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Democrats Want To Spend $500 Billion To Give Everybody A Job

Government can't create jobs

Can the government really create jobs without increasing taxes?

Six potential Democratic presidential candidates have an incredibly expensive new plan that would add more than half a trillion dollars ($543 billion) to the national deficit every year. They want Uncle Sam to provide a government job for everybody that wants one. Thats the Democratic jobs bill.

The most socialist Democratic proposal in generations is known as the Federal Jobs Guarantee, and it might be the most expensive social program ever.

Taxpayers need to pay attention because the guarantee’s biggest fan is U.S. Senator Cory Booker (D-New Jersey); who is a probable presidential candidate.

Booker’s Federal Jobs Guarantee Development Act would provide every unemployed American with a $15 an hour government job that would offer the same health insurance that federal employees get, Vox reported. Under Booker’s proposal, the federal government would pay local governments to provide the jobs.

Democratic Presidential Hopefuls Want 500 Billion Dollar Job Bill

Booker did not say what the jobs would be or what all those government employees would do. He merely promised that the government would provide jobs. Frighteningly, Booker is far from alone. U.S. Senators Liz Warren (D-Massachusetts), Kamala Harris (D-California), Kirsten Gillibrand (D-New York), and Jeff Merkley (D-Oregon) all endorse the jobs guarantee. Merkley is already actively campaigning for the Democratic presidential nomination, and the others are potential nominees.

Not surprisingly, another active promoter of the Jobs Guarantee is US Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont). Sanders was the self-proclaimed “democratic socialist” who’s driving much of the new Democratic spending bill.

Democrats Adopt Both Communist And Nazi Ideas

The jobs guarantee is not a new idea, back in 1978, the Communist Party held a “March for Jobs” on Washington DC in which it demanded, “Jobs Now.”

Nor was it just the Communists who guaranteed jobs to the people. In 1934, Adolph Hitler promised jobs for the Germans through what he called a “labor battle.” Among other things Hitler vowed to create 600,000 jobs building superhighways called the Autobahn, DW reported.

The Nazis never made good on that promise, although they did create 120,000 roadbuilding jobs. By 1939 Hitler did create millions of “jobs” for men in the German Army. During World War II, the Nazis created another eight million “jobs” for slave laborers – some of whom ended up working on the Autobahn.

Nobody knows how much Jobs Guarantee Would Really Cost

The worst part of the Jobs Guarantee is that nobody knows how much it would cost. The Week writer Jeff Spross; who supports the guarantee, estimated that Booker’s proposal would cost $543 billion in the first year alone.

The U.S. national debt reached $14.7 trillion in 2017 and is projected to grow to $28.7 trillion by 2018 without the guarantee, Seeking Alpha Contributor Elliott R. Morss noted. The national deficit; the difference between the amount of taxes the federal government collects and federal spending, was estimated at $630 billion in 2017, the deficit is expected to grow $1.08 trillion by 2022.

Disturbingly editorials endorsing the Jobs Guarantee are already popping up in liberal media outlets like The New York Times and The Nation. None of those editorials say where the money to pay the $15 salaries will come from.

Even though it is socialist, the Jobs Guarantee is likely to be popular with Democratic politicians because it will be easier to sell to voters than welfare. Another reason why Democrats want more government workers is that government employee unions are vital supporters of their party.

Democratic politicians like Booker view every new government worker as a potential vote, so they want the biggest possible government they can create regardless of cost. Americans had better get ready for massive increases in government and taxes because Democrats appear to have adopted insane Nazi policies.

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