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Father Shot And Killed As Police Try To Take Child

William Reddie

William Reddie

William Reddie, a 32-year-old single father from Michigan, was shot and killed as local Child Protective Services (CPS) officials and police officers attempted to remove his 3-year-old son from the home.

An anonymous tipster claiming that Reddie had marijuana in the home set off a string of incidents which turned a happy toddler into an orphan – and led a local newspaper to conduct its own investigation and issue its own report.

A police officer who followed up on the tip stated he smelled marijuana at William Reddie’s home. Possession of marijuana is a misdemeanor, unless law enforcement officers find large amounts or an intent to sell. Michigan Child Protective Services staffers did not have any indication of any type of child abuse or neglect inside the home and felt the drug possession was justification enough to remove the toddler.

Reddie’s action when Michigan police officers attempted to remove the child surely played a role in his death, but the entire incident could have been avoided if CPS and the investigators had not overreacted to possible marijuana smoking, Reddie’s family and friends say.

City of Grayling police officer Alan Somero went to Reddie’s home for an alleged domestic disturbance earlier the day of the shooting, but did not make any arrests. Reddie allegedly became “agitated” when accused of smoking pot in front of his son. He was reportedly on the phone in a heated conversation with a woman when the police and CPS workers arrived. The man fighting for custody of his child understandably did not agree with what was being done.

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The social services workers asked for a police escort during the removal.

An excerpt from the court order allowing the removal of the child reads:

“There are reasonable grounds for this court to remove the child(ren) from the parent… because conditions or surroundings of the child(ren), and is contrary to the welfare of the child(ren) to remain in the home because: It is alleged that the father used marijuana in the home in the presence of the child. In addition, there is concern for the safety of the child due to a domestic disturbance and threats made toward law enforcement by the father.”

When the Michigan Child Protective Services workers and law enforcement officers tried to remove the child, Reddie reportedly displayed his 4-inch pocketknife and lunged at the group. The officers had been holding their Taser guns during the altercation, but ultimately holstered their non-lethal weapons and grabbed their firearms. Crawford County Deputy John Klepadlo shot and killed Reddie during the incident.

Crawford County Sheriff Kirk Wakefield called for a Michigan State Police investigation into the use of deadly force by the deputy. Despite a state police investigator’s desire to charge Deputy Klepado, the prosecuting attorney decided that the shooting was justified, according to Reason Magazine.

County prosecutor Mark Jernigan had this to say about the use of deadly force ruling:

“The deceased was in possession of an edged weapon. The deceased pulled a knife and hid it behind his back. At the point where he pulls his hand forward and lunges at the officer, he is in such close proximity, and presents a clear danger of deadly force, the officer is left with no option other than to use deadly force to protect himself, the other officer and the three civilians that were present. The use of deadly force is completely justified and therefore, the homicide was justified.”

But friends and family say CPS and state official should not have been at the home in the first place: Toxicology reports found no alcohol or marijuana in his system.

“Where was protect and serve?” his mom, Michelle VanBuren said to a local newspaper. “The officers always have to stick together and for them to do this is just totally uncalled for. …They took the only thing he ever loved.”

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  1. The most dangerous thing about marijuana is getting caught with it…

    • the person who “aledged”, that this man was smoking pot should be charged with man-slaughter, the police with murder and the Child Welfare with attempted kidnapping. These Government types are getting Way out of control. Prove first he’s done something wrong. Child welfare wants to traumatize a child by taking it away, The police shoot an innocent man dead. For those of you who will say ,”he resisted arrest”. Why not? he was INNOCENT! Prove him guilty, then come and do your job. These people who claim so and so is doing this or that…they should be held responsible too. How do we know that the person who called in, didn’t just have it out for this man and wanted to cause him trouble. Everything should have been investigated first.

      • I complitly agree with you Karl. You’re right.

        • I totally agree it was murder. A father is right in protecting his child and this was all a lie no pot in this man’s system. When you take a truly loving father’s child away it is trauma for sure. Especially when you are accusing him or wrongdoing that he is not doing. Not the child has no good parent because of you idiots who do not know how to do your job. man I hate people like that. Everyone should get life for this murder and this father is a martry. You sickos

          • It’s irrelevant if he was smoking pot. I’m not aware of any proof showing a man stoned automatically poses a threat to his child, or anyone else. How could it possibly be more dangerous than being tipsy around one’s child?

            the fact remains that it’s the war on drugs that killed this man, like so many others. The satanization of drugs, by this I mean, ranking selling pot pretty close to manslaughter perhaps. They never seem to interested in prosecuting say a larceny or something I consider a real crime-harming another person, by theft or abuse of person, property, or reputation, but they like drug cases of any variety. People are worried about health care????? I’ve been shocked how personal a decision a government could make, like what you can name your child, or telling us which religion is true, and now we have a court that can tell us which religion’s gods are secular and the others all violate the establishment clause as they aren’t as similar to deism as the one with the “secular” god. Funny since “God” is about the only title deists did not use. Or that they can use my taxes and hire a teacher and then have that teacher tell my little girl her parents’ religion is wrong, while standing behind the kids with the right religion. So funny that-the religioin that is the most unsecular (least pertains to this world, which it ignores in favor of an easy world in death) is somehow the only secular one lol -those wacky SCOTUS, as apparently the US Law is now in the hands of a religious man who hates liberty and our Constitution, wishing the destroy them both, named “Scalia”. And in this case, what they can do is beyond the fathomable-the ability to take your own child from you without several steps verifying good cause, slowly and carefully leading to that last of alternatives. Instead they seem to want to split up families, eager for bad news. So eager, they’ll kill you for acting normal.

            It’s one sick culture. It doesn’t matter how good the Constitution is, if the majority agree to lies instead, it’s just a piece of paper as valuable as the dollar. Such as sad story, and there are dozens about the mistakes of the DEA killing children on all their outings that make one of our primary products, of all things… people the war on drugs is failing,our drug problem exceeds that of every other nation-state on the planet, and only we have this crazy, slogany, nancy reagany war on drugs…. They don’t just continue this failing initiative, they make it a priority. So…. one must conclude the war on drugs has nothing to do with drugs by design, but population control, and man don’t it work, easiest way to take rights away is label them “criminal”, then loot the middle class, make everyone poor, and thus more likely to do and get addicted to narcotics (the middle class had the luxury of pharmacy drugs) and slowly but surelyl lock most of them up. That way we can still have our pretty Constitution, while honoring none of it.

            Who thinks in America anymore anyway.

