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Socially Connected

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“’Come now, let us reason together,’ says the Lord.’”

               — Isaiah 1:18

We live in a world where we are constantly connected. Between email, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, GooglePlus, and a myriad other platforms, we can actually instantaneously access almost any type of information. Whether we have an online persona or not, most of us regularly access the social networka in some form fashion or another.

Being socially connected can take you far. It can allow you to interact with people you may not have a chance to see anymore. Social networks can also enhance your knowledge and teach you new things. But, you have to walk a cautionary line like never before. Along the way, it is easy to lose more and more of ourselves in the process. Instead of having conversations, we look online. Instead of playing games with our families; we play games with others we have never met.

Technology is not evil. Like any other inanimate object, it is us who are in control. We make the decision to overuse the technology; we make the decision to abuse it. Instead of shunning technology, reflect on your own use. Is it time to decrease your amount of time online? Do you need to restore the balance in your life when it comes to be socially connected?

God did not intend man to live solitary lives. In fact, he encourages constant connections and relationships for healthy spiritual growth. Social connections can help these as well; just work to ensure you have a healthy balance.

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