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EPA Bans Most Wood-Burning Stoves

epa wood stove ban

Wood-burning stoves offer warmth and enhance off-grid living options during cold weather months, but the tried-and-true heating devices now are under attack by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The EPA has proposed banning the production and sale of the types of stoves used by about 80 percent of those with such stoves. The regulations limit the amount of “airborne fine-particle matter” to 12 micrograms per cubic meter of air. The current EPA regulations allow for 15 micrograms in the same amount of air space.

Most of the wood stoves currently nestled inside cabins and homes from coast-to-coast don’t meet the new environmental standard. The EPA launched a “Burn Wise” website to help convince the public that the new regulations were needed.

Trading in an old stove for a newer stove isn’t allowed.

“Replacing an older stove with a cleaner-burning stove will not improve air quality if the older stove is reused somewhere else,” the website says. “For this reason, wood stove change out programs usually require older stoves to be destroyed and recycled as scrap metal, or rendered inoperable.”

In some areas of the country, local governments have gone further than the EPA and banned not just the sale of such stoves, but the usage of old stoves – and even the usage of fireplaces. That means that even if you still have a stove or a fireplace, you can’t burn it for fear of a fine. Puget Sound, Washington, is one such location.

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Burn Wise is a partnership program associated with the EPA that is tasked with emphasizing the “importance of burning the right wood, the right way, in the right stove.” Information shared on the website operated by the federal government also states that both state and local agencies are pursuing ways to improve air quality that relate to wood-burning stoves.

The overall goal of the EPA Burn Wise program is to educate both local governmental agencies and citizens about the need for more “cleaner-burning” in the marketplace. Three of the most recent highlighted articles and webinars on the EPA Burn Wise website include details about a voluntary wood burning fireplace program, strategies for reducing residential wood some in state, tribal, and local communities, and a recording entitled, “Reducing Residential Wood Some: Is it Worth it?”

The EPA also has compiled a list of “approved” stoves.

According to a Washington Times review of the wood stove ban, the most dangerous aspect of the EPA proposed guidelines is the one-size-fits-all approach to the perceived problem. The same wood burning stove rules would apply to both heavily air-pollution laden major cities and far cleaner rural regions with extremely cooler temperatures. Families living in Alaska, or off the grid in wilderness area in the West, will most likely have extreme difficulty remaining in their cold, secluded homes if the EPA wood stove rules are approved.

The Times further said that wood burning stoves put less airborne fine-particle manner in the air than is present from secondhand some in a closed vehicle. When an individual smokes inside a car with the windows up, passengers are reportedly exposed to approximately 4,000 micrograms of soot per cubic meter.

Wrote the Times’ editorial board:

“Alaska’s 663,000 square miles is mostly forested, offering residents an abundant source of affordable firewood. When county officials floated a plan to regulate the burning of wood, residents were understandably inflamed. ‘Everybody wants clean air. We just have to make sure that we can also heat our homes,’ state Rep. Tammie Wilson told the Associated Press. Rather than fret over EPA’s computer-model-based warning about the dangers of inhaling soot from wood smoke, residents have more pressing concerns on their minds such as the immediate risk of freezing when the mercury plunges.”

Do you support the EPA’s wood stove ban?

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  1. The bottom line is that we who live off-grid or WANT to live off-grid are fed up with being dependent upon electricity / gas / propane / water utilities, and paying ever increasing fees for these services. When people get laid off, and can’t PAY for these utilities, the utility companies cut them off and place them in life-threatening situations. The LIBERAL solution would be for these people to be forced onto the welfare rolls, and in public housing gulags, and made dependent upon the government. We don’t NEED this, and don’t WANT it. Hell, our grandparents, great-grandparents, etc.. didn’t have to worry about this. The real issue is CONTROL by these leftist bumblefucks who HATE for anyone to be INDEPENDENT from “systems” we are forced to pay out the a** for. They won’t stop until they control EVERY single aspect of our lives. FREEDOM is a dirty word to liberal fucktwits.

    • Wolf, so you’re saying it’s the liberals fault? What a complete ignorant shithead! Please tell me what the short term /long term solution to your stated situation would be by Right Wing Extremists?????

      • Joan, YOU are the ignorant sh*thead here. There is NOT a problem; thus there is no solution required! Get your head out of your TV and go outside for a change. Not withstanding his (or your) choice of vocabulary, Wolf is the one here with superior intelligence if you believe for one second that the Liberals and their absolutely backwards thinking, detrimental agenda are not behind this.



          • If liberal ideas are so good why must they be enforced by law? I mean come on, if the newer stoves are so good, why aren’t people changing to them because they are better? There are some areas where if you even proposed a law like this, they would run you out of town.

            Of course liberals always end up name calling, because they have no real facts to back up their ideas.

          • Yup, as long as people vote Democrat, this is what you’ll get, more laws, more regulations, and more people with potty-mouth.

          • Anyone who types in all caps to make their point because they have no way of supporting their argument otherwise is a “STUPID FUCKED IN THE HEAD CUNT.”

          • SCOMP

            Your kind respectful and courteous response is certainly exacerbated by your magnificent way of using the English language to prove your point. Your post and response certainly depict your intelligence and education. SHOUTING CERTAINLY ADDS TO THIS EVIDENCE!

          • Liberals are vile. ALWAYS, liberals are vile. Just read your response for a prime example of how vile you and those like you are. Always.

          • James Brandenstein

            I don’t suppose you can make a remark without profanity ?

          • Scomp threatening to shoot anyone that smokes out his house kinda takes him out of the “typical” libtard niche and puts him in a much more elite class of libtard. The “of course it’s ok for me to have a gun, just not you” class with Nancy Pelosi and her type.
            The EPA’s job is to steer money from one place to another. Much the way they have made painting an aging car cost more than the car is worth so you spend your money on a new car.

          • scomp, looking at your grammar, you need to reconsider calling others “ignorant” and “stupid” when you can’t even write a decent sentence. Just another example proving that Liberalism is a mental disorder. Thanks to Dr. Savage for coining that phrase.

      • Boy, not only are you libs so much smarter than us conservatives, but your manners and etiquette is superior as well! Funny how quick you “intellects” jump every time a climate alarmist/socialist says so, no actual data or proof needed. “Save me from myself!”, the undying mantra.
        Conservatives would prefer that people are allowed to fend for themselves rather than be required to bow to the almighty alter of progressivism every time they have to wipe their…….. Damn, conservativism is EVIL! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! You people are pathetic on a cartoonish scale.

        • This liberal has no other heat besides wood. Consider this. The GOP has gutted the EPA’s ability to go after big oil, coal, natural gas and lakes and rivers and ground water is rendered useless, the soil is dead and big business gets nothing but a slap on the wrist and permitted to carry on as if nothing happened. Look at the oil fields in N Dakota. Fire water out of the tap all thru the midwest. West Virginia’s water supply is undrinkable for the coal ash and other chems dumped in the rivers. The company that proudly brought you the gulf oil disaster was granted the right to go back to work on American soil. Another major spill that they covered up and underplayed. The EPA doesn’t have the resources to manage the real criminals, so they go after the individual depending on wood. They pass and enforce a law that takes the little guy’s heating supply out of the picture, forcing the little guy to go back on the grid and heat with…. natural gas, electricity generated by?? natural gas/hydro/coal fire… hmmm… now who is that supporting but corporations who are already destroying the environment and killing thousands with their pollutants and dancing all the way to the bank.

      • It is the liberals fault, clearly. The EPA has become a corrupt arm of the Democrat party. Their policies have done nothing but damage the country for the last twenty years. Get out of your air-conditioned California home and try living in Alaska paying 600 bucks a month for heating. Guess what? That heat comes from oil, not electricity magically created by farting fairies.

      • The EPA is a prime example of liberal government run amuck. The EPA has been granted the ability to issue rules and regulations with any public input. These types of actions used to be within the authority of the Legislature. This agency should have been eliminated back when.

        • they have wood stoves with catalytic converters that are quite clean but they cost more.
          We should get rid of the EPA and let the states an localities control pollution because they know what is needed better than the federal bureaucrats.

          • I grew up in Toledo, Ohio in the late 50’s & early 60’s. The Maumee River was unsafe to even water ski in. The lake trout in the Great Lakes almost always had tumors. EPA did a lot to clean up lakes and rivers.

            Sadly, if a little is good, a lot must be better…

            Like most government programs, they have gone too far and with current proposals, will now control waters that cannot be navigated which includes mud puddles.

      • Leave it to liberal left wing extremists to make a microscopic issue into a mountain. The war on self reliance is to further impoverish people into government dependency. They use catchy phrases like “clean coal” and “green energy” to con low information voters into thinking that liberals really care about their well being. This is about control of people. Putting us into a box with rules imposed by unelected shills of card carrying communists. Fireplaces are as old as the pyramids and wood fires for heating and cooking date back to the beginning of time. How did we ever survive so long as a civilization without liberal idiots saving us from our individual liberty to decide what is best? Just save me from liberal idiots. They are not just a threat to my health, but force me to consider that removing liberal shills from the planet might save more humans from their “caring”.

      • The EPA is an unregulated agency with no oversite that make regulations legally which most of the time do far more damage than good. It is liberal always has been and always will. Several years ago the director of the EPA said he would make the agency more feared than the IRS, and he was successful. 99% of the people in this country do not know what is coming for them, but they will find out when the “transformation” is complete. As the king said during the campaign, “we will fundamentaly change this country”. The progressives do these little steps over decades to transform a society.

        • The EPA hasn’t always been liberal… in theory. The EPA was proposed by and created by Richard Nixon, not quite a pillar of the Democrat’s party/platofrms

        • Remember the liberals believe like frosty the snowman you got put one foot in front of the other to reach your goal to kill an independent thinking person.

      • To just leaves us alone.

      • Wolf is dead right.

      • joan, \

        i can really tell what type of person you are by your reply, you must be single if not you can give your husband my sympathies.
        why should the epa have the right to tell a individual he cannot heat his house, a lot of the houses around here burn wood, but most houses are hundreds of yds or more apart. i peronally use two pellet stoves to heat the house as it is 44oo sq ft and oil would be pretty pricey plus the fact that it would contribute far more carbon than wood does, even the power plant three cities over burn wood/biomass for power

      • The solution is to remove the liberals and the extremists by any and all means necessary to promote common sense

    • Bless your heart! Calling names is certainly no way to make friends or influence people. When folks resort to calling names their argument has been rendered invalid. It’s got to be tough to live in your angry, misguided world…

    • I was beginning to see your point until you began to resort to stereotypes by using outworn labels that have no meaning…”LIBERAL solution?”. At that point it became apparent that you aren’t really into solving problems but in spreading ideological, political talking points. If you want to credibly reason with someone about an issue you feel strongly about then avoid the name calling.





