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Carrying On

“Keep on going, and the chances are that you will stumble on something, perhaps when you are least expecting it.”

–Charles F. Kettering

Paul, along with his fellow missionaries, stopped in Traos during his third missionary trip. During his time there, Paul intended to break bread and share the Gospel with the people of the village. He spent one particular evening telling of his time with Christ and preaching the Gospel. This particular sermon went on for so many hours that one of the listeners fell asleep. Unfortunately for him, the man, Eutychus, was resting in a third story window and when he fell asleep, he fell to the ground. Everyone around him proclaimed he was dead because of the fall; however, as Paul reached out to him, Eutychus became full of life and Paul went about teaching. Later, the man returned to his family, celebrating because of his fortunate experience.

There has often been some debate as to why the story of Eutychus was included in scripture. It is the only portion of Paul’s visit to Traos that is mentioned. Some believe Eutychus was dead when Paul found him; others believe the story is there to explain that Satan is constantly around, even in the midst of a sermon. No matter the reason the story was included, there is one unique element: Paul. During the entire story, Paul’s focus never wavered. He consistently continued teaching God’s word. The hours become late, Paul continues teaching. A man falls from the window, possibly even to his death, and Paul keeps teaching.

When you are working towards a goal, many things may happen to deter you from finishing. Like Paul, no matter what happens in life, you have to be prepared to follow through on your goal, working towards its completion.

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