      • You Americans need to stop your police. Resisting arrest is only a logical charge if there was going to be an arrest, a lawful arrest by warrant. But over there just walking away from police makes you a felonious criminal. Even if you did nothing wrong, that act of not wanting to encounter police (given you have a 33% of being seriously injured and 0.8% chance of being killed by American police it makes sense people would want to avoid them! Those figures are almost ten thousand times higher than an encounter with a criminal leading to injury or death!) But for some reason you folks just keep letting this happen, letting your police arbitrarily conduct curb side executions. You need to act, and act now. Draft a list of laws that are contrary to common sense and the will of the people and take them to every politician and orliamentarian you can find, and make as much noise until you get them changed! That’s how the rest of the world does it, and none of us suffer thug police anywhere near what you do!

        • Agreed, 100%! My own son was the victim of unprovoked police violence, just steps away from our home. He could easily have lost his life, and was beaten very badly for doing nothing more than walking down the street on his way to a relatives’ house! Cops then lied and charged my son with “crimes” he didn’t commit. By the cops’ actions and verbal demands, it seems like they were hoping to rob my son of drugs, guns and/or money, NONE of which my son (a very shy, devout Christian since childhood) had on his person. My son respected police and wanted to be one before this incident happened. Police are TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL!!

        • Good advice. But allow me to explain using your name, Prometheus. Ever notice that christianity stands out in many ways as unique. One of the strangest to me is that the god is really evil and the devil really good-but christians don’t see it that way, only their subconscious does. The god murders 3,000,000, the devil murders none (technically he kills Job & his daughters, but lacks intent, he is under the command of “God”, so the god gets credit for those 10 too, making it millions of murders to zero. Yet the less than violent guy is the bad one. In the garden one tells Adam they will die if they eat the fruit, the other tells them they will gain knowledge. One is lying, the other telling the truth. Back to you-christianity stands out stangely as the only religion that hates the god or being that tried to help them, by giving them knowledge. The greeks loved Prometheus for bringing the god’s power of fire to humans. But christians hate their prometheus, the snake, the devil. That’s just a pebble on the beach-it’s packed with contradictions, both to itself and of course to reality or common sense-like that murder is good, truth is bad. Then, they paired it with this infallible “word of God”. The bible is designed to break the brain. There is nothing more dangerous to governement, than a thinking populace.

          80% of ours uses the bible method of thought. We’re too busy defending gays and whatever other liberties these “true Americans” wish to attack in their fellow countrymen this decade. The real question is… why don’t they remember why they (christians) came to the New World? I remember: Because christians don’t stop oppressing when they run out of non-Christians. Dominionism explains most of the world’s problems, from within the family unit, to international politics. I for one do not feel entitled. I do feel ashamed as an American, as we (the ones following the Constitution, not the bible) let it happen. That was the experiment and we failed, the christians got in and wrecked it and now our culture is indeed one of contradictions, where our supreme court tells us one religion happens to have a secular god that can sneak past my first amendment rights to harm my children in school …. why? Dominionism, they see they have more rights to teach my children than I do…..

          Got any room over there, it stinks of bigotry and genital mutilation over here.

          • Can I help you pack yer crap so you can take your ignorance to other shores, Please? You just gotta get GONE!
            Try reading the Bible, instead of bashing it through your (obvious) ignorance.
            Please reply with the location of ANY contradictions in scripture. I’d be happy to address any and all!
            (I would advise you to take in a bit of history, as that might allow you to avoid being swept up your “peaceful one” when his followers come to your door shouting “Satan is Greater”, demanding you convert to Islam or die after watching your wife and daughters get gang-raped by the “Religion of Piece(s)…
            Thousands of years ago, God made it clear that Christians and Jews (and those simply supposed to be) would be wiped out when we were hearing all about “peace and safety”. (See MSM mantras about how “peaceful” Muslims are…)
            Mark my words… A “Man of Peace”, out of Turkey, is gonna show up on the world scene, and establish a peace treaty for 7 years between Israel and all those (Muslim) nations that want “to make her name and existence disappear forever from the world”. (See any 1,000+ news reports from the Middle East and Indonesia. (last week)
            If u actually READ that Bible, and COMPREHEND it, you will see Islam described PERFECTLY. At that point, if you still have any doubt, simply read the ‘Generous Qur’an’ (the proper translation), and you’ll get it…
            Then try to explain to me how Islam has never murdered anyone…
            – or go back to sleep until they come… your choice!

          • (Oh… genital mutilation?!? You are talking circumcision of males?
            Head out to a Muslim nation and research circumcision of females… Then read Genesis 3:15 “…I shall put enmity between thee (Satan) and the woman…” and Daniel 11:37 “He shall regard neither the God of his fathers nor the desire of women…”)
            I pray for you!) 🙂

        • just watch cops. . .they assault everyone claiming they are resisting arrest
          just now I saw a takedown because a drunk teen took more than half a second to put his hands on the wall, police brutality is a crime and it’s all over american television
          any episode of cops will have police brutality

        • In portugal there is police abuse, sometimes they blindfold and take people to unknown precints to just do whatever they want and then drop them in the middle of nowhere (this was on the news because it was a unique case, one year later happened to a friend of mine and his group)
          Also have a friend whom the police took 5 grams around midnight or something, later at 4 am those police officers were in a bench smoking his weed and called him (and friends who also lost their pot) to smoke with them
          I’ve been caught by police (invasion of private property) and police was encouraging the property owners to beat our asses, and even said that if it was his house or whatever we would all be lying in a pool of blood, we we’re a group of mostly 16 years old some 18 and three were 19
          They told us the owner could have killed us if he wanted to because it’s his property, but I know he couldn’t really, he would go to jail, here you have to warn the trespassor/trespassors to leave, if they don’t you can use force or whatever but if you shoot him in the back you will go to jail, if you stab in the back you will go to jail, because it’s obvious that someone shot in the back wasn’t facing the guy with the gun, hence, leaving. . .

        • What should we do exactly? Start shooting? The crooks run this country and they stick together. I don’t disagree with your sentiment, obviousley this is a serious problem, I just don’t see the solution as being as simple as telling them to stop.

      • I would bet money that the person anonymously reporting that he had dope and was smoking it in front of the kid was some coward that had a beef with the guy.

      • I agree 100%. So they felt the child needed to be taken away because the father had marijuana in his home and that is damaging to the child according to them BUT they shoot this man and kill him most likely in front of his child! Now this child will be bounced around the court system and damaged for life. Our system is so ass backwards it isn’t even funny!!

      • totally agree with Karl, the people in control are themselves WAY OUT of control and need to be held accountable!!!!

      • I agree. What I have a problem with is that even if he did pull the knife like they say, they had a taser pointed at him. If he was going after him wouldn’t it be faster to pull the trigger on the taser than pull a gun. I don’t get that. They could have tasered him instead of shoot him. Whats wrong with these officers. This makes me sick.

