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Beating Back Local Government

beat back government

Hello Off The Grid News readers. My name is Paul Dorr and I am pleased to be a new columnist for this powerful website, which is assisting people worldwide on “going local,” being more independent from our nanny/corporatist/statist system and particularly, in helping build up Christians for taking back roles of leadership within their covenants — family, church and local governments.

I am a Christian father of 11 children. My wife and I have homeschooled them all. I am a former community banker (and part owner) and a former bank stock acquisition consultant. After having come to recognize the gross immoralities of our modern money system, I left the industry over 20 years ago. I have studiously sought to learn how God’s law applies to our economic life.  I was also introduced to the Austrian school of economics via Ron Paul, whom I first learned of in 1978 when my wife’s cousin was working for him in his medical clinic in Lake Jackson, Texas. I have a small library, and though not blind to the Austrian schools’ near worship of the marketplace, I do have a greater understanding of the peril our national and local economies face after a moderate reading of books written by different authors from this economic school.

For the last 12 years I have served clients in nine states as a political consultant on resisting and de-legitimizing the growth of local government. The principles I have applied in assisting others in their struggles against local tyranny, the lessons I have learned, and some occasional encouraging “war stories” will be the subject of upcoming columns for Off The Grid News. I hope to earn your readership as you come to see their value.

My clients are often stunned that I can reasonably predict the future malevolent conduct of local officials, local media, bankers, etc. They are stunned as they were previously convinced/hopeful that the problems are only this bad in their community. It has become easy for me to forecast such conduct because I’ve seen the same “game plan” by local officials in all nine states. What my sometimes naïve clients are disturbed to learn is that it is not a problem with local government officials peculiar to them.  I show them that this is what school administrators, city managers, county administrators, regional planning people all learn when they get their college degrees in public administration, public finance or similar disciplines and then get regular updates via “continuing ed” classes put on by their trade associations and larger government entities.

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Local government officials are really learning to operate their local oppressive political apparatchiks, all in the name of good intentions, “progress for the future” and doing it “for the children.” As Proverbs 12:10 says, “…the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.” A critical tool is to learn how to undo the “guilt manipulation” and cruel “hope” that government officials offer to mask their “jack booted” programs. When you do it well, they squeal and often veer off their game plan. Honestly, at such times it’s fun to watch them expose their true character to the local community!

Our malformed local governments are so often a mere function of a much larger debt-driven, socialist/ Marxist functioning, fiat-money printing, tax spending (for spending’s sake alone) social engineering project which mostly yields oppression. All the while they assure us that they “mean well.” Those often in power have lost any concept of limited government, property rights, personal service and the proper roles of the individual, family, church and the state. To the extent local government behavior in these nine states is “routine,” it’s my hope that as I report on them and the principles, tactics and “war stories” used to offset them, that you may start to recognize them in your community. And I hope these columns will then be of benefit to any local engagements you may wish to begin.

New debt proposals (by schools, cities and counties), new county government programs, new zoning ordinances, tax increment financing (TIF) proposals, exposing corporate plunderers of local taxpayers, etc. — I’ve designed political (and fund-raising) plans for local community members to resist them all. And where I’ve been “fully engaged” to advise on the campaigns and where the campaign budget is fully funded, my clients have won 82 percent (to date) of the time. In the few cases where we lost, we did such harm to their credibility that when the shiny new government project began to unravel, as we had forecast it would, some of my clients later used this to get elected to office.  In a few other cases we lost, the majority committee members agreed (by vote) that their appointed leader’s direct overriding of my campaign counsel played the primary role in its defeat. That’s humbling, but hopefully should indicate the level of work that has gone into my part to study our political opponent’s game plan, their system, their rules, their public relations, etc. — and then play it back at them, for Christ’s glory and to their community’s real progress.

But let’s be honest. Much of their power to exercise tyranny over us is self-granted. As we’ve lost our Christian morality, faith and vitality, the consequences of individual and corporate sin only opens the door for the government to come in with even more “solutions.” And such solutions demand more government, more control of our lives, and more demands on our income and property to pay for it all or at least provides them the pretense to take it.

In my training classes I teach that local “freedom fighters” often need to get their personal house in order first. They need to be humble before the Lord, be men of good character, and have their families (under their roof) walking accordingly. And a major responsibility is to get weaned from government money for their health, education, welfare and business. Government’s role, Biblically and constitutionally, is a negative function. It is to punish evil doers and prevent evildoers from bringing harm to our shores. The blessings and prosperity we so often long for will come as a result of our faithful obedience to His Law/Word and that includes not seeking our material gain by receiving stolen property (Proverbs 24:24)  — funded through coercive government taxation of others or by leaving our debts to our children.

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I know this seems like an impossible standard, but we must start. And we must be prepared to sacrifice. Too many times when I help organize a local resistance movement my own clients start getting hit with, “Who are you to speak out against the tax and spending proposal, after all you received your subsidies on your home, health-care, education, business or farm?”  We must learn to provide for our own children’s and grand-children’s education, our own health-care, etc. Yes, I know the tyrants don’t want us to enjoy such liberty apart from their control, but their bureaucracies are so vast and so inept that most of us will not even be noticed. And when we are, as I have been a couple of times, our righteous witness apart from spending unjust tax proceeds, serves as a mighty testimony against the tyrant. And it aids winning over the public. I have had such victories in state court and in federal court and both were much to my astonishment. I can only attribute them to the blessing hand of our Almighty God!

Meanwhile, we must look after those industrious types who are yet walking in poverty, through no moral fault of their own, in our churches and communities. The same goes for the elderly, poor of health and those alone. We should take up these challenges, first because the state has no such God-ordained authority in these areas, and second, because it grants us much greater credibility when we challenge the unjust uses of our local money by local government proposals. We present a new paradigm to the society they haven’t seen in decades.

Most know our phony-money system is going to collapse in some form and at unknown rates of speed. That’s what, I imagine, many Off The Grid News readers are preparing for. But I want to see thousands of Americans do more than just provide for their own as they are being “set upon the rock” in the time of trouble (Psalm 27:5). I’d like them to be able to step forward in their communities during such times and lead their community back to Godliness, self-rule, service to their neighbors, fiscal soundness and to rebuild a productive local economy and all the while restore limited local government. I suspect once the trauma has subsided large audiences of people will be prepared to listen.

But we can’t lead in areas we know little about or are not trained in. I hope in the coming months to offer such counsel and training born from 12 years of successfully teaching others to resist the tyrants. In time, I would like to see this cruel system rightly fear God. In March 2006 the Minnesota Association of School Administrators held a political training workshop at their state convention in Minneapolis. Their training session was titled “School Finance Elections and the Paul Dorr Factor: Get Ready or Get Defeated!” We were told “You’ll Never Win!” We beat them by over 1,000 votes!

This is the healthy and proper fear I hope thousands of you can one day receive from your local government officials as they truly go back to “serving.” Failing that, and as your community responds to your humility, courage and service, that they might call out to you and your friends to lead them. Watch for coming articles as I comment on current trends in local government and advise on how to organize a Godly resistance.

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