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Raw Milk Hysteria? Once Again Government Claims “Killer Bacteria”

raw milk hysteria

People have been drinking raw milk for thousand of years, in recent times for an array of incredible health benefits.

According to government statistics only 2 people have died from drinking raw milk since 2009. In fact, Americans are statistically more likely to be killed by a postal worker as there have been 35 shooting deaths from post office workers, “going postal” since 1983.

Listeria Hysteria?

Raw milk from some dairies could cause deadly brain infections, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture warned. The Department is advising consumers to throw raw milk away.

“Consumers who purchased raw, whole milk from Pool Forge Dairy between April 25 and May 7 should immediately discard it,” a press release from the department stated.

The Raw Milk “Danger Zone”

Raw, whole, or unpasteurised milk from the Pool Forge Dairy might be infected with listeria a bacteria that causes a deadly disease called listeriotis, the department warned. One out of five people with listeriosis will die from it, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported.

Listeriosis can cause miscarriages and stillbirths, the CDC reported. It can also lead to the deaths of newborns. Listeria is very deadly because it usually attacks the brain and the nervous system. People over 65, infants, and persons with weakened immune symptoms are more susceptible to it.

Milk Outlaws?

The milk was sold at the Pool Forge Dairy in East Earl Township, the Hoover’s Farm Market, and the Shady Maple Market, in April and May. No sicknesses from the allegedly infected milk had been reported Food Safety NewsNoted. The milk apparently tested positive for the bacteria.

Government officials claim pasteurising kills listeria and other bacteria and makes milk safe to drink. Unpasteurised milk is in its natural state. Most milk sold in supermarkets in the United States is pasteurised.

Raw Milk is Legal to Drink But Illegal To Sell In Many States

It is illegal to sell raw milk in 20 states ProCon reported. It is also illegal to take it across state lines, under Federal Law. There are 13 states, including Pennsylvania, where raw milk can be sold in stores.  Unpasteurised milk can be sold directly at dairies in 17 states.

Contrary to popular belief it is legal to drink raw milk in all 50 states. Strangely enough however, it is illegal to feed it to livestock in Michigan.

Should the CDC send out warnings for Americans going to the post office?

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