      • Why the hell didn’t they just use the tazers. Even with him holding a knife, the tazers would have been enough to restrain him. The firearms were not necessary. I agree also with the fact that the person who initially called it in may have had an ulterior motive.

      • You are right. They do this to our children to create job security for themselves. And then have the nerve to call themselves child protection. . , yea right.

        • BINGO!! You ve got it. Job security in more ways than you could have ever imagined. Always remember, we are the sheep and they are the wolves. They who make the laws have total control. Constantly making more to justify more lawyers graduating and being employed to steal from us and bleed us to death.

      • Very well said Karl!!!!!!

      • Karl said everything that there is to say. It is time to remove the invisibility cloak of confidentiality that cps and the people who make bogus reports hide under. People need to rally against this kind of control. So tragic for this family.

        • Our friend’s ex-husband called CPS on us once… because he didn’t like the fact that she married someone else and we were still friends with her. We knew who it was because they knew details about our son that few people know, they knew details about our house that few people knew, and didn’t know details about my husband that everybody knew (we hadn’t seen him in several years). We later confirmed who it was by people talking about it on Facebook.

          Fortunately, everything was complete lies and my kids impressed the social worker, who found nothing wrong. But it stinks how someone who has a problem with you can ruin your day… or worse. My child had been to the dentist earlier that day. If he had been still half knocked-out by the dental medication, they might have thought differently of us.

      • Yes Karl you are right, this was not necessary and the skank who lied needs to be arrested for homicide.

      • wowah there Karl…you should like a trouble maker. The type who thinks for himself. Get in line comrade, the state just wants whats best for you.

      • I’m in total agreement. But until some lawyers get involved nothing will ever change

      • True that. What most people don’t understand is that there is NO DUE PROCESS when CPS comes to kidnap your child. There is no trial, no evidence, no facing your accuser….none of that. There is a 48 hour hearing which is your only chance to go before a judge and state your case. CPS workers for the most part lie to the judge to justify what they’ve done. These CPS workers just jump into someone’s business and decide what to do without any fear of repercussions. They are protected from lawsuits by the government on nearly everything that they do.

      • That is absolutely true Karl. I have had people who knew nothing of my family yet wanted to cause me trouble call CPS claiming I was abusing my pregnant wife. People do indeed use the system to cause people problems and those that make those calls should be held accountable.

      • You are so right! Its getting so out of control what cps and cops are getting away with!! There needs to be something done about the overuse of force by the cops and the uncontrolled taking of children by cps!! They should be charged with homicide also!!

    • Tanya Morgan-Zagrodney

      I completely agree with you Jeremy…

    • Seriously? The only thing you took from this was about pot?

    • Except for the fact that pot turns people into apathetic losers who don’t care about anyone or anything except getting high. The worst people I know are potheads. How else do you beat your wife and abuse your children and still sleep at night? Potheads are unfit parents.

      • Really? I am not and have never been a pothead, but was married to and have a child with one. Not once has his pot use ever worried me about the care of his daughter. Why don’t you ask the adult children of potheads if they agree that they were in a dangerous or neglectful upbringing. Probably not. Probably just the opposite. The apathetic losers you are talking about….were probably apathetic losers before they smoked pot, you just aren’t smart enough to realize it.

      • First of all, it was an allegation. Innocent until proven guilty. Second of all, I know of some adults who smoke pot maybe once a month after their kids are in bed. Who said he was a pothead?

      • really? “the worst people you know are potheads?” are you crazy or a member of the DEA – because no honest person would ever say that… you are now on record as the least credible person in the world – or the most ignorant…

        • No… He must be that TIPSTER who called CPS… Justifying his sick consciousness… Or lack of such… Cannot sleep at night. Beating-up his wife and children. Precisely as he is stating…

      • Iam a “pothead” of 40 years. Husband is the same. I’ve never been hit by him n the kids haven’t either. We both have are own business. We have MANY “pothead” friends who are the same as us. I’ve rearly seen abuse on the news caused by a “pothead”.. Way more abuse AND murder from drinking .. Educate yourself, it will make you smarter and look wiser..

      • “The worst people I know are potheads” Are you mentally challenged due to an accident caused by a drunk driver or were you just born a moron?

      • As I read everyone’s post I found a few statements that really disturbed me. One about a so called pot head, when have you ever heard of a pot head getting off the couch and heading out to cause a crash killing innocent people, oh wait that alcohol and its legal.
        How about a pot head robbing people to get their wait that’s a meth, crack or heroine junky.
        Well what about loading their temper and beating their kids, nope that’s just an ass hole.
        Sorry but as a pot head may tend to sit around and eat they really don’t pose much of a threat, they are relaxed , generally none violent, albeit a bit slow but hardly dangerous.
        And two the constitution was put in place to protect we the people from instruction into our homes. A police officer can not just claim marijuana and get a warrant, only a shallow , child snatching caseworker does this.

      • Same could be said of any drug, especially alcohol. The only legal one. This is the one that the government and Lawyers use as their tool against us to make more laws.

      • he was innocent he was not breaking the law they murdered him on herasay kinda sounds like what the jews and romans did to jesus all over fanatical religious bull shit like the war on drugs. a few religious men get together and the whole world gets screwed government and religion dont mix. this war on drugs was created by men and women who needed another tool to damn their neighbors when god wont strike them dead asap because they want him to and right now because they know better than the god they pray to. all you religious freaks are going to the hell you so fear thank god lol you are worse than the ones you make laws to damn id say see you in hell but your the only ones going to hell ha ha ha lol judge not least you be judged for judgement is………his not yours, your going to burn in hell where you belong christians when you damn your nieghbor you damn yourself and your offspring ha ha ha lol god is waiting for you to cast you into the lake of fire for eternity keep killing innocents in his name and you will suffer his wrath thank god

      • you are a moron. Shall we start listing the incredibly out going hard working admitted pot smokers? Carl Saga, Steve Jobs, The Diaz brothers (MMA fighters and two of the best athletes on earth), 80% of all the music created, the entire NBA, Stephan King, and on and on and on and on. I also know a couple Dr.’s and a lawyer who use it recreationally, one is a top surgeon. I myself part sometimes….I’ve worked at the same job for 20 years, in a highly tech. field where mistakes can cost the company 1000’s of dollars, guess how many blunders I’ve had in 20 years…ZERO.

        Its not 1950 anymore, either get educated or shut your ignorant mouth up.

      • literally I’ve known many people I grew up with who had parents who smoked pot, they were all successful nice people. Every bad parent I saw…..drank alcohol to excess. You’re a moron.

    • this man was targeted by c_p_s to Remove child as well as the police been involved. demonized based on false reports. This is a coordinated effort between police to dislike the gentleman and CPS Who already had a case with the man. this was a cohesive coordinated effort to kidnap this man’s son by any means necessary. appears they use a heated argument as a reason to remove the child.