      • I take it you and your sister are related in more than one way? Or were you just dropped on your head a few times too many?

        And if your simple mind thinks wood is evil you really need to find you a third grader to help you look up what coal does to the entire planet and every living thing on it. Wood is amazingly clean compared to coal. As we are all sure your simple mind doesn’t know, coal makes most of the e·lec·tric·i·ty (I really tried to avoid BIG words, but I really needed to use that one, I’m sorry if it caused you problems)you use to heat your trailer.

        Oh, and please tell your aunt mama and uncle daddy I said hello.

      • Hahaha! Are you 6?

      • Hey guys,
        Sorry, I had my morning coffee and had to go take a scomp, did I miss anything?

      • Scomp I am pretty sure your family tree does not fork now does it!!

    • As long as people vote Democrat, this is what we’ll get. . . . more laws, more regulations!

    • I’m sorry, but it doesn’t take a third of a brain to see that this outlawing is most likely being pushed by oil companies, who are sick and scared of losing customers/cash to those who choose to heat their homes independently- i.e. with wood from their own lots. Most of these big oil companies are run and led by Republican standards, keep in mind, so enough with the “its the liberals, its the liberals!” finger pointing. I’m a Republican by the way….but tending to side less and less with their ways and spin doctoring. Politics aside, I heat my house with wood, and very carefully and responsibly, so either way you slice it, this law is going to hurt my family. They want us to heat with oil? Well, that’s pollutes a hell of a lot, and unlike wood, it isn’t a renewable resource. If only some of you took the time you spend typing and hating, and actually did something productive to make a change.

      • Why in the world would an oil and gas company waste their time with this kind of needless legislation? Trust me they aren’t worried about a few thousand peoplein the northern boonies who choose to heat their homes with wood burning stoves. Their profit margins aren’t suffering because of them. Once again this type of legislation is proposed by people that don’t understand what liberty is and have too much free time and no forethought. How sad. Definitely a nosy neighbor kind of liberal legislation. I am sorry but you are very wrong about who is “behind this”. No offense to anyone who uses these stoves either, I just need to make my point.

    • I just checked some websites and they are still selling the old style cast iron wood burning stoves. As a matter of one of them was being advertised as epa exempt.

    • Then they should also prohibit Automobiles because polution from them is more dangerous to the health.

    • LMFAO! Good luck enforcing that one!

    • Bingo! It’s not really just the Liberals at fault however. This is being done by a fascist progressive corporatocracy that has hijacked both sides who need to spend-spend-spend to stay in power. And the people who spout off about the right wing being the alternative have had their brains hijacked by mass marketed propaganda from the MSM and politicans. There are actually other choices. Oh wait, I forgot, if you’re not far right or far left you’re some kind of nutcase or crackpot!! And then there is the UN Agenda 21 at work here through all of our federal, state, and local “sustainability” projects. Their goal is to make it so difficult for people to live the rural life that they can herd everyone into cities where they can control our food, water, power, travel, and everything we do, as well as monitor and spy on everything we do, as well as get as many of us as possible dependent on their system and supplies. This is classic centralization of power through fascism. They make no bones about this on Agenda 21’s own website. It’s spelled out in black and white.

    • I have been off grid for 13 years in Newmarket, Ontario! Never worry about having anything turned off or being without heat, electricity or food. And Joan is nothing more than bum fluff. Don’t forget to use your ashes to melt snow, in the garden and to cook soap out of it. Oh and the women who are really into it, can compress the carbon and wear it on their fingers.

    • WHOA ! wood burning stoves don’t polute at all like cars . Maybe we should ban Automobiles first , they are ALOT WORSE than stoves. Let’s go back to the horse and buggy days . Honestly Government get yourself together !!!

    • It’s about people’s health, Idiot! If you can keep YOUR smoke INSIDE your house, go for it. But, once it’s in the neighborhood it’s in MY AIRSPACE as well as yours. Unfortunately, I have severe asthma and have to sleep sitting up in the winter because of selfish FOOLS like YOU! But, hey you’re typical GOP, ZERO compassion except for YOURSELF! Keep your wood smoke to YOURSELF, JERK OFF!

      • Heart Attack waiting to happen

        I agree with Vicious V. We are unable to breathe in our own home. Husband has coronary artery disease. He is coughing all the time now. We have put plastic in all our windows to keep the smoke from a wood burning stove neighbor. This is a subdivision, not the woods. No consideration, except for himself. He has gas heat, he has electricity, he has money to pay for all, yet he wants to smoke us out of our home. WE CAN’T BREATHE — but that doesn’t matter.

        • Dude please shut your stupid little uneducated mouth! It sounds to me like you are a screwed in the head pot smoker that never graduated Highschool! Who give a crap if we “country folk” burn wood! This is all about the stupid liberal government wanting more control and completely destroying the meaning “Freedom,” which is supposedly what our country is supposed to be about! And if you don’t like living with neighbors that do “burn wood” then freaking move!

        • Natural Wisdom

          You Tube it: “60 minutes sugar is toxic” I don’ t believe a single second of these last two postings. Check what you are putting in your own environment before trying to take over others.

    • Nixon started the EPA at a time when it was important to do so.He could not have foreseen the weaponization of ALL regulatory bodies under this president.

    • Your absolutely right and communists, socialists and fascists have taken over our nation.

    • What right do you imagine you have to foul the air that everyone else has to breathe? I’m guessing if you had a neighbor who played their stereo loud at all hours you’d be quick to claim that they were infringing on your rights.

      Right wingers seldom seem to grasp the fact that one person’s right to freely swing their fist around ends where someone else’s nose begins. They don’t seem to grasp that there’s a difference between social responsibilities and socialism.

      • Time out, Jeff…The way to approach the problem of a neighbor so close to you that his smoke (or loud music) bothers you is to knock on his door and discuss the situation and arrive at an equitable solution, not to pass blanket laws that step on the rights of all…. Most people who use wood heat live in isolation and impose their smoke on no one else…Why is it the bleeding heart Libs always use the BigBrother solutions instead of the humanistic approach?

    • The on ly good progressive/liberal is a dead one, they make great fertilizer

    • Wolf, you hit the nail smack on the head. You tell it straight and to the point.

    • I agree with Wolf….

  2. Just out of curiosity, to all those who swear that the EPA is doing their job and making our lives cleaner and healthier by banning the burning of wood, especially to those who have cited actual and factual scientific studies with REAL data to prove these problems, can anyone explain to me why the very same agency supposed to protect us can APPROVE the usage of a herbicide that contains a key ingredient found in AGENT ORANGE? When the birth defects start increasing are you all going to blame the wood burning stoves and say we should have made the ban tighter?

    • I have heated with a wood stove that was EPA approved 10 yrs ago and I will continue to do so. I am so sick of all this crap. When are they going to worry about something important like 17 trillion in debt??????????????



        • I’m sorry, I am no hippie, and a wood stove is all that I have to heat my home. I have property covered with trees, and the only cost to me is the gasoline to cut it down and split it. I am not going to go out and buy a new stove when mine has worked fine for 36 years. And please clean up your vile language.

          • I agree. You shouldn’t have to go out an buy a new stove. The EPA agrees that would silly too. However, when it comes time to upgrade the stove, you will be able to purchase a new one that puts out less pollution, AND burns less wood for the same amount of home heating.

            If you have really cheap wood, then the ROI for a new more efficient stove probably wouldn’t be worth it. However, someone else that buys wood, they might upgrade sooner and eventually save some money overall. How is that a bad thing again?

          • Anthony, if it’s a better product the market will decide, and the old models will die out. The government has no business dictating to us, their employers.

        • Hey Scomp,
          I bet your one of those suburban dwelling fucktards that probably could not find his ass with both hands if the electric grid went down. Out here in the country we dont need any federal fuck heads sticking their nose in our buisness. I will continue to burn wood like I have for years even after the grid goes down to keep my family warm and cook our meals no matter what the fuck the EPA says. Unfortunatley jackasses like you will probably starve to death once the grocery store is out of expresso!

        • I suggest you quit driving your car and shut off your power if you are so concerned about cancer.. And dont drink the water either.. You are just another uneducated uninformed halfwit..And get off your phone and pc also. Producing them might be causing your cancer scare also..

        • Wow. People that use wood stoves are now hippies? Now I really have seen it all. I don’t think my father could have gone any further right and he loved his wood stove. Seeing as George W Bush likes chopping wood I’ve got an inkling he enjoys a good fire himself.

        • My aren’t you an educated idiot. You have no facts. Fuck off and go back to class. Your 3rd grade education and social skills are shining. You don’t know shit. Your mommy probably pays your heating bills. Or the tax payers. Did anyone tell you that smoking crack is hazardous to your health? So is my firewood when I shove it up your smoking ugly ass.

          • Educated? This is educated? The man can’t even write a coherent sentence! This may be what passes for education in the projects, but I’d hardly call it educated. Love the smell of woodsmoke on a cold clear morning!

        • I can’t WAIT for your free s*hit to run out Scomp and you wind up in a FEMA camp, TARD.

        • scompsworstnightmare

          Do you feel okay inside your own skin… do you say those kinds of vile things to yourself while you look in the mirrror as well? Your just a really nice little excuse for a human being that hates themselves. Talk about air quality! Your breathing air that someone else could benefit from. Why don’t you go climb back into the hole or back under the rock you crawled out of. Your ignorance precedes you. Ignorance, the number one killer in the world! I will not resort to using nasty words…your’e not worth it!

        • Well I am a hippie I guess and a warm one. We were poor growing up and wood heat was all the we had. I have always had wood heat in my home. Wood smoke is NOT going to give you cancer. I don’t know where people come up with this crap. I’m beginning to think you work for the EPA!

          • Well yeah. Waiting on an ice storm right now and I’m not worried. We heat with wood and don’t put out much smoke, but then we’ve been doing it for a lifetime. A chump like scomp would make a stove puff like a coal burning locomotive, but not us.

