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Packing Heat In An Urban Setting

Sadly, the world is not a perfect place.  Because of this fact, there are many people who do bad things to their neighbors.  It is important to keep yourself well defended against such people.  First, you must keep your loved ones and you safe from unfriendly visitors.  Second, this is a check against malicious behavior.  Thieves, murderers, and rapists must know that not everyone will submit and be a victim; someone will stand up.  Thus, in society, responsible citizen defense is critical for maintaining order.  This is one aspect that is at a disadvantage for those in urban environments, as you are in a place where many have gathered.

Defense: The Mind

It has been said by wise men that “the most powerful weapon is the mind.”  Even great generals respect the power of the ability to either avoid a fight or end a fight before it has begun.  In your case, thinking defensively may allow you to avoid a fight on multiple occasions.

For those in an urban survival situation, you will want to make your house difficult to infiltrate for intruders, yet have easy access to friendly visitors. The best way to do this is to use the “bottleneck” tactic.

The bottleneck tactic means that there is only one known entry point for intruders.  If intruders only know of one way in, you can either block or defend that way with ease.

It is important that you learn defensive rifle, shotgun, and handgun tactics.  These tactics will teach you how not to get shot during a firefight, and it will help you get your rounds in the target.  It will also teach you the warning signs in the event that a conflict is about to ensue.

You might want to booby-trap false entry points.  These will not be actual entry points, but they are ones that will only be utilized if an intruder is trying to gain entry unnoticed.  These booby-traps don’t necessarily have to kill or maim the intruder, but trapping is crucial.  Be careful, however, as an animal caged is often more vicious.

Last, if it comes to a serious problem, you might want to utilize an escape route.  This route must remain a secret, and it should never be used unless you are forced to evacuate your house, never to return.  You might want to dig a shallow tunnel or climb down from the roof.  Either way, you need to remain unseen and unheard as the intruders advance into the house; they may be there for you and your family.

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Getting Out the Lead

You need to be armed, as this is extremely crucial to your survival.  The biggest reason why you will have to acquire some kind of a gun is because intruders and unfriendly visitors will most likely be carrying them.  Most often, the guns they carry will be of a lower caliber for two reasons.  The first reason is that smaller caliber rounds are cheap and in high abundance.  The second is that smaller caliber rounds have more use in an urban environment.  Either way, you need to prepare to “outgun” your opponents.

The Handgun

Acquiring a handgun is extremely important, as this will be one of the most used of all weapons in your small arsenal.  The reasons for this are that you can conceal a handgun, you can effectively use one with one hand, and they are easy to keep in your possession during a fight.

Here are some aspects to look for in a handgun:

  • The handgun must be reliable.  If you have a handgun that doesn’t go boom every time you pull the trigger, then it is more of a hazard than anything else.  Murphy’s law dictates that your gun will malfunction when you need it most.
  • The handgun must be easy to operate.  If you have to switch off a safety, chamber a round, pull back a hammer, or activate a laser, that is seconds that might be your last.  Also, in “fight or flight mode,” you will experience loss of control for minor muscle groups.  This will make it difficult to use your fingers beyond their natural reflexes, such as the simple squeeze of a trigger.
  • The handgun must be combat-accurate.  You do not have to shoot competition-style groups; you only need the ability to hit a man-sized target.

Some handguns you might want to consider are the Sig Saur P226/P220, the FN FNP, the HK USP, the Springfield XD/XDm, and especially any Glock pistol.  Glock is renowned for being one of the toughest and most accurate pistols of all time.  Military testing fired over 50,000 rounds through a Glock without any cleaning or oiling, only to have one failure.  In gun terms, that’s phenomenal reliability.

For handgun calibers, think 9mm or 45 ACP.  These rounds will be very abundant, as they are calibers that almost every NATO military uses (as well as the military of most other countries).  They have excellent defensive capabilities, and you will not be outgunned in using them.  It is best to buy defensive hollow-point rounds, as these will possess the best stopping power.

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Rifles and Shotguns

If you want a defensive rifle, you might just want to put hunting and assault rifles on the backburner as secondary options.  These have superior long-range capabilities (out to 400+ yards), and they are ideal for wilderness situations.  However, in an urban environment, chances are that you are going to need something that will be effective up close and at medium ranges (out to twenty-five yards).

Shotguns, however, are a different story. Buckshot from a 12-gauge shotgun will have what is called a “pattern.” Shots from #4 buckshot are the equivalent of nine .30 caliber rounds impacting the target simultaneously.  It is devastating to the target, and the best part is that it is a “point and shoot” weapon.  You just need to point the gun in the general direction and squeeze off a round.  This is the most effective long gun in a close up, urban environment.

Last Thoughts

It is vital that you keep your wits in a conflict, and don’t fight battles that you don’t have to.  It is better to live peacefully with folks than use force, but when all else fails, it’s nice to have a little firepower on your side.

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