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Neon Lights

“You are the light of the world.”

            — Matthew 5:14

My daughter loves the necklaces and bracelets you can pop and wear – you know, the kind that glow a bright neon color in the dark and only last for a few hours. It is a treat for her when we are at a rodeo or a fair and she actually has the opportunity to wear one. I enjoy them as well because I always know where she is.

When she was a toddler, we went to a local rodeo and she received one to play with. After promptly popping it and flashing a huge smile as she realized her neck was glowing a bright pink. Off she scampered down the bleachers to play with the other children. For almost 30 minutes, I knew exactly where she was because she was the only one with a bright pink neck that was glowing.

For a moment I wondered what it must be like for God to be able to observe us. What characteristics do we have that make us stand out for Him amongst the others? We know that if even one of us turns from Him, He is fully aware of it and will move everything in His power to find us. But the reality is He will not have to look very hard. God does not need a piece of neon to tell Him where we are. When we have lost our way with Him, He still knows where we are. He watches us like a good parent and waits for the moment we choose to return to Him.

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