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When Goliath And Other Giants Roamed The Earth

godawa for radioMost everyone knows the story of David and Goliath, and how a small boy slayed a giant who was perhaps 9-feet tall.

But did you know about the other giants who chased David – ones you may not have heard about but who are described in the Bible, and who make the tale of David seem even more remarkable?

That’s the subject of this week’s edition of Off The Grid Radio, as we talk to award-winning screenwriter and author Brian Godawa, whose newest book, “David Ascendant,” tells the biblical story of David unlike you’ve ever heard it. His book is the seventh release in the Chronicles of the Nephilim historical fiction series, all of which shed new light on obscure biblical passages.

Brian tells us:

  • How tall these real giants who actually walked the earth  were.
  • Which “hidden” words you need to look for in the Old Testament to find these giants.
  • What other unique and almost unbelievable facts about the Old Testament his research uncovered.
  • Why he believes his book series affirms the biblical text without twisting it.

Godawa is a gifted writer, having written the screenplay for To End All Wars, a Kiefer Sutherland movie, as well as screenplays for documentaries and TV shows. Listen as this gifted writer and researcher recounts stories about giants that sound like science fiction … but are literally true.

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