      • the scary thing is that based on all the CPS corruption over the years…you could be right that this was an actual attempt to steal a child from someone.

    • Gun toting, murdering thugs. That is what 99% of the cretains that wear badges have become. There is no need to fear Al-Quida, the real enemy of the American People are the domestic terrorists that call themselves POLICE.

    • this is why they want to take our guns, I hope that some one merits out justice to that deputy and social working monsters and I hope it is under similar circumstance .
      people it’s time to stop these damn police thug tactics !
      don;t worry Deputy Karma is a Bitch!

    • the police and everyone involved with this should be charged with murder, he had every right to defend his child in his home, against false accusations, they had tasers and instead shot him to death if it was the cop and they came to take his child he would have shot first and ask questions later, just another show of how messed up things really are in this country and only getting worse, instead of us sitting here writing about it we should be standing together to change this corrupt system of law breakers that say its justified this man was defending his family in his own home, this is why everyone should own a gun and instead of having a knife in a gun fight he should have a fighting chance to defend himself, because the police will shoot for anything, and he should have been able to have that same right in his own home, i am sorry for the child who has to grow with this in mind, fight back!!!!

    • MY MAD JUST GOT MADDER!!!!! My son is in jail for 3 weeks now for spitting and this idiot prosecutor thinks a child is in danger over the allegation of pot?????and the cops cant shoot to stop but only kill??? and CPS AS USUAL, CAUSING THE SAME DESTRUCTION THEY ALWAYS DO!!!!!! Now we have a child with no dad and TONS of trauma, A cop who killed and is free, a CPS maggot system who is NEVER held accountable and a Judge who has no judgement WHATSOEVER and still on the BENCH??????????????? What are we doing people when we just LET THEM DO THIS TO US??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? BAD LAW IS WORSE THAN NO LAW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Disarm the state, only the people should be armed.

  2. “It is alleged that the father used marijuana in the home in the presence of the child.”

    Alleged? It is alleged, not proven? The state came to take a man’s child from him on the basis of an allegation? Then they shot him for not complying with people who were for all practical purposes kidnapping his child? This is beyond the pale.

    • It is the same with garnishments. It does not matter if you are guilty or not. The child is removed from the home on a temporary basis until the case goes to court and a judge makes a determination.

      • and while you wait for a court date, what is your child told ? nothing, they put them in a strange place and let there imagination go wild in there little heads. Tell me that,s not child abuse.

      • so, if an anonymous tip was called in about the sheriff’s child, the mayor’s child, the people who work for CPS, the police officer who shot Reddie, are you saying that their children would be removed with no investigation whatsoever, based on an anonymous tip? If that’s the case, then I think we have the answer on how to change this policy. however, something tells me that CPS won’t remove the children of any law enforcement person or gov’t employee.

    • Tanya Morgan-Zagrodney

      they take children here in Canada all the time based on allegations…about 1/2 of the parents get their childdren back…the other half remain fighting for their kids even though nothing has been proven…don’t know of any parent killed here in Canada yet for not complying but have heard of several cases where the removed child was murdered, abused, etc while in care of CA$

    • This is where parents need to know NOT to allow CPS or the police into a home without a warrant. They need a little better than allegations to get a a warrant.

      • Not really.My friend did that.Her ex husband called saying she had a dirty house..She had toys piled in a corner and was folding laundry on the table..She refused to let them in without a warrant,.They threatened her to arrest her and remove the kids if she did not let them in.She told them to come back with a warrant and she will let them in..The DCF worker sat in her car in the driveway and in an hour the police were back with a warrant,the children were removed,she was arrested and as a result the ex husband was given soul custody in court due to his false report.It was stated by DCF in court the report was unfounded when investigated but was charged with child neglect and child endangerment and resisting arrest,for refusing to allow DCF to enter home.

  3. Yes they can or think they can take a child from a home based on allegations.

  4. UNREAL ! Could they not have the man give a urine specimen if they suspected him of the terrible “crime” of smoking marijuana?????? IF he has some in his urine, then proceed, but what they did was CRIMINAL in my opinion. No warning, just appear there, and take his 3 year child, and you expect anyone to just accept this? Michigan must be ultra-consevative because in SO many other states it is a VERY long process to have a child removed from a parent’s home. Criminal, and shameful behavior from the CPS NAZIS, and the STUPID police. Just unreal what has happened.

    • I disagree. It is the same all most everywhere. As I already said, the child is removed on a temporary basis until the case is decided in court.

    • What makes you say Michigan must be ultra-conservative? Conservatives are not the ones that want to interfere in people’s lives.

      • No, they just want intravaginal ultrasounds.

        • THIS is how progressives debate. Completely change the subject. It is maddening. If you can’t stay on topic and debate in the context, you don’t belong with the big boys.

          • the argument makes total sense… maybe you’re the one who is to stupid to be with the “big dogs”. idiot

          • there is no left or right there is no Democrat or republicans there is only us and them! the Government under title 4 social security act and under CAPTA have a money driven bounty for each child they remove and readopt to some one else. your children are money there worth 4,000 to 10,000 a month to the state while there in there care plus they can charge you child support.

            its time to learn what you are, you are not the elite you are not important you well generate income for the state any way or means they can come up with. your children well be sold to the first come first serve where their chance of being molested in the system increase by 11 time normal. where they well be abuse emotionally and medically. you have no power there is no over sight its simple that you are one of the little people.

    • Why do you accuse Conservatives? Leftist’s politicians have not done anything to end the so-called Drug War. In my opinion, it’s a revenue scheme used by the government.

    • Michigan is anything but Conservative. Conservative people, and States, don’t proceed this way. This has the fingerprints of the Ultra-Left Liberal Do-Gooders that have to mind everyone’s business, whether they have the facts about a situation, or not.

      • Big Ben, you obviously must not live in Michigan, because it is EXTREMELY conservative here. All of our large cities are ran by “emergency managers”, gay people have no rights, guns are handed out like candy. Not to mention the fact that our state is more racially segregated than the Jim Crow South. Oh, but I forgot to mention “we’re the best state to do business in”, like the Governor always says, because if you have enough money you can practically get away with murder. Come and visit us sometime 😉

  5. just another sign law enforcement officers are the terrorist and are murderers i hope enough people start paying attention speak out and help save our futures

    • Sorry but if you expect people to put a stop to “wrongs” you will have a long wait. People have a tendency to say “what a terrible thing it is” and then ignore it until they are personally affected.

