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State Forces Organic Business To Dump 250 Gallons Of Raw Milk

Samuelson for radioBusinesswoman and co-op owner Jenny Samuelson is a firm believer in raw milk, and for good reason. She says it cured her of severe allergies and migraines, and to this day she treats it like a medicine.

So when the Michigan Department of Agriculture forced her to dump 250 gallons of raw milk and to smash about 100 dozen organic eggs this summer – milk and eggs she says were perfectly fit to drink and eat — she was more than a bit confused. And outraged.

Samuelson is this week’s guest on Off The Grid Radio, as she tells us the crazy details of that day and what it’s like to be attacked by the state.

Samuelson also tells us:

  • Why she believes the state took the action it did.
  • How her battle only represents a larger nationwide fight for raw milk.
  • What steps she has taken to prevent such an event from happening again.
  • Why people who don’t even drink raw milk should care about her battle.

Samuelson’s co-op assists some 600 families – families who believe that everyone has the right to drink the type of milk they wish. But in at least eight states, it’s banned completely. In one state, it’s even prohibited if someone has a doctor’s prescription.

But there’s a growing movement in D.C. and throughout the country to give people “raw milk freedom.” Listen as Samuelson shares her passion for raw milk and for a change in the law.

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