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Defining Normal

“People concern themselves with being normal, rather than natural.”

— Robert Anthony

Being different is difficult. People look at you, judge you, and question your motives and actions. They may ridicule you and never be able to understand some of the choices you make. Some people are so afraid of being different that they continually focus on ways to blend in and be ‘normal’. But, who defines normal? And how do we know that their definition of normal is the right one?

Living the prepper lifestyle already sets you apart. Your idea of the future is significantly different from mainstream America’s. But even within the prepper community, there may be varying definitions of being normal. Instead of focusing on a specific definition of normal, we need to turn our attention to being true to ourselves. The only individual we will ever need to answer to is God and His definition of normal may definitely not fall in line with the world around us.

You have natural, God-given talents that define who you are as well as specific goals and objectives He asks you to live by. Focus on those when determining what choices you should make and how you should live. The only true normal is that which you define for yourself under God’s direction. Find your normal, stick with it, and do not worry about the world around you.



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