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What If There Were No Dentists?

empty dental officeMost of us have probably imagined a scenario where there might be few doctors available in a crisis situation or in a rural area, but have you thought about what it might be like to live without access to a dentist for an extended period of time?

Unlike many common physical ailments, dental problems rarely heal themselves. If you get a cold or the flu or even a minor injury, the odds are very good that you’re going to fully recover. Unfortunately, that just isn’t the case when you have a cavity or a dental emergency.

As with most things, preventive maintenance is key. You should make sure your teeth are in great shape TODAY. Deal with any potential problems right away. You really can’t afford to put this off. If you have some serious issues, borrow the money if necessary to take care of them. The problem could get worse, the costs will go up, if it’s even available at all.

Stock up on oral hygiene supplies, the basics of course are brushes, floss and rinse. I recommend several years’ worth of supplies. The cost of stocking up on supplies is nothing compared to treating problems. Inevitably, there will be people who haven’t planned for the emergency and this will make for great barter opportunities.

In an emergency, or if the supplies run out, you can actually make your own toothpaste by mixing equal parts of baking soda and salt. It will taste terrible, but it’s effective. Just wet your toothbrush and apply some of the powder and start brushing. You’ll want a cup of water on hand!

Finally, a serious off-grid dental preparation kit would include the following supplies:

– Temporary filling material Temparin or Cavit
– Tweezers
– Gauze
– Toothbrush
– Soft dental floss
– Toothpaste
– Oragel or other dental pain reliever
– Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin)
– Clove Oil (pain relief)
– Rubber gloves (some people are allergic to latex)
– Dental wax
– Toothpicks
– Cotton
– Dental Mirror
– Hand Sanitizer

If you’re thinking about procrastinating on this part of your preparations, just think back to that last toothache. Remember that dull ache, the throbbing, maybe the pain in your jaw or ear, or possibly even your eyes. The pain rarely gets better, and it distracts you, makes you tired and less effective. It’s miserable. The odds of someone in your group developing a dental emergency are pretty good, so take care of this right away!

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