  6. This type of “murder by police” and CPS kidnapping tyrannies used to be unheard of. I was 3 in 1979. I remember the 80’s well. Back then , parents had to be pretty awful for CPS to remove a child. I even remember being kept at a daycare center while my mom worked 2nd shift from around 1982 to 1984 when I was 6 to 8 yrs old, and the teenage son of the daycare center wreaked of pot all the time. His mom ran the daycare center out of their house and their house was huge. Nothing was ever said about that. The daycare center never closed down, no permits were pulled, nothing. Even later into the mid-late 80’s I remember being friends with kids whose parents smoked pot, again, no fuss was ever made, no custodial removal ever happened. It seems like issues with marijuana being around kids in a household did not become a target by CPS and police until the Medical Marijuana and legalization movement started gaining a lot of support and getting passed in multiple states in the late 90’s onward.

    Michigan is a medical marijuana state. I’ve read a few custodial removal cases that have happened in California. Just recently , Texas had a case where a little girl was taken by CPS from her mom and dad and placed into the custody of a foster parent where the little girl was beat to death and it was over marijuana use by her parents. This war on drugs is completely satanic. The govt created this evil stigma. No where in the bible can these politicians and officials who the majority claim to be Christian show scripture that backs up the agenda of the drug war. This is an excellent write up about the drug war and scripture >

    We did not have any of these problems 100 yrs ago. There was a time when any drug of any type could be bought in a pharmacy just as aspirin and tylenol is today. I’m mean cocaine toothdrops , heroin tablets , marijuana oil, amphetamine nose inhalers , ect. These drugs were sold for decades without drug laws or drug enforcement of any kind. This was during the era of the great industrial revolution when factory production , manufacturing , and the US economy was thriving. Cities weren’t piled up with drug addicts either. Drug cartels did not exist then. Cops raiding and violating people’s civil rights and 4th amendment didn’t happen. Prisons weren’t overcrowded. Govt created this nightmare of the drug war and somehow got the masses to accept it. The govt has blood on their hands. I hope there is a special place in hell for the advocates and minions of the drug war.

    • You said it exactly right when you said it was satanic. That is exactly what it is and it is going to get worse. There has always been drug abuse and drug cartels although they weren’t called cartels back then. Alcoholism is a drug addiction but people often overlook it when talking about drugs. As long as satan rules this earth we will have these things to contend with.

    • The last paragraph of your post reminds me of Prohibition from 1919 to 1932. That worked out well for the Organized Crime Syndicates, and the Appalachian Moonshiners, but was devastating to long standing beer Brewers, and Whiskey Distillers, many of which were family-run Businesses. Of course, violent crime skyrocketted, especially between gangs, for the turf of who was supplying said beer, wine, and whiskey to the drinking public.

    • My story:

      My mother, brother and I were victims to the so called due process in the years of 1985-1987. My mother had false allegations of sexual molestation and incest and her hearing impairment was used against her. We were sequestered without her permission and interrogated and asked strange questions about sex at young ages about our mother with anatomically correct dolls and toys. She was railroaded in a civil suit and Child Welfare removed us from a mother working in a fruit processing factory, does not use drugs or alcohol and places us into a guardianship care with people that were raging alcoholics, years of mental illness, poverty and neglect and we were physically emotionally and mentally abused throughout the years. At age fourteen, i was drop kicked to the floor, straddled, and my arm twisted and threatened to be broken, i called the police. The police, took me to CPS where a caseworker conspired with my abuser and placed me in a mental hospital for a controversial mental illness, Multiple Personality Disorder, based on the statement that my guardian believed this because my “eyes changed color with my mood” . I was appropriately diagnosed with mild depression and teen angst and not medicated. Years later, I have been accused with allegations of neglect based the “multiple personality” , I have had my mental health under attack, and all my court ordered urinalysis and hair follicle are clean from any drugs that are/have not been legally prescribed. They want to force me to participate in a dual diagnosis treatment that will diagnosis me with mental illness and addiction. Something I have sustainable proof of that I am not. It is time to make a change to a system that seems only interested in removing parental rights based on anonymous tips from people that have no real or direct influence or communication with the family should not be a basis to disrupt a family or cause them to lose their children. CPS does not use the opinions of friends and family that are presently and directly involved, but only the allegations of those that are not directly involved with the parents in the present. It is important to know that anyone, any parent can have their rights removed for any reason and the courts give the benefits of doubt to the caseworkers reports and in my case did not hear my evidence against the allegations. Pictures of my children have been taken without my permission or a warrant. There is a governmental website that displays children in the family services department that allows foster care parents to “shop” for children through the agency. I am a mother, wife , and student with a 3.7 GPA, a side business of photography and graphic arts married to a man that is not the biological father, and provides their health insurance and we live in a modest home with plenty of modern conveniences. My husband is, a military and Desert Storm Veteran honorably discharged. we both are college educated and of sound mind, rational though and decision making processes. We have a very happy and healthy relationship. We love our children very much, and do not even use “spanking” as a form of consequence. Cps has ignored my requests to not contact the biological father for paternity, at which they have plenty of opportunity to get during each case, we have been involved with. An man that assaulted me while I was 7 months pregnant, in front of our 1yr old son, to which the law did not protect us, refused our request of a restraining order and did not press charges, after police reports and pictures of injury have been documented. They turn it on me and question my ability to “protect” my children. I would give my life for them, I am never, nor will I ever hurt, or neglect my children. My mother was not guilty and my brother and i should have never been removed from her custody. I am not guilty and my children will NOT be removed from custody. Child well-fare services, CPS/DCFS, and it affiliates, evaluators and doctors, destroyed my childhood, did not protect me, and now are threatening my children and my family with tactics rivaled by only the Gestapo.

      • They have made it just as easy in mn. they believe the evil liars who call to even some kind of score there deranged minds have invented. and the untrained CPS people take there word as the truth. They won’t even let you prove the allegations wrong. and save your children from the pain and sorrow they are about to go threw. They take away your right to protect them from harm, They keep them month after month, tearing up the hearts of the family involved. And the liars are are the only winners, because they got what there evil hearts wanted,. revenge
        It should be a felony to report such a life changing allegation against anyone.They should be made to pay for the lives they tried to destroy.

      • If I were in your position, I would simply move to a new state and homeschool my children to avoid giving the system a means of catching up with you.

        • Probably not that easy moving states while in a custody conflict of any sort. CPS is governed by whom? Does anyone really know? If there are strikes made against you, there is no way for you to defend yourself, as you are not allowed to see your own record. Their allegations, reports, and findings are made by humans, basing their decision usually on a four year degree and whom are probably from a different home-life. CPS has more leeway and gets away with more unproven allegations than the FBI. This is hearsay, but I was in the system and this was told to me by someone from the system that had “dropped out”…. “$2300 to keep a child in the home is what they receive for their oganization, $8,000 to remove a child permanently”….this was about 4/5 years ago when my child was in that system. Tell me where their bias is. It’s only logical. ….and I hate to put this in and have anyone assume that I am making a racial statement, because I am not, this is what was told to me….white kids are more wanted because they have a better adoption ratio. CPS needs to be controlled, and families need to have advocates not driven by MONEY.

