how that could impact future wars.

Eidsmoe is the author of 14 books, teaches constitutional law and has litigated constitutional cases. Listen as this expert on the Constitution and law sets the record straight.

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