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The You No One Else Can See

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“Who is the you that no one else can see? In your heart, the lonely one afraid to be. Lost again; need a friend.”

               —  Michael W. Smith, I Know Your Name

One of my all time favorite artists is Michael W. Smith. He has an ability to capture thoughts and evoke emotions better than most other musicians. When he sings, when he tells stories through his music, he does so from his heart. His song, I Know Your Name, is no exception.

Every single one of has an identity that no one else knows about – not a spouse, a parent, a child, or a friend. It is the portion of us that is hidden away. This small piece of our soul is not necessarily dark and evil, hiding thoughts and ideas we would be ashamed of others knowing. Certainly, that may be the case for some, but definitely not all. Some hide away their dreams; others hide away their thoughts and emotions simply because they are afraid of how they will be received.

But, there is one person we cannot hide from, one individual powerful enough to see through the façade and into the true heart of each of us. It does not matter what mask we use with the world; God knows the real us. We do not have to question if he is there. We do not have to wonder if He cares about us. The reality is that He has always been there. He is the one who carries us when we are weak and the one we draw support from when we need help. He knows our name, our thoughts, and our hearts.

He knows us – the one that no one else can see.

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