      • Danyel M. Hoskins-Miley

        Im so sorry for all that you are going through. Stay strong and I send you all the positive thoughts I can for a positive outcome for you and your family. Get notorized statements from everyone you know contesting to your and your family’s charcter,fight them at their own game of paperwork. Find a lawyer that will work pro bono for you. You said your husband is a vet? Go to va legal services they should be able to help.

      • They have to destroy our lives every chance they get because of the fallout problems that occur later is absolute job security for them later.

    • Cool hand….

      I agree with everything you have plus and minus a couple of things, however, the problem with the drug war is not “this Christians fault”. I am also a former leo as well. I know a lot of Christians who would love for oils, marijuana and other old favorites to make a come back. The true persons or entities that should be blamed here is the Pharmaceutical companies outlawing these things. The government should also be to blame but people are the government and so are you. We need to put in place those who see our wisdom not the deep states controlling view against marijuana laws. .. Don’t blame it all on Christians I know plenty of non- Christians as well who are against it. They alleged whistleblower should be sued for lying to the child services and the cops.

  7. This not unusual. There are at least two incidents that were the exact same scenario here in Branson and Holliter. There are many, many incidents of police abuse and theft as well. Fortunately we have a new police chief who I think has made a difference.

  8. Prohibition of pot has nothing to do with drugs or safety of children but rather control of the people and their money.
    Possession of a plant can ruin your life and leave you penniless if you get caught…otherwise your life is happy.Should we be prosecuting the harmless people that smoke pot or the tyrannical bastards that are willing to take Americans lives for possessing it.

  9. This really sucks. The Law Enforcement are the ones doing all the killing and violence is their so called “War on Drugs”, not the people using it. Maybe this person had a Medical Card to use pot, it is legal in that state. So, what right did they have to take his child ? Dose this mean they can take anyone’s child if they take a prescription of any kind? Because that is what they did. And this man was protecting his family at that!!! And a 4″ knife is just a pocket knife. Yes they can do some harm but they could have taken it from him without killing him. But no, they have to have a reason to keep this war going, “People are getting killed over pot”, Yes By the cops!!!

    • People are also being arrested, unbelievably so, for carrying said pocket knives on their persons. I just became aware of this outrage, but was led to a website of an Organization that fights for the rights of the average American citizen to carry such knives, without the fear of being arrested. I never would have believed it, until I read the numerous accounts. So, just as our gun rights have been under attack, now our rights to carry a small pocket knife is now in doubt.

      Next, it will be hammers, and other tools, so you Carpenters, and Plumbers, beware, your work truck or van could be transporting illegal weapons. Visit the website for Knife Rights at and read the unbelievable.

  10. But yet, here in Michigan, my niece, who lives with her mother, wasn’t taken from her mother’s care when they basically lived in 1 room of a house and the cat used the rest of the house as a toilet! Or just because my S-I-L didn’t have pictures of the same niece being made to ride in the back of a pick up truck CPS wouldn’t do anything.

    • Those kids are damaged goods, CPS doesn’t want them. They want “adoptable” children, AKA the ones who are not abused.

      • You are exactly right. Kids are the product that funds their organization and keeps employing their ‘qualified’ people and paying for them to obtain more schooling in ‘their’ own teachings. I’ve been thru the system…if you ever see a social worker that looks very stressed……it’s because that is one with a conscience.

  11. The cops as well as the cps should be charged with murder. Took a father from his son for pot. You’re kidding me right? They take kids for other drugs and don’t have to shoot the father to death. Having pot does not justify taking a child, just because most of society views it as bad. If the dad was coming home with a 24 pack of beer and beating his child I’m sure CPS would have turned a blind eye. This only proves they ‘pick’ and ‘choose’ what children to take. The child was in no way being neglected or abused. CPS, traumatizing children is in their note books.

    • Ha, nailed it. Read this right after my post.

    • Do these CPS Agencies have an Internal Affairs Department, or Inspector General’s Office to keep these people towing the line, when they go out and address the public? Maybe that is what is missing. They need to have the thought in the back of their minds that they will be interviewed, or investigated, depending on what occurs on their shift.

      • What is sometimes even better is an “office of _____ advocate” (whether it’s taxpayer advocate or something else). It’s sort of like a public defender.

      • They give you a 1800 number to file a complaint but when you call it and complain they refuse to take the complaint and refer you to the supervisor, so no they have no “internal affairs”

  12. It sounds as though he became distraught over his kid being taken away and decided to commit suicide by cop. Given that he knew he was starting a gun fight with a (fairly small) knife, I doubt he had serious intent to cause injury, but rather was trying to provoke the response that he got. Often, people’s kids mean a lot to them; we see people sometimes stay with spouses they can barely stand, for the benefit of the kids.

    For some people, the kids are all or most of what they live for, and if you take the kids away, they see no point in continuing to live. And so we see incidents like this. As Bridget Ulrich points out, soaring suicide “rates indicate an underlying necrosis within our society which we must strive to locate, lacerate and extract.”

  13. Good thing they got the kid out of there. if there is one thing i know that worse than your father dieing its the smell of marijuana

  14. I hope the kids grows up and exacts his revenge against the beast.

  15. You do not own anything,not your house,your car,and even your children.Look at the birth certificate,it has two dates on it.The first is the day your were born,and the second one is when you were registered by the state.If you have a marriage certificate,any children born under that certificate become wards of the state,and subject to their juristiction.

    • Wrong John.Anybody tries to take those things away from me they die.So come on to my house in your big black government cars.Leave in black cars too.called hearses

      • While I don’t agree with the reasoning behind CPS being there, all of these calls for murder charges against the cop that shot this guy are unfounded and show a level of ignorance. The police have very right to defend themselves against injury or death. Judging by this report, the officer was well within the scope of legality to shoot this guy. Also in the report, it states that he has had violence issues in the past with at least one domestic disturbance that we know of. How bad was that disturbance? It doesn’t tell us. Also, there was a court order for the removal of the child, which means “probable cause” was determined by a judge to justify taking the child. While tragic, this guy died because of his own actions, both before the police arrived and after. And Joe, tough talk on the internet is one thing, but if you were to really try to shoot it out with the guys in there “big black government cars” all that would happen is that you would end up very dead. And where would that leave your wife and kids?

  16. I agree that this was a tragedy and an outrage. But it happened in 2012. The link to the Reason article in your story – here it is again – – is the only reference to the story occurring well over a year and a half ago.
    It’s not a “current event” as such are usually defined.
    I’m glad it’s being kept in the public consciousness, because it was indeed outrageous. I’m just curious why, now, the placement? The book ad placed in the article? Would it not be more honest to write a review of the book, and cite this murder by LEO as an example of the state abusing its power?

