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“We tell God to help our world…”

                — Mike Ramsdell

Although there are times that make me tired, I love virtually everything about being a parent. The cuddles in the morning, smiles over breakfast, conversations after school, and bedtime prayers are precious moments for me. But, raising a child is not always easy. They need so much from us and want us to fix everything, just as much as we need to let go and allow them to fix things on their own. It is beautiful and frustrating all at the same time.

We have a similar relationship with our Father. It is not uncommon for Christians to find themselves on their knees, crying out for help from God. He is the Father, the comforter, and just like the children around us expect us to help, so we expect God to help as well. But God’s definition of help and ours are often drastically different. Beyond that, He steps back to allow us to fix things ourselves.

How is that possible, we might ask? How can we fix things here on God’s Earth? The answer is simple: we are equipped to handle anything the world may throw at us. Even more than that, we have a responsibility as Christians to live as God desires. When we apply those Christian principles to our lives, the world around us begins to change.

We beg God to help our world – to come down and free us from the bondage of the ills of our society. God’s answer is simple – you are there. We are here to respond to His call. Will you?

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