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Laundry Day

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I hate doing laundry. It is my least favorite household task and I will probably do just about anything to avoid doing it. I can do every load in one day or I can do a little each day; but, no matter how efficient I may be, it is a never ending chore. There are some days I really just do not want to wash another pair of jeans, iron another shirt, or search for another missing sock. But, I do not have a chance. Unfortunately I do not have enough to buy a new outfit for every day of the week, each week in the year. Plus, even more importantly, I have a responsibility to take care of my family and that means ensuring they have clean clothes.

God is a lot like that. It could be very easy for Him to say, ‘here comes that person again; the one who cannot seem to make any correct decisions and do anything Holy. But, He does not do that. Instead, He simply teaches us the skills we need, offers us His love and support and trusts us to make the best decision. He reaches down, wrings the water from our bodies, smoothes the wrinkles, and sends us back into the world to try again.

Just as the laundry is never ending, so are our lives. Every day is an adventure, an opportunity. How we choose to spend it is up to us.

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