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Monsanto Must Pay $93 Million After Poisoning Town

Monsanto Ordered to Pay Landmark Settlement to Herbicide Victims

Image source: US News

West Virginia’s state Supreme Court delivered a landmark victory to opponents of Monsanto, and citizens who were impacted by the company’s pollution are now receiving big payouts.

The court approved a settlement last year that will require the agribusiness giant to spend $93 million to clean up toxic contamination created by the production of herbicides and other products in the small town of Nitro, West Virginia, and this month, the settlement was finalized.

The toxic herbicides Monsanto produced in Nitro included Agent Orange, the notorious herbicide used during the Vietnam War. Dioxin, a chemical byproduct from Agent Orange, is believed to cause serious health problems.

Monsanto operated a herbicide factory in Nitro from 1948 to 2004.

“It’s been a real long haul,” attorney Stuart Calwell told The Charleston Gazette. Calwell represented Nitro area residents in a class action suit that prompted Monsanto to make the settlement.

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“The politics of dioxin has been bitterly debated since the Vietnam War, but … we know that there is a health issue there and hopefully people will get their houses cleaned and the risk will come to an end and those exposed in the past will have the benefit of keeping an eye on their health.”

What Monsanto Agreed To In Settlement

“After years of litigation, now the benefits exist,” Calwell’s associate, David Carriger, said of the settlement. “However, we have a small hurdle. We need people to fill out the registration in order to get those benefits.”

Here is what the settlement will require Monsanto to do:

  • Spend $9 million to clean 4,500 homes around Nitro in order to remove dioxin contaminated dust.
  • Spend $21 million on testing of people for dioxin.
  • Set up a system that will monitor citizens for dioxin for 30 years.
  • Spend another $63 million on additional tests if necessary.
  • Conduct medical testing on anybody who lived in the Nitro area between Jan. 1, 1948, and Sept. 3, 2010. Persons will have to present evidence that they lived in the Nitro area to be eligible to participate in the program.
  • Set up an office in Nitro to help residents register for the program. The program will be administered by Charleston attorney Thomas Flaherty, who was appointed by the court.
  • Residents will still have the right to file their own lawsuits against Monsanto if medical tests show harm. Current and former Monsanto employees will not be able to participate in the settlement.

The US Supreme Court cleared the way this year for the settlement to take effect by refusing to hear a challenge brought by some Nitro area residents who disagree with the settlement. Monsanto agreed to the settlement in 2012 to prevent a costly six month trial in West Virginia state courts.

This case did not involve glyphosate, another controversial toxin used in Monsanto herbicides such as Roundup.

Do you believe chemicals from Monsanto’s products can harm humans? Tell us in the comments section below. 

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  1. this is awesome news. so glad that the town won out over the giant!!!!!!!
    yes the chemicals do harm humans. all you have to do is look at the health history of farmers and anyone who has lived near or in an area that manufactures and heavily uses them.
    my brother was in nam and developed cancer because of agent orange but couldn’t find anyone that would stand up and say that was the cause.

  2. Shelly Comerford

    Monsanto has had the FDA in it’s pocket for years! The health of our nation is pitiful and the medical industry is flourishing because of our food supply is poisonous!!! People need to wake up and vote with their dollars and buy organic. Companies like Monsanto only look at the bottom line in terms of profit, so if people don’t buy their product they will change. The devastation that Monsanto has caused is wide-spread where independent farmers are concerned as well. They has all but run almost all of them out of business by going after them legally in order to force them to use their GMO seeds. IMHO Monsanto is a monster that needs to be brought down.

  3. A good start! The fact that “Mt. Satan” (as a doctor I know calls them) will have to spend $93 million means they can’t spend that money to promote Roundup and the other GMO propaganda.

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    writers? I’m hoping to start my own site soon but I’m a little lost on everything.
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    Any recommendations? Thanks a lot!

  5. I have written the presdent of Monsanto severa times. They put out a lot of those diatetic sugars for people with diabeties and they know that it is bad and they know the harm that these products cause and they just do not care. This needs to change too. A good portion of American’s are diabetics.

  6. Hitlery Clinton sits on the Board of Monsanto and Obama has signed a “Protection Act” to help Monsanto poison the world! Both Hitlery and the sodomy queen, Obama, should have to only eat Monsanto’s GMO Frankenstein Foods, since they back that perverted company! Monsanto should be banned from the Planet, along with Hitlery and the Muslim Gay Boy, Obama!

  7. My brother, Agent Orange, Nam, cancer, he passed from it November 2003. Thanks, Monsanto.

  8. I can only go by past knowledge on how Monsanto’s Chemicals have harmed the Environment and the effect that harm has had on People as well. This is an overview of Monsanto from 1901 to the present on the negative impact their Chemicals have had. You ask, “Do I believe chemicals from Monsanto’s products can harm humans”? The answer I posted here shows us that they do much more than just ‘harm’ they kill our soil threw chemical Contamination. They kill Humans thru Chemical Contamination. All living Organisms have a direct complex Biological relationship with the soil. The Health and Nutritional quality of this relationship says it all. Monsanto has proven they can not be trusted by their past over 100 year performance. I really hope all these Chemical Companies are held accountable.

  9. Glad to there are out there still fighting for what’s right..

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