    • It wasn’t murder.

    • Oh, I am sure that if you troll around the news feeds this week you will find many good examples of police abuse of power and wrongful killings. You will also find good examples where the police SHOULD have offed a perp and failed to do so. Either way, you will be watching the erosion of our way of life and our liberties and freedoms. Sad, really sad……

  17. The real problem is CPS. In Michigan, it is far too easy for them to get involved in a families life and once involved, they are in it until the child turns 18 and the parents are powerless. The State will decide everything for your child, parents wishes be damned. Thats a fact. Thats Fascism. The State should never ever have any say in any childs upbringing period. Not ever.

  18. Enumerated_Powers

    Who can respect the law when government thugs can use the police power of the state to take children from parents based on this type of an allegation?

    • American laws are supposed to be a Shield, not a Sword. Well, at one time, this was true.

      • We still are. This cop did nothing wrong. Stop reading things into this that have not been presented as evidence. The blame belongs on the father for pulling the knife. What would you do if you were at an ATM and a guy pulled a knife on you? I am sure you would pull out your concealed carry weapon and kill him, right? I totally agree with that and it would be totally justified! Should the cop wait until the knife is 2 inches into his side until he shots back? Would you?

        • Dave – Re-read the story. The cops had tasers and decided to put them away and pull their pistols. If, like you state, he wanted to commit suicide-by-cop, all the more reason against using deadly force on the man. If that was the case, then obviously he was mentally ill, and that is grounds for not allowing the death penalty, even in court cased where the defendant confessed or is witnessed committing murder. Your argument does not hold water, stop defending the indefensible.

        • Really? You must be trolling. Talking about not acting on things that have not been presented as evidence. All of this happened from an agency acting on allegations, none of which had been proven whatsoever. If someone were trying to kidnap your child, I’d hope you would do everything you could to stop them. Especially if the kidnappers were going to put your child somewhere, where statistically, they are 6 times more likely to die than they are in your care and almost guaranteed to get physically/ sexually abused in one of the many homes they will go into through the process of adopting them out to some stranger.

        • The officer and the CPS goons should not have been trespassing, as there was not a warrant issued that was based on evidence. There was only an anonymous tip that could have been a prank, payback, or just plain mischief.

          Good police work is rare these days. The television would have you believe that every case is handled as depicted on CSI. I can tell you that RARELY is a case investigated as depicted on the television. Most times a quick report is written and filed, then forgotten.

          Only in rare instances does a law enforcement agency expend the necessary time and resources to thoroughly investigate a case. And, even then, the case must meet certain criteria to justify this expenditure. Get real, folks.

  19. Gestapo tactic are becoming the norm now take action and use deadly force to stop this BS cops now are acting like criminals with badges,not all of course but this is unacceptable behavior,The man was in HIS home not at a ATM.It is time for taxpayers to go on strike and take our country back.

  20. My ex-wife made several calls to DCFS against me. My ex is a registered sex offender has admitted to murder( help with an illegal abortion) and sold pain killers to her dad who died of an overdose on them.
    I began winning my case and had the charges unfounded but I ran out of money to continue fighting back against a corrupt system that already favors the mother, she now has custody. I spent roughly 40,000 in attorney fees. I needed another 15,000 for a retainer for an attorney to undo what they have already done.

    one attorney advised me to leak the case to the press because when DCFS has made up their mind they get what they want. The Judge sides with DCFS in almost every case. I have enough evidence to bury DCFS yet no one wants to go up against the state.

    Josh Florey
    Lincoln, IL

    • No Josh, it is because you are a certified moron. The most dangerous kind of moron; a moron who views himself as being intelligent. You didn’t “begin to win”. Also, out of a list of reasons, there are two glaring ones as to why attorneys charge large retainers. (15 K is really up there for domestic cases) The first one is that after someone has been an extremely difficult & unreasonable client (typical of certified morons), every other attorney around the courthouse hears about it including the judges. Nobody wants to deal with you. It’s a moron tax if you will. Second is when the odds of a true “win” are pretty low. Essentially the attorney will take your money and work the case until that pile is tapped out. Simple business economics. Tell everyone how you try to make as little money as you can because you have that warped mindset that if you are paying little or no child support then you are really showing her. Tell them too about the laundray list you have out on the court docket of various motions and judgements. Wait, let guess…those were all wrong doings by a corrupt system as well. Also fill them in on your career of fraudulent activity as it pertains to state programs. Ass.

    • One more lie to expose on Josh. Josh – your ex is not a registered sex offender. I will bet you 1000 and your gnarly left sideburn that she is not. Give up her name so we can look it up. Any registered sex offender can be easily looked up on the Illinois State Police website as well as a few others that will get you there. Oh wait, is she not registered because of some other corruption piece of the system that is out to get you? Ass.

  21. Wth what about drinking there are so many mother that drink until they act like a idiot and hitting kids and all the crap no one ever try to take the kids away but pot why pot is sooo bad drinking is even worst I know some people may not agree with me but thT is the way I look at it but smoking front of the kid it not good idea either but shoot the father that is trying to keep his kid I would did the same thing ! They should have try a better way to get the child instead of threating him and shoot him we really don,t know the whole story cause cop always cover up there ass now the kid got no dad but where is the mother never said any thing about the mother

  22. they said Bobby Gerald Bennett had a knife too, they lied….

  23. I feel safe and justified in calling this an assasination as well as a murder, and state-sponsored terrorism.

    Defense of family is a complete defense to murder, and justifiable use of force against anyone, including the police. When the police come to murder your family, do you sit by and watch, or do you shoot to kill and ask questions later?

    I shoot first. The other alternative no longer works.

  24. I feel safe and justified in calling this an assasination as well as a murder, and state-sponsored terrorism. :icon8:

    Defense of family is a complete and justifiable use of force by anyone, including the police. When the police come to murder your family, do you sit by and watch, or do you shoot to kill and ask questions later?

    I shoot first. The other alternative no longer works.

  25. This is such bullshit, really?

  26. Smells like a throw down knife to me. People don’t understand it’s common practice for these kinds of cops. Bust in your home, get scared, shoot homeowner, throw down knife to save your skin.

  27. Very sad but Y would you hold a knife of any kind at a police officer…hello …..dumb. remain calm and work it out. if you act aggressive they can take aggressive measures ….stupid.