      • yeah, well,wood has been around forever and as far as i,m concerned it better stay that way, alot of people do depend on it and frankly most of us love the smell of it! brings alot of good memories new stuff isn’t always better as you may have noticed our families and society as a whole really really1 has alot of problems! I work in a hospital and dispite what theyed like you to believe people aren:t living longer I see people dropping dead at young ages! and its not because of wood burning stoves! its because of all the stress in our lifes! parents aren’t home with their Kids there reaised by baby sitters, pkged food and bottleed water bec ause we can’t even drink our tap water anymore everything is focused on things! the point is we need to go back to simpliar times. when families spent time together, not playing vidio games . New isn’t always better. AS A nATION LETS CONCENTRATE ON WHATS REALLY IMPORTANT TO US AS A PEOPLE. THATS WORTH TALKING ABOUT. NOT WOOD STOVES/

    • Maybe Monsanto is paying the EPA to allow it.

    • Indeed. Or why this same EPA does not require fracking companies to comply with the Clean Air/Water Act?

    • Exactly!!!! What about all the chemtrails, blocking out the sun, polluting our air? Wood stoves are the least of our worries. EPA has been bought off…..folks need to open their eyes, and stop denying that fact.
      As long as people keep “complying” with the ridiculous regs….this will continue. Fireplace inserts are amazing….open fire places cause heat loss.

      Wood heat is great!!! The house doesn’t smell weird, providing the wood is well seasoned. Creosote stinks.
      People try to burn “green wood”, and it really smells bad, plus it’s dangerous, causing chimney fires.

  3. My proposed rocket stove will not be legal either, since it is not a manufactured stove…even though it will produce ONLY cool CO2 emissions. Too many alphabet soup federal, state and local agencies running around without constitutional backing.

    I’m sorry, but I will burn on, with my present Ashley and my future home-built rocket stove.


      • SCOMP you are not going to shoot anyone. You are showing your ignorance. You get more pollution from cows farting than wood burning stoves. I am sure in the project you live in they don’t heat with wood.

        • What, cow farts contain particulates!!!!!!!!!!!

          • I’m gonna help you out.
            He didn’t say particulates, he said pollution. There is more to pollution than JUST particulates. A lot of which are just as bad, and some a lot worse than particulates, especially those from wood.

      • Scomp needs to be removed from posting on this site. He has a filthy mouth and obviously no sense!

      • Troll troll troll—don’t feed the troll…comments can be used for productive conversation and spread of information-just don’t feed this obvious troll…

  4. Huh. By this logic, someone would have to be penalized when there are forest fires, as that’s not an approved use of fire and wood. Campgrounds would no longer allow campfires. Would the EPA prefer that those who rely on a combustible appliance to supply heat, to turn to coal?

    • No, Gin, they would rather you freeze to death…….

      • Yeah, you’re probably better off killing Democrats who have severe asthma with a really bad asthma attack or heart attack. But, you stay warm, Douche! Why give a crap about Democrats with asthma! When you’re a Republican it’s all about YOUR OWN convenience. It’s the party where the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many! Besides, Republicans don’t have asthma or have heart attacks! LOL

  5. Before everyone goes off the deep end, gets their knickers in a twist, or spreads misguided information … why not check the list and see if your wood stove made the cut? And then perhaps read a little more information on the subject. We all have a responsibility to do what we can to keep our air and water safe….government input or not…you should want to be compliant because it is the right thing to do.


    • Wood stoves are also supposed to be labeled if they are EPA compliant, so it might be easier to get on your knees with a flashlight and look for a metal label on the stove. It’s probably on the back side.

  6. Oh bull crap the government is coerced by big corporations namely oil and utility that want to make sure they are not missing out any viable victims. Yet they allow fracking and coal mining and oil harvesting on government protected lands. Little old John Q Public is not polluting the earth burning their wood stoves and fireplaces.

  7. The time of the EPA would be better spent on taking on the real environmental threats of big oil as well as forcing those who pollute to pay real penalties. But instead they choose the softer target that is Joe Public and in doing so take steps towards enslaving all of us to one utility company or another.

  8. Governments are like diapers; they must be changed often as possible, and for the same reasons.

  9. I posit that we stop using wood stoves AFTER they fix the radiation from Fukushima and fully end military Chemtrailing. If the damn EPA is so worried about particulate matter, then have the government of the USA also stop spraying COREXIT over the Gulf of Mexico and the coastal areas as well. We have bigger problems than wood burning stoves on this planet. Get out of our homes and look at what CORPORATIONS are doing first and foremost!!!




      • Seriously, Scomp, why is it you can’t seem to use any of the living brain cells in your head? All you’ve done is sat here and cursed in all caps for whatever reason, and not only will nobody listen to you, nobody is EVER going to listen to you. Frankly, I hope your neighbors start burning nothing but plastic, so maybe it will slowly suffocate out the few working brain cells that seem to remain in that empty hull you call a head. If THEIR smoke is getting in your house, shut the damn door and get windows that actually block out air. I’ve lived in homes that burned wood, between homes that burned wood while I was burning wood, and just about any other situation you can consider. guess what? Not once have I had a problem with smoke in my home. Aside from cigarettes, but that’s neither here nor there. Instead of being an incompetent, ignorant buffoon who sits yelling their opinion through a megaphone knowing nobody even acknowledges your existence (myself aside, apparently) and just fix your own problems, such as the fact that your windows are apparently funneling smoke directly from your neighbor’s chimney and into your throat?

        • Kat, I would guess, judging by Scomp’s behavior here that his neighbors probably ARE funneling smoke directly into his house. If he behaves like he does here, in his neighborhood, then I would assume that they are trying to get rid of him. He’s threatened to shoot anyone that smokes out his house, maybe they should take that for the terrorist threat that it is and have him arrested. Sad but true fact, every neighborhood has one.

      • If your house leaks that much air, that a neighbor’s wood smoke comes in, you have more problems than a wood stove next door…

  10. Just so you all know, the new EPA woodstove program does not ban the sale of stoves. Stoves that meet the standards can have EPA certified tags on them. Stoves that don’t just don’t get the tags, and you can still buy them anyway.

    And you can still make a woodstove out of an old ammunition can or oil drum.

    Remember, only Congress can create a new law, to be signed by the president. Government agencies only have authority to create regulations for the purpose of carrying out these laws, not to make new laws.

  11. Lets just hope that anyone with half a brain totally ignores this stupid stupid ruling. Time for us all en masse to be fighting back and stop this control over us.

  12. “Remember, only Congress can create a new law, to be signed by the president. Government agencies only have authority to create regulations for the purpose of carrying out these laws, not to make new laws.”

    Absolute tosh!

    The only laws that exists are natural laws. Man can make no laws. What you call law is criminal endeavour enforced by schoolyard bullies and assorted thickos. Grow up! Stop paying taxes…because your conscience demands it, stop buying unneeded products, and stop obeying this provably wrong nonsense. I pay no tax bar VAT, and thats dwindling, I sold my house, and I can’t ever serve these scum because if I’m alive they must be gone and if I’m dead then I still don’t serve them. Can’t lose!

    • Well said! someone who is awake and not slumbering. No one can confer a right if they don’t posses it themselves. Can I give you the right to kill? NO. Can I take a right and convert it to a privilege then tax you on it? NO.

      But the “US” can do anything they want with their property, and their property registers voluntarily without raising any objection. So against such there is no law or relief. He who consents is considered to agree. MAXIMS rule!


  13. really people? Do they really have standing to make such ruling anyway? I dare say not.

    Most people don’t realize they are living in the third dream state (INCEPTION) with Leonardo DiCaprio. The people are being put on NOTICE through the prophets. If you do not believe the Prophets foretell of things to come, then you are all idiots and deserve the government you currently have, and that one is going to kill you all because of EGO.

    This will be the 7th time (REVELATIONS) this has happened and they are very proficient at their JOB in removing the arrogant self righteous personalities from the face of the planet.. Some people call IT the “HANGMAN”, “GRIM REAPER”, HEADLESS HORSEMAN” among many others, but it all boils down to THEM creating lies that the “PUBLIC” (YOU) will fall for, and vote on. Once you vote (register) you become their property. ERGO no taxation without re-presentation. You are re-presented with representatives so they can tax you, and will tax you any time and any amount up to 100% of your earnings and there is nothing you can do about it.

    EXCEPT come out from among her! You are not of this world. merely passing through it. But for some reason your ego wont let you accept it and you some how think you can buy happiness and “possessions” so they can burden you with rent.

    study to show thyself approved…. or perish with the rest of them.

  14. EPA==the (criminal psychopathic) Elites Protection Agency…or, as Marge Simpson (in the Simpsons Movie) might say, “Epa…Epa!!!” And what was the name of the EPA guy in “Ghostbusters”?

    Being “liberal” has nothing to do with this (and stop your divide and conquer BS above…”liberals” aren’t the problem here, okay? it’s about power and control…since the EPA is in bed with MonSatan, do you really think they give a crap about the environment???

  15. Or, I’ll put it to you this way…how many “liberal” EPA agents with or without guns and that 16 million hollow point bullets they’ll get from DHS can the Obamanation hire and how fast can they run (with their MRAPS between their legs) will be able to withstand millions of armed rural folks in or out of the moutains or on back roads or forests–as well as mountain lions, bears, pit bulls, jaguars, wolves, coyotes…because underneath it all, these folks are nothing but cowards…and the only reason the EPA has done this is because the high up mucky mucks have lots of stock in “compliants” wood stove companies…Guys, it’s all about the money. Power, control, and money.



      • Remain silent and people may think you a fool. Speak up and you may remove all doubt.










          • You against the world, Scomp. Not only are we all smarter than you, but we’re going to outlive you too. But at least your house is INSULAYTED GGOOD

          • Hey dumbass when the revolution starts it may be winter and the electrical grid down. What ever you do don’t burn any wood to stay warm. And don’t expect any of us wood burners to save your ass. Freeze your balls off and starve to death.

        • chellethesouthernbelle

          I think you’ve got his number ;)

  16. OK, let’s put aside the intellects who prove so eliquently by calling anyone who disagrees with them c*nt and uses the F word every 5 sec. and think about this logically. We have a government who is clearly dead set on making sure that the cost of energy of every form go through the roof. Now there seems to be a concerted effort to attack anyone who is trying to do what they need to do to heat their homes, make ends meet and generally be more self reliant. Self reliance seems very much so to be on the chopping block here. Whether the self proclaimed intellects who worship at the alter of progressivism want to acknowledge it or not, I don’t think it takes rocket science to see where this is headed.




