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Gas Shortage Continues: $10 Limit; 20 Cars Deep; Customers Hoarding; ‘We Are Almost Out’; Police Rationing, Too

Gas Shortage Continues: $10 Limit; 20 Cars Deep; Customers Hoarding; 'We Are Almost Out'; Police Rationing, Too

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RALEIGH, N.C. – The gas shortage that slammed the South over the weekend continued into Monday and Tuesday, with drivers across the region frantically trying to find pumps that were selling gasoline.

“I went to like six stations in Durham. I could not find any gas,” Stephanie Murriell told North Carolina’s WRAL.

Eventually she ended up in Raleigh, and along way the way saw four more gas stations out of gas. All total, she saw about 10 stations out of gas before she found one, an Exxon, that still had some.

“I even went on Facebook and posted on Facebook, ‘Please help me find gas in Durham and Raleigh,’ and this is the first place that I’ve come to that had gas.”

But the Exxon that did have gas was limiting customers to $10 gas purchases – and it ran out hours later.

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“The people need gas. Everybody needs gas. We are almost out of gas. Too many stations here are out of gas,” Exxon station manager Jimmy Alkhateeb told WRAL.

Gas Shortage Continues: $10 Limit; 20 Cars Deep; Customers Hoarding; 'We Are Almost Out'; Police Rationing, TooThe gas shortage throughout the South was sparked when the Colonial Pipeline – which carries gas from Texas to New Jersey — leaked more than 250,000 gallons of gasoline at a location in Alabama. The pipeline provides gas for around 50 million people.

One man who bought gas at the Exxon station, Jeff Hawkins, had stopped at two other places that did not have any gasoline. He had driven about 160 miles from Charlotte to Raleigh and said the $10 in gas “would not help me at all.”

“That would probably not even get me home,” Hawkins told the TV station.

It even has affected law enforcement. Durham County Sheriff deputies have been told not to let their cars idle when they could be shut off, the Raleigh News and Observer reported. The deputies fill up at county-owned pumps.

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And when people do find gas, they have to wait in long lines for it. In Youngsville, North Carolina, Michelle Bowers told the newspaper she saw one station where the line was “20 cars deep.”

People, she said, are hoarding gas.

“I … got behind a man filling up 10 big gas cans. The big ones,” Bowers said. “I finally told the attendant directing traffic that what he was doing didn’t seem quite right, especially since they were telling people they were almost out.

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