  28. I know ill always remember that piece of shit pigs name

  29. Technically, his autopsy came back clean for marijuana….so they just get to murder you for pure entertainment.

  30. We have 8 children, 4 adults on their own, and 4 still in our home. We have had to “deal” with CPS on 2 different occasions; both times were unjustified by neighbors who were bat shit crazy. The woman of the house pulled a big butcher knife on my husband, they stole from us, etc… When we filed a complaint, called 911, these nuts actually told the deputy they would, “Cut his (my husband) head off and watch him drown in his own blood”. I, the little woman, finally snapped on our last confrontation, 10 days after giving birth, in front of the deputy. I made my own sets of “promises”, threats. I felt I needed to protect my family, with lethal force, if necessary. I made it very plain I would NOT call 911 again until the blood stopped flowing, and it would not be mine. This man in the story had a right to protect his child. The law is suppose to protect us, not take away from us. For all of you nuts out there who say “We must protect the children”, you need to get a grip on reality. Fully 2/3 of all child abuse/neglect reports are determined to be unfounded! Read a book called “Out of Control, Who’s Watching Our Child Protection Agencies?” by Brenda Scott. It is a real eye opener into these agencies. I WILL protect my children, with deadly force, if necessary.

  31. As my friend and founder of The Human Solution says,
    “No one should go to JAIL for a PLANT”.
    And I would add that no one should lose their CHILD or their LIFE.
    The ‘anonymous caller’ should be the one in trouble. And CPS, too.
    Why have we allowed “PROTECT & SERVE” to devolve into
    “SEARCH & DESTROY” in what we used to call the Land of the FREE?
    We can choose Nationwide Privatized Prisons or HEMP for VICTORY.
    Legalization or TYRANNY? Arresting or killing cannabis users is a HATE CRIME.

  32. Actually the police man reported smelling marijuana in the home…however there was a time that the police came to my house (nothing criminal it was a stalking case) and the officer insinuated that I was using marijuana. I called and reported this to his supervisor and he was reprimanded. He said because I was burning incense he thought I was trying to cover up using marijuana…He came to my house later and apologized for being out of line….

  33. As the used to state in the SNL skits, “…Another Drug Related Death ….” which, once again, had nothing at all to do with drugs. It had to do with allowing neighbors to turn each other in. I never used to think that way; I do now.

    People need to realize that “smelling” marijuana doesn’t mean someone is actively smoking it. There are scented candles, flavored candy, edibles (butter, oil, food) onto which marijuana can and should be used in accordance with the law. You wouldn’t take the child away from a parent who had just had a glass of wine.

    You have to have the same rules across the board. I am an advocate for medical marijuana, but I don’t believe it should be recreational under age 18. BUT, most importantly, I believe that there should be equal treatment of alcohol, tobacco, fire arms, and marijuana. If you can’t get one, you shouldn’t be able to get the others.

  34. Let me guess… an “anonymous” tip? Problem #1. Problem #2, cops/CPS show up to kidnap your child? Based on an “anonymous” tip? He did the right thing. It’s a shame he wasn’t able to outgun the government agents sent to kidnap his child.

  35. Wait a minute, the police had their Tasers out, holstered them and pulled their guns. Why was he shot? If their Tasers were out, all they had to do was Taser him and he would have hit the floor and still be alive. Someone is lying and whoever called that anonymous tip shot that man and is just a guilty as the officer who shot him.

  36. The trigger happy officer who murdered this man should be charged, tried in a court of law, sentenced, and summarily executed. In that order.

    These days, law enforcement has forgotten that one is innocent until proven guilty, that their job is to investigate before they execute, and that we, the taxpayers, will have to foot the bill for the huge payout in the certain wrongful death lawsuit that will be filed.

    If someone comes and tries to kidnap a member of my family, law enforcement or not, it just might be the last thing that they will attempt to do. When it comes to protecting one’s family and one’s own life,
    you just have to do what is required and deal with the collateral damage later.

  37. I wouldn’t blame someone for defending themselves and their family with deadly force against the police. Jury nullification could result in a not-guilty verdict if the defender survived and went to trial. Remember Waco? Eight innocent people who survived the Waco massacre were put on trial for attempted murder AND WERE ACQUITTED by the jury even though the Clintons and Janet Reno were doing all they could to bury the victims. If someone threatens your life, or your family’s life, can you blamed if you SHOOT TO KILL?

  38. But you can also just take vengeance on the spammer by complaining for the spammer’s World wide web Services
    Company (ISP). Many of us have had to change our email address due to
    this. Every email marketing services campaign should include an unsubscribe option.

  39. This is the mentality we now have to deal with police state , why do you think they are reving up the concentration camps one of which is right in Grayling , Getting ready for civil unrest because our economy is never getting better and our rights are being taken away , the trains are coming folks they could have tasered him if he was out of control , as his son matures I hope he is told why he no longer has a father! To the police dept , your disgusting!

  40. I would laugh at the cops if they come out and say if he has a prescription for medical marijuana or if they find no pot in his home. It’s sick the world we live in today ‘oh you have an ounce of pot on you? well your ass is going to jail sonny!’

  41. Lets look at the facts. Iam sure the person who said he is smokeing marijunan was not lieing. Our police offcer are or heros. They would not lie. And the reason why no pot show up in his body is be cause it only take 30 days for it not to show up. But it is a fact a person that smoke one marijunan cegeriat will stay high on this drug up to 3 month just one joint. That why he try to kill every one there and his son to. Trust our police trust our goverment they will not lie to u are be.

  42. If you’re making plans for round world tickets, see whether it’s worth taking into consideration given their cost.

    Whether they’re useful is up for the person using it.
    Nearly every one of the components inside the Vapor Genie are made inside
    the United States.

  43. Detroit tried to take a child away from a women without a warrant, and the women fired a warning shot. She was cleared of those charges because the warrant was not approved, and she was protecting her daughter. Shoot the police it’s legal, but you better be able to justify your actions.

  44. “The man fighting for custody of his child understandably did not agree with what was being done.”

    Any questions on who the “anonymous” tip came from? Also explains why CPS worked so hard to remove the child from the father… they don’t much like the idea of father custody, and will bend over backwards to remove children from fathers to give to mothers, grandmothers and/or foster care.

  45. The police are despicable. I hope all parties involved see the inside of a jail cell for a long time. This is bullshit.. Someone do something…..

  46. Their tasers were already drawn and should have been deployed, not their primary weapons…..
    No defending this, this was clearly an avoidable use of force and the CPS, responding Police Officers and whoever else made the false report that started this all, which apparently seems to be this child’s mother, should be held accountable.
    This Dad had a right to keep them from wrongly taking his child…Yes, he made a huge mistake pulling a knife, thoughtless desperation can make you do a lot of things you normally wouldn’t think of doing otherwise and he was pushed into a corner,,,,CPS is as corrupt and dangerous as the rest of this government and is given far to much authority over our lives.
    They are ruining far to many innocent lives and this is absolutely inexcusable..

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