    • Bingo. There are places now too where collecting rainwater is illegal, where you can’t have a vegetable garden in your front yard, where the keeping of livestock is prohibited, not to mention all the recent attacks on gun ownership. Anyone with eyes and functioning brain cells can see what it really going on.

  17. Just remember to print several hard copies of the new EPA regulations to use for kindling.
    “The best way to get rid of a bad law is to rigorously enforce it.” – Abraham Lincoln

  18. Screw the feds!!!!!! screw the EPA

  19. so scomp have you ever had a good wood burning stove in your house? and if you did did you use it correctly. Because anybody who has used one correctly knows it wont smoke up your house thats what pipes are for duh. If it does smoke up your house you dont have it hooked right or something wrong. so you get your facts straight. If you ever used one for heating and cooking. The government wants to contraol everone as much as possible and that is what this is all about.








      • You should really learn how to apply Alinksky Rule #5 in a proper manner. Perhaps you mother, when she brings your supper down to you, could show you? Please ask her to include the proper use of CAPS in a written conversation.

        As rabid as you portray yourself concerning the evils of pollution would you describe for us the totally non-polluting energy sources you use to deliver your diatribe here? Then expand and describe for us the non-polluting methods used to raise and deliver the food you eat, clothes you wear, the computer you use, the management of your bodily waste and, lastly how you breath without emitting CO2, a known pollutant.

        Also would you mind sharing with us how you arrived at the number of deaths you attribute to burning wood? Other than citing some “scientist” like the Gorical that pulled the numbers from a Southern body orifice of a mule walking North.

        Blessed be and calm down before you pop a blood vessel.

  20. Grab a mask scomp ! Your neighbors just stuffed a tire in their stove!!!

  21. LOL. Look at all those bad mouthed, greedy energy policy trolls in two dollar shop lab coats pretending to be preaching science. Ha! Shock economics might be your interpretation of a science, but to those properly educated it’s just sad. These trolls actually think they’re the smart ones… “woodsmoke is dangerous ooooo…ooo..oo” – rubbish!! John Beale and Robert Brenner’s deranged endangerment finding lackies. The EPA’s endangerment finding is the rubbish, and you guys are natural gas and electricity salesman abusing everyone with faith-based marketing collectivism. If these twits could actually achieve their goals, then shame on the intelligent. Stop them!

  22. I squarely blame the enviro wackos that cleaned our air and water by moving all manufacturing to China,India,Indonesia,SE Asia.Guess what, the air and water around the world is massively polluted by these industrial countries that have no EPA police state laws.Instead of keeping manufacturing her in the USA where we could monitor and create new technologies to deal with said pollution, we have no control over it. Great job EPA and their enviro wacko attorney friends! When you turn the world upside down ,everything falls out….

  23. I recently would not leave your internet site prior to advising we very liked the regular information any person offer for your family and friends? Is actually destined to be backside continually to be able to check out innovative blogposts

  24. Okay, come clean Scomp. You obviously are a conservative trying to make liberals look bad. Nobody could be such a moron as you. Quit the charade.

  25. So the govt thugs are going after American consumers and homeowners for the family woodstove while Corps can continue to pollute all they want, and get govt welfare? And people wonder why so many Americans want smaller govt??

  26. This whole line of thought about smoking up the neighborhood is bogus. Smoke is hot air and it rises. Next they will be after our BarBQ pits. Close the EPA!

  27. Oh I said I wouldn’t come on this site again.
    Here are the facts.
    In many areas, wood burning is the largest single source of particle pollution in winter months.

    But what about toxic compounds?

    A recent study by the Australian EPA sheds some light on this topic, and it’s an eye opener. For example, look at formaldehyde, which is a potent irritant and carcinogen. The study found that in the Sydney region, 38% of the formaldehyde in the air is generated by residential wood heaters.

    Another example is polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), which also cause cancer: 35% comes from wood burning.

    Perhaps most frightening is the data for dioxins and furans, which are some of the most toxic compounds known to man–39% is generated by wood burning.

    These numbers are even more troubling when you consider that they are annual figures and that wood burning in the Sydney area takes place for only about a third of the year. During the winter months, residential wood heaters likely account for more than 50% of these toxic compounds in the air.

    Before you breathe a sigh of relief that you are not living Down Under, bear in mind that wood burning activity in the Sydney area is not any worse than in many areas in the United States and around the globe.

    • Pete, I question your information. Could we have some sources please.

      Wood burning in the Sydney region is bugger all, the bushfires probably caused all the smoke, as you no doubt have found out in the last month.

      Now I realise that many people in Oz burn wood because the cost of electricty has gone out of control (I probably pay 4 times more in Oz than I do for the same amount in the US) but in the US, many have no alternative but to use the the cheaper heating option, wood burning. There in no $14+ minimum wage here, no decent social security, and what there is the GOP is trying to cut, and the f…. (flaming) conservatives with their reckless actions that caused the GFC made sure that (a) they got richer and (b) the poor got poorer.

      Now, while I am at it, just been to Port Arthur, you know, where in 1996 that shooter in with intellectual disabilities killed 35 and wounded about 20. And what did the Aussies do, well here’s what

      “Under federal government co-ordination, all states and territories of Australia banned and heavily restricted the legal ownership and use of self-loading rifles, self-loading and pump-action shotguns, and heavily tightened controls on their legal use”

      The end result, they have had NO, that’s right, NO similar type of mass shooting since. So, what did the US legislature do after the 1999 Columbine massacre (13 dead, 21 injured), basically NOTHING, yes, NOTHING, thanks to both you libs and conservatives, and the result :-

      Dec. 14, 2012: fatally shot 20 children and six adult staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. Earlier, he had killed his mother Nancy at their Newtown home.

      Dec. 11, 2012: killed two people and himself with a stolen rifle in Clackamas Town Center, Oregon. His motive is unknown.

      Sept. 27, 2012: Five were shot to death at Accent Signage Systems in Minneapolis, Minn. Shooter ended up killing himself in the rampage over losing his job.

      Aug. 5, 2012: Six Sikh temple members were killed when 40-year-old Army veteran opened fire in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

      July 20, 2012: During the midnight premiere of “The Dark Knight Rises” in Aurora, Colo., killed 12 people and wounded 58.

      May 29, 2012: opened fire on Cafe Racer Espresso in Seattle, Wash., killing five and himself after a citywide manhunt.

      April 6, 2012: shot five black men in Tulsa, Okla., in racially motivated shooting spree. Three died.

      April 2, 2012: A former student killed seven people at Oikos University, a Korean Christian college in Oakland, Calif.

      Feb. 27, 2012: Three students were killed in a rampage at Chardon High School in Ohio.

      Oct. 14, 2011: Eight people died shot up the Salon Meritage hair salon in Seal Beach, Calif.

      Sept. 6, 2011: entered an IHOP restaurant in Carson City, Nev. and shot 12 people. Five died.

      Jan. 8, 2011: opened fire at a Safeway market in Tucson, Ariz. Six people died, and then-Rep. Gabby Giffords was badly injured.

      Aug. 3, 2010: , gunned down Hartford Beer Distributor in Manchester, Conn. after getting caught stealing beer. Nine were killed, including Thornton.

      Nov. 5, 2009: Forty-three people were shot at the Fort Hood army base in Texas. Thirteen were killed and 29 were wounded.

      April 3, 2009: opened fire at an immigration center in upstate Binghamton before committing suicide. He killed 13 people and wounded 4.

      March 29, 2009: Eight people died in a shooting at the Pinelake Health and Rehab nursing home in Carthage, N.C. The gunman was targeting his estranged wife.

      Feb. 14, 2008: opened fire in a lecture hall at Northern Illinois University, killing six and wounding 21.

      Feb. 7, 2008: Six people died and two were injured in a shooting spree at the City Hall in Kirkwood, Missouri. The gunman opened fire during a public meeting after being denied construction contracts he believed he deserved. Thornton was killed by police.

      Dec. 5, 2007: , shot up a department store in Omaha, Neb. Hawkins killed nine people and wounded four before killing himself.

      April 16, 2007: Virginia Tech became the site of the deadliest school shooting in U.S. history when a student, gunned down 56 people. Thirty-two people died.

      Feb. 12, 2007: Five people were shot to death in Salt Lake City

      Oct. 2, 2006: An Amish schoolhouse in Lancaster, Penn. was gunned down who separated the students by gender before killing five girls.
      March 25, 2006: Seven died and two were injured in a shooting spree through Seattle, Wash.

      March 21, 2005: Teenager killed his grandfather and his grandfather’s girlfriend before opening fire on Red Lake Senior High School, killing nine people on campus, plus himself.

      March 12, 2005: a member of the Living Church of God, shot up a service at a hotel in Brookfield, Wisc. killed himself after executing the pastor, the pastor’s 16-year-old son, and seven others.

      July 8, 2003: shot up a Lockheed plant in Meridian, Miss. in a racially motivated rampage, killing seven before taking his own life.

      Dec. 26, 2000: Edgewater Technology employee shot and killed seven of his coworkers at the office in Wakefield, Mass. Claimed he had “traveled back in time and killed Hitler and the last six Nazis.”

      Sept. 15, 1999: opened fire on a Christian rock concert and teen prayer rally in Fort Worth, Tex. He killed seven people and wounded seven others, almost all teenagers.

      July 29, 1999: murdered his wife and two children with a hammer before shooting up two Atlanta day trading firms. He killed 12 including his family and injured 13 before killing himself.

      The results speak for themselves, Australia has had no more massacres, the people use the vote to “SAVE” themselves from any government excesses, hunters can still go hunting game. Need say no more, you yanks can do some things right, but gun control AINT IT.

      • Thanks Tim for the summary of gun violence in America since 1999. To recap your information, there were:

        2 incidents in 1999
        1 incident in 2000
        0 incidents in 2001
        0 incidents in 2002
        1 incident in 2003
        0 incidents in 2004
        2 incidents in 2005
        2 incidents in 2006
        3 incidents in 2007
        2 incidents in 2008
        3 incidents in 2009
        1 incident in 2010
        3 incidents in 2011 and
        9 incidents in 2012

        Note that all these incidents have ocurred in a country that has 321,000,000 inhabitants.

        While I certainly agree that one death per year to violence by any means is too much, we need to place these statistics in perspective. However, these statistics do not expose the relationship between prescription drug use and the resulting violent deaths. Many of these deaths involved folks who were on anti-depressants and there is hardly any effort to curb their use, or monitor these individual’s access to guns. We also need to consider that many more deaths have been caused by other means, such as clubs, knives and fists than by guns in America, according to our own FBI stats.

