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Sweet As Honey

How sweet your words taste to me; they are sweeter than honey.

            Psalm 119:103

I love baking with my daughter; it is one of my favorite ways to spend time with her. We talk about the ingredients – how they work together, the combination of flavors, and why some ingredients are only required in small dosages. We learn how to measure, divide, roll, and cut. Many times, we learn new recipes together. While we are working, we talk about our day, about things going on in each of our lives. Over the years that we have spent this time together, the depth of our conversations simply amazes me. I can share so many important messages with her through this joyful time together. Even when difficult topics arise, we are able to discuss them deeply. She asks questions and I offer her insight; sometimes those roles are reversed. We have learned so much from each other.

All of us are like this. Most of the time we do not mind discussing difficult topics when the conversations occur in peaceful, even joyful settings. We can share our knowledge and learn from each other even if we disagree. Words are everything. They are powerful. They can lead us or derail us; build us up or tear us down, teach us or turn us away forever.

You have powerful information to share. You have an idea of how the future will look as well as a plan for making that future manageable. But you have to be cautious as to how that message is shared. Think about the words you choose and how they are used. It is a difficult topic to discuss, but even more difficult to understand. Let the strength of your spirit guide the words of your mouth as you lead people in faith.

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