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We Live In a Matrix World with Dr. Michael S. Heiser – Episode 90

We like our religion nice and neat, don’t we? We want to get up on Sunday morning, spend a couple of hours at church, and then go on about our orderly, physical lives. We want our faith nicely packaged with neat corners and the ribbon placed just so. And we want God to operate within those parameters as well.

But the fact is what we see, the world we live in, is only one dimension of the vast creation that surrounds us. There is a hierarchy that exists which operates and influences this world we inhabit. There are dimensions we are not even aware of, and battles being waged we cannot see.

If you have ever felt that there is a world behind the world in which we live, then join us on Off the Grid Radio today with our guest, Dr. Michael S. Heiser, Academic Editor at Logos Bible Software, for a fascinating look at the concept of the divine council, the hierarchies within the heavenly organization of God, and why our sanitized version of what we perceive does not even come close to the reality that is.

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In this episode:

  • Psalm 82:1 – consistently misinterpreted
  • How the Jewish faith embraced the duality of God up until the 2nd century
  • The hierarchy of the royal household of God
  • Angels, demons, dominions, and powers – the spiritual world which operates in tandem with ours
  • And more…
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