        While you folks in Oz land may feel comfortable with your current rulers, we Americans have in the past and still continue to be vary wary of the efforts of a large number of dedicated progressive zealots, that are totally committed and consumed with “transforming” America into their vision of a socialist “Nanny State”, or worst into a fascist police state. This trend is very disturbing to many Americans and has been accelerating at a rapid pace in the last decade or so, and has prompted folks to prepare accordingly. Add the racial component, with a growing trend of Black upon White murder, and real possibility of an open race war; the desire of many Americans to defend themselves against any number of possibilities is very understandable in this country, while perhaps not understood in far away peaceful Liberal paradises like your own country.

        While Australia and England, and many European countries seem to be quite comfortable with socialism, extensive state controls, and their addictive welfare “nanny” states, many Americans still believe and hope for the re-establishment of smaller, less intrusive government, individual responsibility and the strengthening of free market economic concepts.

        These types of freedoms have historically not been generously bestowed upon its citizens by the state; but, rather have been demanded and won by Patriots willing to fight for these rights by any means necessary. In our modern world of Predator Drones and massive weaponry possed by the State forces, clubs, pitchforks, and Flintlocks just won’t do the job anymore Tim.

        • Walt, assuming that 50 people knew each person who died, that’s 13,000 Americans who agree with you that those killings deaths was just collateral damage, as you see it.
          I thought America was a democratic country, you know, lawmakers elected by the people, if you don’t like the way they do it, vote them out.
          Guess not.
          Have a nice day, I will have a better one, I don’t have to look behind me all the time.

          • No, we are not a democracy, in America.
            We are a Constitutional Republic, and the bulk of Americans)if we were a democracy) would see to it, that less gun laws were on the books.
            There are an estimated 140 million plus gun owners in America(and climbing due to the current administration)and over all crime has decreased 45% since 1992…

      • first of all guns dont kill people ….people kill people if they didnt have guns then they would just find other ways

        2nd now that your so proud that your goverment banned your guns…. what will you all do when the goverment fails and u are invaded by another country (i guess you will have to just put your head between ur legs and kiss ur ass goodby)

        every cant b punished by the actions of a few

        the reason we have the right to bear arms is so (WE THE PEOPLE ) can defend ourselves from an opressive goverment .

        (remember the revolutionary war ) thats the MAIN reason our forefathers gave us (WE THE PEOPLE ) the 4th amendent in the 1st place so it could never happen again.

        so its ur right not to own one but im keeping mine

        (that is if u are an american)

    • Yet until the 20th century, cancer was a rare disease. In fact, I had a friend who died a couple of years ago. Her father was a mortician in Ohio. He rarely saw cancer in his business, up to 1940. She said that when her dad did see cancer he commented on it, because it was so unusual. Yet everyone cooked with wood, heated with wood, smoked with wood. Its amazing that they didn’t all have cancer, according to you and scomp! Perhaps they didn’t because man and fire are natural allies. You may as well say, don’t eat, don’t drink, and don’t go to the bathroom!

  28. It’s easy to tell by the foul-mouthed comments which of you people are liberals. It’s not hard to tell at all.
    That is what people with no class what so ever and no argument do. Plain and simple.


  30. scomp, I was wrong. The kids next door aren’t putting a tire in the stove, they just rolled up some old inner tubes and put them in the fire. Nothing to worry about.

  31. i think the epa should go get face fucked, all you liberal shithead obama voters should also get face fucked, all us conservative republicans should move to texas and form a new america . fuck all you assholes i hope one day you all freeze to death as for me ill burn wood till im good and ready to stop.

    • I think you are suggesting that the EPA gets a “Clinton” Isn’t that a goody goody, I thought you hate the EPA. Please, all you Repubs, please, do as he says, move to Texas, ya won’t last but at least the rest of us will have some sane peace around us.

  32. This is all about gaining as much control over people as possible. I hope all the morons who voted for Obama are happy to see you freedoms being attacked by you savior and his friends.

  33. James Brandenstein

    Most people won’t get financial aid , or just cannot afford to replace their stoves . What is the alternate solution for those people during a Bitter Cold Winter ?

  34. My question is this: Where does the EPA get its computer model program? Has anyone in government scrutinized the program for flaws in its analysis? For instance, does the computer program take into effect that smoke is affected by winds? That smoke particulates would be carried in all directions including up in the air to eventually become a basis for raindrops which when rain falls cleans the air and then the dirty water is filtered by the earth and is rained into the sea and becomes eventually part of dirt/earth once again. It’s biodegradable. I can think of a lot more dangerous particles being dumped in my breathing area besides smoke. Like, chemtrails being dumped on us by nefarious jets (as opposed to contrails), full of aluminum, barium, and Morgellon’s disease!!

  35. fuck the EPA, the federal government, and the horse they rode in on. when the civil war starts I don’t think the EPA will be around to check stoves for the love of God. what a joke

  36. For the record, the EPA banned the sale and production of NEW heaters that harm people and the environment. It’s not something that bans, or limits, what we already have. Clearly the Tara Dodrill either cannot read or wanted to start some anti-government crap.

    From the EPA:
    “The draft revisions, which are soon to be proposed, would apply to new heaters ONLY and would not apply to existing wood stoves and other wood heaters installed in peoples’ homes. ”

    The word “ONLY” was bolded and the word “not” was underlined.

    P.S.- “The draft revisions, which are soon to be proposed” means they haven’t finalized the paper yet, nor have they submitted it for a vote.

    • Good one Sudsy. In one fell swoop you have destroyed about 90% of all the arguments above. I love ya (in a brotherly fashion mind you). However, you have now left all these degenerates nothing to complain about, shame on you -:)

    • That is very good news for many people who upset and worried about the stoves currently in their homes. I think they were very worried they would become illegal. I thought the same thing from the way everyone was talking.

  37. Thanks, SudsyUncle. The angry panic-mongers here may hate you, but I find your steady hand and intellectual prowess most desirable!

    To anyone possessing, at minimum, what I refer to as a “room-temperature IQ”, it must be apparent that those of us living in the world’s developed, and quickly developing regions, must do away with our current standards of living regarding energy consumption. We can either do so voluntarily, or, as will most likely be the case, scream and wail as all vestiges of ease and familiarity are ripped from our cold and trembling hands.

    Certainly, we as individuals can reduce our consumption of, and reliance on, mass-market energy and food resources, we can use our personal resources wisely, we can share our knowledge and build the community of concerned and actively engaged individuals. However, as long as we live in a system which relies on infinite economic growth driven by consumerism, and which is ruled by a governmental system beholden to corporate giants and disinterested in its citizenry, we will continue down the path to self-destruction, and take the entire planet with us.

    This is not about left vs. right, excepting that so many of us have fallen into the morass of divisive, antagonistic public discourse. After all, Democrats and Republicans alike need clean air and water, safe food and shelter, adequate education, medical services, communication and public safety. Yet, we allow ourselves to be waylaid by fringe issues that are loudly trumpeted through the mass media by those at the outer edges of our society. Who will win? No one who is engaged in this mock battle fed by opinion and paranoia; like rams with horns locked, our struggle to “win” will only hasten our demise.

    The EPA wants to improve efficiency standards for wood stoves that are ommercially manufactured for availability to the consumer market. Fine with me. I wonder what they’re doing this week about fracking fluids and the drinking water supply? About factory farm run-off and toxic blooms of blue-green algae in our public waterways? Are we equally enraged about their approval of yet another round of persistent herbicides, fungicides and pesticides that are killing our precious bees? When was the last time you heard about an oil spill on American soil? I can guarantee you it was not the most recent spill that occurred. We would be horrified if the news reported the reality of the human condition, the reality of our impact, the reality of the system which we depend on in order to survive. (For those of you who just hollered “I don’t depend on nobody or nothing!”; If you are saying that from the further reaches of an off-the-grid shelter in a boundless stretch of untouched Wilderness, you’re right, and I stand humbled before your skills and grit. Everybody else, STFU.)

    On the other hand, it much less painful to bitch about the demise of old stinky inefficient wood stoves. Besides, they offer a fitting metaphor. Like most comments, on most subjects, a on most days, they shed more heat than light.

  38. Look folks this is not a Liberal issue any more than it is a right wing issue. It is a government and corporation issue. Both sides of the political coin are in bed with major corporations. These same corporations are buying up water rights, are heavily invested in hydrocarbon fuels, and want nothing more than to put off the grid folks back onto the list of consumers. The thing that is needed most is to wake up to the fact that our government has been bought and paid for. It is the corporate lords like the ones of the East India Trading Co. of old that we must control. The smartest way to do that is to take back your government from the corporate right wingers and from the police state far leftists.

  39. In Finland, outside of big cities, many homes are heated with wood. Many of the wood burning stoves are very old. It’s always been this way and it continues to be this way. It isn’t a problem here yet is a cause for people to lose their minds in the USA. It doesn’t make sense.
    Enjoy the new better burning stoves but don’t become rabid because other people’s stoves are not the new ones yet. Build the news ones to the new laws and leave the old ones alone. They will slowly be replaced. So as a warning, if you feel full of rage about the old stoves, there are very many European homes that will upset you. Stay in modern hotels in large cities only.

  40. Sorry, but the writer of this article should have actually read the regulation before posting this story, same goes for the WP article. Direct quote from the website:
    EPA is in the process of developing revisions to the residential wood heater new source performance standards (NSPS) under Section 111 of the Clean Air Act. The draft revisions, which are soon to be proposed, would apply to new heaters ONLY and would not apply to existing wood stoves and other wood heaters installed in peoples’ homes. The public will have the opportunity to review and comment on the proposed revisions before final standards are issued.
    Basically, this is a revision of an existing EPA regulation from 1988 and is going out for PUBLIC COMMENT, so if you take issue with the regulation which does not affect household wood burning stoves and only applies to the SALE of wood burning stoves that don’t meet the standards because lets face it there aren’t enough inspectors in the EPA to inspect households even if they wanted to, please go and comment on the proposed revision as opposed to getting people up in arms with misleading stories.
    So basically you can do one of two things; continue to complain: EPA BAD! REGULATIONS BAD! CLEAN AIR BAD! or you can go and actually write a comment opposing the regulation.

  41. This is what were reduced to? Screaming insults back and forth about conservatives and liberals instead of having on topic discussions? Sickening. Absolutely sickening.

