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Citing Religious Beliefs, Post Office Employee Refuses To Ship Gun

USPS clerk LEPD Firearms

An Ohio US Postal Service worker refused to process a gun shipment from a Columbus firearms business, citing her religious beliefs.

Eric Delbert and his dad Philip are co-owners of LEPD Firearms & Range and part-time police officers, The Blaze reported. The business is both a shooting range and gun store in the Buckeye State capitol.

The Delberts hold the Federal Firearms Licenses necessary to sell guns both in Ohio and around the country. When LEPD Firearms & Range sold a gun to a Kentucky buyer, Phillip took what he thought were the simple and routine steps required to ship the firearm.

When a firearms dealer wants to ship a gun through the USPS the following process must be completed, according to Delbert and The Blaze:

  • “The buyer in the remote location selects a weapon for purchase and it is set to be shipped to a store or FFL dealer in the purchaser’s area.
  • “Shipping a weapon requires very specific paperwork be filled out, brought to the post office.
  • “The shipper must attest to the fact that they have an FFL and fill out the appropriate forms before the package can be stamped by the clerk.
  • “The weapon is shipped to the other licensed dealer where a background check will be performed.”

Upon arriving at the Columbus, Ohio, USPS branch, the elder Delbert encountered a counter clerk named “Juide.” Phillip handed her the boxed firearm and the necessary paperwork he had already completed.

“Because of my religious beliefs, I cannot process your package,” she reportedly said.

The employee then told the LEPD Firearms & Range co-owner to step to an unstaffed window, according to Philip. The gun store owner thought he was merely waiting for another clerk, but none arrived.

The elder Delbert was gone so long that his son became worried and called his cellphone to check in. Once Eric was made aware of the problem, he called the branch and explained his concern, and another clerk ultimately emerged to process the gun shipment.

Eric Delbert reached out to The Blaze to share his story. After verifying the story, the news website spoke with USPS representative David Van Allen, who stated he would also review the gun shipment denial claims. Van Allen contacted The Blaze and stated the scenario never should have happened and that it “will not be repeated.”

Van Allen also said he was sorry for the treatment of the LEPD Firearms & Range owners and suggested the men contact the local branch to receive a personal apology. Attempts by The Blaze to reach the USPS clerk named Juide were unsuccessful.

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