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Why Hospitals Can’t Save You From Ebola

radio -- ebolaAmerica’s first case of Ebola hit right in the heartland — Dallas — and the virus continues spreading at a rapid pace across Africa and now Europe. Meanwhile, the CDC says 1.4 million people worldwide could catch Ebola by late January – a stat that could result in more than 1 million deaths because of the fatality rate.

If Ebola hits your state and city, will you be ready?

That’s the topic of this week’s edition of Off The Grid Radio, as we talk to author and survival expert Mat Stein, who lists more than 10 items you need – including alternative medical treatments — in order to stay alive and survive Ebola.

When Ebola spreads in America, Mat says, hospitals won’t save you. He explains why.

Mat also tells us:

  • What he believes the US government needs to do (but won’t do) to slow the spread.
  • Where you can get alternative medicines that could help battle Ebola.*
  • What common, everyday, inexpensive items you can stock up on to be ready.

Mat spoke with us earlier this year about Ebola preparations, and he returns on this show to catch us up on his latest research on the virus – including a 2012 study he found that may contradict much of what you’ve heard.

Listen as Mat shares his expert opinion and tells you what you need to do to survive the worldwide Ebola outbreak.

*Off The Grid Radio is not affiliated with any of the products Stein recommends.
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