    That being said. I’m a liberal with asthma that cant take wood smoke. But making people give up wood stoves is absurd.

  42. Ok everyone i need to point something out on here.. SCOMP is clearly mentally ill. I grew up in the country lived abroad till coming back when I retired. I grew up around wood stoves and have them around me now. I know of NO ONE in the entire state that got cancer from wood smoke. screaming a propaganda lie does not make it true SCOMP.

    Also there is no way you are 75 as you stated earlier. There is no 75 year old who would talk so disrespectful and profane in every sentence unless you have Alzheimers and the Home is letting you use their computer in the day room.

    Also don’t try to say you are smarter than me ok. Two Bachelors degrees and a Masters completed in less than 5 years. IQ of 175. Retired at age 35. Meanwhile you are supposedly in the twilight of your life you are foaming at the mouth rabid about something you can offer ZERO proof of.

    Oh and also your ignorant empty threats of shooting anyone who burns wood. Please do come to my place to shoot. Six of the years I lived overseas was with 10th Special Forces out of Stuttgart Germany–Saw combat on 4 continents Id love for a hoodie wearing extremist to point a gun at me.. It would give me a chance to see just how thorough and cleanly my wood burning outdoor woodstove totally burns everything in it. Including bones :p

    thank you and bye bye now

    SSG (ret) D.M. Johnson
    aka Dr. D.M. Johnson

    • Hello Sarge
      Nice resume. One thing, crematoriums have to grind up bones, they apparently don’t burn. I suspect they do get quite crisp though.
      As for the shouting dude who is supposed to be 75, well, he most likely has a neighbour who has spent a lot of money on one of those water tank type year around wood stoves that smoke up the world when it restarts after being shut down for a few hours. They are really difficult to live by. I, myself, a dedicated wood burner with a Fire Chief Furnace would probably sabotage his smoke screen stove if I lived close by. Those things are completely terrible. As far as the old boy being nuts, well he might just be that if he has to put up with a neighbour with that kind of wood burner. When a choked up furnace starts up after a long time of no burn it emits a creosoted smoke that is unbelievable.

  43. I just checked some websites and they are still selling the old style cast iron wood burning stoves. As a matter of fact one of them is advertised as epa exempt.

    • I’m not sure about current regulations, but WA State did have an exemption for ‘antique’ wood burning stoves, but it had to meet their definition of antique. Don’t know if EPA has same exemption though.

  44. You can have my woodstove when you pry my chainsaw from my cold dead hands.

  45. Why are all of you worried about petty things that can be controlled. What you should really be worried about, is all the chemicals that are falling down on us EVERY DAY !! From the CHEM TRAILS in the sky’s above our heads. It’s happening to all of us, all across the world. Look it up on on the internet. Why isn’t the EPA, worried about that?

  46. Right on P Topping!!! If ‘they’ are so ‘concerned’ about our health then stop the chemtrails, the GMO seeds, the poisoning of our water with fluoride as well as hundreds of other substances, stop vaccination of people and animals…all loaded with poison….clean up the Fukushima nuclear disaster and hey while we’re at it I vote to end nuclear power altogether…we should be using more renewable fuels such as oh yeah…wood…but what do you expect with jew communists running this country?…..they want total control over us …their agenda is to kill as many of us as they can…….well many people are not only waking up but getting totally fed up with the bs they are dishing out…..I will use my woodstove whenever I feel the need….JB Campbell has the solution!

  47. I believe that SCOMP is making a good point if one takes thought to read between the lines and ignore his angry words. I too have been angry at all of the wood smoke burning in my neighborhood. When I spend time outside, it messes up my sinuses so much that I have to take decongestant just to avoid getting sinus infections. I have had sinus infections from wood smoke that required me to take strong antibiotics, and I hate taking them. There a strong carcinogens in woods smoke, even the cleanest burning hardwood at high temperature can bother people who have allergies, asthma, or just those who are sensitive. Regardless of whether or not any of you who use smoke are sensitive to it, there are still a lot of carcinogens in the smoke. I believe that wind and solar energy is where people should spend their time and money as a priority, as the return on investment is there in from 2-5 years depending on the area of the country you are in and on how smart you are when you put a solar or wind power system together. Solar cells are very inexpensive now compared to what they used to be. If solar and wind are not enough, then wood can be used as a back up. If there are cleaner burning stoves available, by all means they should be used. I have unwise neighbors who burn plastic, and everything that burns in their garbage, and they are not uneducated people, but what I call practically dumb. They apparently don’t want to recycle their plastic because it costs them some time, gas, and a small fee where we live. Wood burning has become a popular thing. Yes, we need to get off of coal, as the stacks that spew it out are not clean enough, even though they could be if the government and the US citizens had the will to make it happen. The last clean scrubbing stack technology which was attempted to be legislated on the coal burning industry was met with intense lobby by the energy/power companies. There is a lot of natural gas available in the US, but for some reason that is not being promoted as a better alternative for generating electrical power with gas fueled turbine generators. I think wood has a place way out in the remote areas where there are no neighbors to be sickened by its smoke. More and more people are getting respiratory problems, and wood smoke as well as other smoke can be a big problem. Yes, coal smoke has heavy metals in it, and it is worse than wood…but that does not give wood a clean bill by any stretch of the imagination.. Be smart and check out solar, and if you need wood out where your neighbor will not suffer, go ahead, but make it a last resort for heat, not first.

    • Samson, what you “believe” is irrelevant. Facts are what counts and there are no facts in this or for that matter in other EPA dictates. It is simply another way for the criminals in DC to control the people.

  48. Can someone please explain to me how old style cast iron wood burning stoves are still being sold(one even said epa exempt in the ad) if this is the case? Do the new restrictions go into effect at a later date or something?

  49. to many people using wood burning stoves i guess, problem is its cutting into the electric companies profit,and government can’t figure a way to tax you for it yet

  50. There’s no coming back from the impending ledge we’re being run off of by the elitist socialists who are running the show. America, the great experiment, has run its course. Freedom and liberty are only possible if the majority of the people want it. There’s a major social and cultural reset coming for this nation and it’s not in the too distant future. This lifestyle we live now will be only a distant memory.

  51. Another totally political “solution” to a totally fabricated issue. Coming to the conclusion that because they found some little “black particles” has no bearing whatsoever on the question of whether wood burning is the source of the particles. This is completely unscientific though not surprising as some government employee was probably told to go find evidence to back their absurd claims. It is exactly the same tactic they have used to create the farce of global warming. They can’t even keep the same name for it as it was global cooling in the 70’s then became global warming. Now that their argument has been disproven by scientists, they have changed the name again to simply “climate change”. That way no matter what happens they can claim it is anthropogenic and not have to worry about facts. Typical for liberals and other similar types with mental disorders.

  52. As a (conservative) Seattle native, I would like to point out that this article is incorrect in one respect: It says that “Puget Sound, Washington” is one place that has banned wood-stoves.
    1. There is no such legislative or regulatory place as “Puget Sound.” It is a loosely-defined region, like New England. There are several counties and cities on Puget Sound. There is no “Puget Sound” stove ban.
    2. There IS, however, a county-by-county air quality program that periodically enforces temporary burn bans due to stagnant air, usually when we have days and days of clear weather. The ban does not apply if wood stove is your sole source of heat or cooking.
    It’s pretty liberal around here, but we haven’t sailed off the Berkeley CA deep-end quite yet.

    • There are regional clean air agencies that monitor air quality and who police polluters. But the wood stove regulations are statewide in WA.

  53. I wonder how long before the EPA tries to ban forest fires, then what? Round up all them bears and put then in a private prison……. your local zoo so you can stare at the offenders!!

    One lousy forest fire will cause more soot and ash than all the freakin wood burning stoves ever. The wood burned by them wood burning stoves will at least go to the good use of providing heat to some ones home. So allow people to gather forest floor debris/dying trees to burn in their home stoves, reducing the amount of potential fuel for future forest fires and in turn heating peoples homes.

    EPA needs to stay out of peoples homes, and focus on the big corporate polluters and our own government.

  54. resistantsustainable-offgridwithwood

    The legal regulatory element is ‘fine/ ultrafine particulate matter’. not even the visible coarse stuff most people attribute to smoke haze. It’s not even the visible stuff, but is rather the invisible stuff – which is curious. They can only legally regulate that (if actually found). In a court of law they should have to prove that the accused is in fact producing it – not only to be assumed to be. Log wood heating as a method cannot be banned only by some estimated association with pm10, pm2.5, ultrafine particulate. A presence of these at the source may however be regulated. They are trying to phase out self sufficient wood heating – something that Maurice Strong’s UNEP suggested to this bright eyed green (natural gas, propane/ nuclear) clean coal industry killing, energy futures projecting – emissions trading generation. Lobbies, such as where the likes of Matthew T(hreadgold) appear promote products, not technological enhances or fixes to the smoke problem, but a social marketing ploy to convince consumers toward demand increasing electric heatpumps or natural gas products. Wood heating appliance standards miss out necessary flue terminal ventilation to combat typical winter atmospheric pressure that affects the combustion via the exhaust. You know, cowls? Where are they on outdoor wood boilers, where are the rules that say flues need protection? So much fabrication, so much social manipulation – a lot of political and green market misinformation worth ignoring.

  55. People act like an EPA inspector is actually going to come to their house to inspect their stove. As an Environmental Consultant, I can tell you they pretty much aren’t gonna do that without receiving a legitimate credible complaint. This article is misrepresenting some of the facts, and I suggest you read 40 CFR 60, Subpart AAA if you want to know more about how wood stove emissions are calculated. All they are planning is reducing emissions to Washington State standards, or down from 4.1g/hr to 2.5 g/hr

    Read critically, and don’t give in to fear-mongering.

  56. According to the EPA site Burn Wise the new regulation does NOT apply to existing stoves: On January 3, 2014, EPA proposed revisions to the residential wood heater new source performance standards (NSPS) under Section 111 of the Clean Air Act. The draft revisions apply to new heaters ONLY and do not apply to existing wood stoves and other wood heaters installed in peoples’ homes. Go to to review and comment on the proposed revisions before final standards are issued. EPA will accept written comments for 90 days after publication of the proposal in the Federal Register.


    Hmm… usually the Scomp folks hang out with the Antismokers and complain about tobacco smoke. How’d he wander in here???

    – MJM

    • Im a nonsmoker but I do believe that people have freedom to make choices even if its not good for them. however i do like my wood stove because of the smell and the memories that was made around it as my kids were growing up. That means that the woodstove is more than a woodstove. i cant emagin not having it and it should be my choice.

  58. Hmm – so wood smoke is bad for us and the environment but the Government are still happy for us to sit at home and fill our lungs with all the crap in cigarettes?

  59. this has probably been said before, but it’s nowt short of the government’s efforts to kill the ability to be self sufficient and to be forced into urban arias where they can be easier regulated. you control food, utilities, transportation, communication and heat and you have total control over the population.

  60. This article says: “In some areas of the country, local governments have gone further than the EPA and banned not just the sale of such stoves, but the usage of old stoves – and even the usage of fireplaces. That means that even if you still have a stove or a fireplace, you can’t burn it for fear of a fine. Puget Sound, Washington, is one such location.”

    First of all the EPA regulations for wood stoves isn’t just restricted to Puget Sound in WA State, the rules apply statewide. The emission standards for clean burning wood stoves in WA State started to come into effect in 1995 (19 yrs ago!) and by 1997 all new wood stoves had to be EPA certified or Oregon Stage II certified. But the laws didn’t affect old non-compliant wood stoves that were already installed and in use. But the caveat was that if you had an old non-compliant wood stove and a burn ban was in effect, you could not use it unless it was your ONLY source of heat.

    There are still plenty of un-certified wood stoves in WA that have been grandfathered in so if you have one, there is no burn ban in effect, and you are not burning wet wood or illegal substances (like plastic or rubber) in it thereby creating a nuisance for your neighbors, you DON’T have to worry about a fine! The only time the law affects the old stoves is if a burn ban is called or if you want to replace the wood stove; then you must have an EPA certified wood stove and you can’t sell or reinstall the old one unless it is made unusable for wood burning (So you could use it for say a package delivery box next to your rural mailbox).

    I know that people are highly defensive of their perceived right to burn whatever they want and whenever they want no matter how it affects others around them. They don’t care that wood smoke can cause asthma and other lung problems that send their neighbors to the doctor or hospital because by God, burning wood is their right. My feeling about this is that it is everyone’s right to be able to breathe clean air more than someone’s perceived right to act out their caveman instincts.

    I also think that most of the problems with wood burning stoves comes from the fact that many people don’t want to burn dry/seasoned wood, which burns much cleaner than green wood. But people like to be able to put a green log on top of dry wood so that it burns slower and so they don’t have to get up and throw another dry log on the fire, and they sure as hell don’t want to have to get up in the night to throw another log on or have no hot coals to start a morning fire with. I know, because years ago my only source of heat was a wood stove.

    But I have to say that government regulators are idiots when they make stringent rules for wood stoves and then they let everyone in the state have a 4′ x 4′ outdoor recreational fire! Hello? What exactly is the purpose of requiring people to go out and buy expensive wood stoves if they can just walk outside and have a rip-roaring recreational fire? It’s complete idiocy.

    For anyone who doubts the accuracy of what I have said about WA State laws on wood stoves and fireplaces, you can find the laws at these websites:

    Nevertheless, even the so called EPA stoves are still polluting and very inefficient compared to rocket mass heaters and masonry heaters. A rocket mass heater can be built fairly inexpensively whereas a large masonry heater would be more costly than an EPA woodstove. But, you will save a whole lot of money because they don’t burn much wood, and the heat is retained in the structural mass of the heater which continues to radiate heat (and makes a nice butt warmer too). And the beauty of them is that they produce hardly any smoke.

    If you want to see what masonry heaters can look like, check out this website:

    If you want to learn how to build a rocket mass heater, I suggest that you start here:

    That being said, I’ve been out of the building code regulator business for several years so I don’t know what current regulations they would fall under or where building departments stand on them. Building officials usually like to fall back on manufacturer’s installation instructions for design and installation approval. But, if an engineer puts his stamp on it, you have a better chance of getting a rocket mass heater approved. And if you live in WA State, I know of a WA State Engineer who will stamp just about anything and he usually undercuts other engineers in price. ;)

    The main thing is that rocket mass heaters/masonry heaters can be heavy and for fire safety, they should be built on a concrete floor. Also, learn as much about them as you can in order to build an efficient heater that doesn’t clog up or burn out easily. Paul Wheaton is considered a guru of rocket mass heaters, so I’d follow his advice.

  61. Either my original post was too long or this website doesn’t like posts with links to other websites, so I’m going to try to re-post in sections and without links to other websites. If my original post shows up at some later date with the links, I apologize in advance for the duplications.

    This article says: “In some areas of the country, local governments have gone further than the EPA and banned not just the sale of such stoves, but the usage of old stoves – and even the usage of fireplaces. That means that even if you still have a stove or a fireplace, you can’t burn it for fear of a fine. Puget Sound, Washington, is one such location.”

    First of all the EPA regulations for wood stoves isn’t just restricted to Puget Sound in WA State, the rules apply statewide. The emission standards for clean burning wood stoves in WA State started to come into effect in 1995 (19 yrs ago!) and by 1997 all new wood stoves had to be EPA certified or Oregon Stage II certified. But the laws didn’t affect old non-compliant wood stoves that were already installed and in use. But the caveat was that if you had an old non-compliant wood stove and a burn ban was in effect, you could not use it unless it was your ONLY source of heat.

    There are still plenty of un-certified wood stoves in WA that have been grandfathered in so if you have one, there is no burn ban in effect, and you are not burning wet wood or illegal substances (like plastic or rubber) in it thereby creating a nuisance for your neighbors, you DON’T have to worry about a fine! The only time the law affects the old stoves is if a burn ban is called or if you want to replace the wood stove; then you must have an EPA certified wood stove and you can’t sell or reinstall the old one unless it is made unusable for wood burning (So you could use it for say a package delivery box next to your rural mailbox).

  62. I know that people are highly defensive of their perceived right to burn whatever they want and whenever they want no matter how it affects others around them. They don’t care that wood smoke can cause asthma and other lung problems that send their neighbors to the doctor or hospital because by God, burning wood is their right. My feeling about this is that it is everyone’s right to be able to breathe clean air more than someone’s perceived right to act out their caveman instincts.

    I also think that most of the problems with wood burning stoves come from the fact that many people don’t want to burn dry/seasoned wood, which burns much cleaner than green wood. But people like to be able to put a green log on top of dry wood so that it burns slower and so they don’t have to get up and throw another dry log on the fire, and they sure as hell don’t want to have to get up in the night to throw another log on or have no hot coals to start a morning fire with. I know, because years ago my only source of heat was a wood stove.

    But I have to say that government regulators are idiots when they make stringent rules for wood stoves and then they let everyone in the state have a 4′ x 4′ outdoor recreational fire! Hello? What exactly is the purpose of requiring people to go out and buy expensive wood stoves if they can just walk outside and have a rip-roaring recreational fire? It’s complete idiocy.

    Nevertheless, even the so called EPA stoves are still polluting and very inefficient compared to rocket mass heaters and masonry heaters. A rocket mass heater can be built fairly inexpensively whereas a large masonry heater would be more costly than an EPA woodstove. But, you will save a whole lot of time and money because they don’t burn much wood, and the heat is retained in the structural mass of the heater which continues to radiate heat (and makes a nice butt warmer too). And the beauty of them is that they produce hardly any smoke.

    Since comments with website links are either censored or they have to be reviewed, I’m not listing any here. But if you want to learn about these more efficient/less polluting heaters, just Google ‘masonry heater’ and ‘rocket mass stove’. Paul Wheaton is considered a guru of rocket mass heaters, so I’d follow his advice. To help you identify which website is his, it starts with the words “richsoil”.

    That being said, I’ve been out of the building code regulator business for several years so I don’t know what current regulations they would fall under or where building departments stand on them. Building officials usually like to fall back on manufacturer’s installation instructions for design and installation approval. But, if an engineer puts his stamp on it, you have a better chance of getting a rocket mass heater approved. And if you live in WA State, I know of a WA State Engineer who will stamp just about anything and he usually undercuts other engineers in price. ;)

    The main thing is that rocket mass heaters/masonry heaters can be heavy and for fire safety, they should be built on a concrete floor. Also, learn as much about them as you can in order to build an efficient heater that doesn’t clog up or burn out easily.

  63. This is just the GOP’s usual ploy to suppress the OUTRAGE the public should have because of their failures that should have been in place in 1981 when Europe was slaughtering 200 million cattle for something they lied about when it was discovered the infectious proteins of spirochetal disease could become airborn and dessicated in burning. The EPA never did their jobs so now they want to punish the public so they won’t make them do their jobs still. You see they infected all of us with spirochetal prion proteins and they didn’t mind to send them airborn in many methods used today.
    Microcolonies of spiroplasma embedded in biofilm bound to clay are the likely mechanism of lateral transmission of scrapie in sheep and chronic wasting disease in deer via soil ingestion.
    They don’t care if you burn wood as long as you don’t tell them they can’t keep murdering the public after infecting everyone with spirochetal disease for decades in infectious vaccines causing hundreds of syndromes they just fergot to tell you about in 1985.
    That’s how the Israeli’s play their game.

  64. I gotta agree with WOLF. Man has been burning wood since we first learned to create fire, and now, all of a sudden it’s a problem?!?!?? Not to mention, here in my area, the number of people burning wood and coal for heat has diminished, just because a lot of them lazy and don’t wanna put forth a little effort to save money.
    This could have been a really good debate, but, as usual, those that can’t see the forest because of the trees start name calling and IQ bashing.
    So sad.

    • So Burton, your logic is that because cavemen burned it should still be okay? You say why would it be all of a sudden a problem? Uh, duh, I dunno—- guess nothin’s changed since Cave Man days—nothin’ except for about a billion more people living closer together—thus more affected by their neighbors smoke. It boils down to this: it is scientific FACT that woodsmoke harms everyone’s lungs–but those who are elderly or with health problems can actually die from inhaling their neighbors wood smoke. Obviously rude and despicable people simply do not care that they are harming their neighbors with their smoke. But if you want the world to be like that–no one caring that they kill someone else—then you are advocating pure anarchy—which is no problem to your kind, apparently, when you are the one dishing out the harm to others. But watch you squeal when someone does something to harm YOUR health. I’d like to see all the selfish pigs who squeal about their rights to burn get their own smoke rammed back down their own chimneys and down their own ugly throats and see who’s choking then!

  65. People…….. how do those that advocate abolition of the wood stoves propose those with wood stoves heat our homes? Clean electric of course or clean Natural Gas or Clean propane.

    Well, Most clean electric is created by coal which is not exactly clean and good for the environment or clean natural gas which produces CO2 ( those in that camp claim CO2 is so bad as it is a greenhouse gas and raising the temp of the earth), or Propane which again comes from depleted fossil fuels and produces CO2.

    For the record burning of wood is CARBON NEUTRAL and RENEWABLE.

    WHY would anyone want to burn the other fuels in light of that FACT?

    Yes there are particulates but with new stove technology the particuates are reduced to incredibly low levels ergo look to the gasifiers and the woodpellet stoves that virtually only put out CO2.

    As for CO2, I have a greenhouse , and need additional CO2 for plant growth and use a device designed to create CO2…………………y dont u send me all the co2 from the stoves for my plants?

    If u get rid of all the CO2 on the planet we will all die as the vegetation will die.

    Most people are not thinking it throught, I want clean air and burn a gasifier so clean stoves are a good thing but we cant make it illegal to burn the existing. How bout it is simply phased in over time, no more fireplaces in new PERMITTED construction and no more cheap inefficient stoves to be moved over state lines but what ever happens inside the State is the States and its peoples business.

  66. i have seen a lot of bull slinging go on before but daaaaaamn this shit is crazy. everyone wants to blame a liberal or democrat or republican or all on political agenda reform… ya all need to realize you have no one to blame but yourselves for this shit. every single one here has in some way one time or another given into a law here and there without realizing it. paid a parking ticket. turned music down. you all have no one to blame but yourselves. we all have the ability to vote someone into and out of office. hell we even have the right to stand and explain why we do not want laws put into effect. but nope not a single one of you stopped to think about it. you all are the sheep being lead to the slaughter. pull your heads out your asses and think for yourselves and quit letting others tell you what you can and cant do in your own home. as simple as that.and if any of you are wondering : yes i stand for what i believe in and i believe we need to reestablish a new working gvt that DOES think of the people and NOT fattening their own pockets. yes i have had to help my father fight being fined for putting in a new working septic system and because he did so he got fined for not paying for the building permits. i went in and informed the magistrate that because the property has grandfather rights which was established long before the EPA was started they waived the fines. so there you have it its called growing some fucking balls and standing for what you believe in and defending the Constitution and Amendments plus the Declaration of Independence.

  67. Would someone just kill me already? Some of us clearly don’t fit in anymore and we don’t have any place to go. Have you ever seen the old 1930s movie Robin Hood with Erroll Flynn? The Sheriff of Nottingham was contented to kill a poor, starving man for poaching the King’s deer because he was starving and hunted in the woods. The laws at the time did not allow the man to hunt in the woods. We cannot even have a simple fire in the privacy of our homes, today. There is no freedom, no privacy, nothing that makes life livable for me. So please, just kill me already, because if this trend were going to reverse, it would have already — it is clear our nation will not fight these injustices and I cannot go on like this. If I didn’t have loved ones who would be pissed at me, I would have already checked out.

  68. Read closely and quit with the hyperbole. There are over 1,000 approved stoves by the epa and the list is on their website:

    The only people affected are those with old and/or home made barrel stoves but they can still buy an acceptable replacement that can be used. Let me know when they start “no knock” entries to make you put out your fire. Until then I’ll keep worrying about the real agenda of this administration and waiting for the big financial collapse that will force the creation of global govenment and steal our sovereignty. I am not an environmental zealot I’m actually a prepper. I looked into this issue in detail before I purchased my stove in preparation for when the SHTF!

  69. The environmental impact study on wood stoves didn’t include the carbon emissions to produce thousands of miles of oil and gas pipelines, Fracking equipment and chemicals, oil platforms, thousands of vehicles to transport oil and gas, oil and gas transport ships, refineries, etc, The total emissions of all the Wood burning stoves and heaters in the US produce less emissions than the production of One Oil Tanker. Wood is found within 40 miles of the users residence, usually on the same property. It helps provide income for the local community. But the research was skewed to omit 99% of the equipment, steel, vehicles, etc., necessary for oil and gas production and transport.

  70. 1) There NEEDS to be a happy medium between Tea Partiers or Survivalists and Obama-lovers/ Environmental extremists.
    2) This is highly politically motivated. That being said, are they SERIOUSLY thinking they’re going to stop people from burning wood in their own homes….in ALASKA?! WTF?! I’m pretty sure all the Republican states combined, still don’t reach the level of air pollution in just California & New York (two Democratic states!)
    3) China is putting out more pollution than the rest of the world combined. This is because there is absolutely no “EPA” type regulations. The wood burning stoves don’t matter because the entire ocean will soon be nothing but toxic waste uninhabitable by any lifeform (aside from a mutant form of swimming cockroach.) Why the hell aren’t we trying to lay off taxing USA companies that actually want to produce something to, I dunno, maybe.. take us out the giant whole of economic collapse we’ve dug ourselves into leading to an overabundance of debt to CHINA. Basically we’ve taken all the US companies and held them to an extremely strict environmental code- (carbon taxes, ect..) all so that we can shut down all production of anything here, and buy it from a country that is so UNGREEN that there is a constant air pollution stream VISIBLE from the California coast line from CHINA. Are you serious? Then we borrow money from them; perpetuating the asinine cycle. If we said, “Hey China, we’re not buying your products until you’re willing the play by the same rules as us….what’s fair is fair and we all share this planet,” it would make more of an environmental impact than ANYTHING else we can possibly due in Alaska. Of course that would be intelligent; and although both political parties would benefit mutually; we won’t see it happen. This Democrat/ Republican war needs to be squashed in order for common sense and reason to shine through.

  71. Joan, it is my conviction that a liberal mind lacks the proper quantity of cells to actually comprehend, engage in logical reasoning….. I have come to realize this upon seeing such cretin people in action…… further they cannot argue a point without resorting to slanderous name calling, again, thru their inherent lack of a base for sensible reasoning…. Frustration and anger being a result of this copious, coccus, repugnant nature… as you demonstrate here!!

  72. Everyone loves what you guys tend to be up too. Such clever work and reporting!
    Keep up the good works guys I’ve added you guys to my own blogroll.

  73. Interesting reading! I have an outside wood boiler for my primary heat and domestic hot water sources. Been using them for thirty years. Sure was glad when the fabricated LP shortage of this past winter pushed LP prices to $6.00. Also a liberal who might remind you that the EPA was created by a presidential directive from Republican Richard Nixon.In Minnesota, wood is a renewable resource. With the number of paper mill and wood product closures and the outsourcing of these industries, most of the remaining logging industry relies on firewood sales to survive. Plus, forests need harvesting or they’ll burn uncontrolably on their own creating much more pollution, eco-damage and danger. Just saying!

  74. Ok, I think this is unreal. What is the difference in having a wood stove and a gas furnace ? they both put off toxins. Whats the differance in burning a wood stove in the winter and having a campfire every night durring summer? I dont see where its going to solve any problems when thats not the real issue here. We have all these plants that puts off more toxins than firewood dose. They putt off toxins in the air, ground and our water. They are using this for an excuse, (cleaner air) which is not what they are doing. The real reason is to make every one cater to the electric and gas companies. The more people paying the more demand for it and makes higher rates, whitch lead to more money in corporates pockets, inturns raising our taxes to compencate the goverment for what there not getting from them. is not our envirement there worried about. Its all about money and who has it! If it was about the envirement the would be attacking the bigger issues.

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  80. Wood burns 95% Cleaner then coal Epa can go to hell

  81. Russell Patton Davis

    It appears that wood furnace (stove, heater, boiler) efficiency is a inverse multiplier effect on pollution. (EPA measures are typically delusional at best)

    Efficiency is a combination of burn efficiency and heat extraction efficiency.

    The highest heat extraction efficiency is achieved by thermal cascades beginning with the highest temperature feasible dry steam injection water heating and ending with the condenser-like conditions of sub floor heating by exhaust gases (like the Romans did some 1500 years ago). 100% efficiency can be approached when including the heat of exhaust water condensation in cold weather.

    Burn efficiency approaching 100% requires a rocket stove like insulated burn stack and a modest excess of oxygen in the exhaust to minimize the wasted heat and pollution in CO & creosote. Too much excess oxygen in the exhaust means that the volume of heated exhaust air is too high which reduces exhaust temperature and thus reduces heat transfer efficiency. Measured exhaust gas temperature is an excellent proxy measure of clean burn – the higher the better.

    If the measure of wood furnace (stove, heater, boiler) excellence is not orthogonal from all points of view then the measure is incompetent except in deception ( granting that different folks require a different short term ROI ) .

  82. The EPA should burnt down along with its worthless personnel.

  83. Last winter was nearly the coldest in history for most of the US. Propane is not a renewable resource. By imposing stricter emission controls on wood burners, they will be forcing thousands of people to “upgrade” to burning nonrenewable propane, natural gas, or fuel oil. They imposed emission controls on vehicular exhaust long ago, but they didn’t force them to burn upside down, and then burn the smoke. Their money would better be spent fighting the dozens of forest fires in California and Nevada. Rather than outlawing wood burning, they should offer grants to wood stove and outdoor wood furnace companies to help them develop cleaner-burning products. Perhaps the EPA could develop a burn-wise video to send with each furnace, stating which types of wood burn cleaner, and the values of letting it dry first. The bottom line: burning wood is not irresponsible, rather, burning wood irresponsibly is irresponsible, but not a criminal offense. NYC’s smog doesn’t come from outdoor wood furnaces. No questions about that. The state of Michigan passed an excellent new law denying the EPA the ability to enforce their regulations in their state. The EPA needs boundaries. The American government has always been run by a system of checks and balances: the President can veto, and congress can override the veto etc. There are very little boundaries to the EPA.

  84. Wow. Such moronic hostility.

    I don’t know why you think I’m a liberal.

    But the point of life isn’t trying to out stupid each other. It is about building a fair and just society for all where people aren’t excluded.

    You know what is a real meddlesome intrusion? Wood smoke. Unwanted wood smoke invading one’s property, one’s personal space and entering into one’s lungs.

    You people (I’ll politely call you rugged individualists rather than demented insularists) really have lost the plot.

    In protecting your own ill thought out “freedoms” you’ll deny freedom to everyone else, but a freedom isn’t freedom unless it’s enjoyed by one and all. (You’ll find that is a quote from the great political songwriter Billy Bragg.)

    Clean air for all.

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