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Now CPS Can Seize Your Child For ‘Failure To Thrive’ (It Happened In Texas)

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Two parents in Texas could lose custody of a child simply because doctors can’t determine what is wrong with him, an attorney is alleging.

Court documents actually state that Child Protective Services (CPS) took Olubunmi and Ahmed Giwa’s 19-month-old son due to “unspecified” health reasons.

Authorities gave no specific explanation for taking Ali Giwa from his parents, beyond vague claims of “failure to thrive, lack of normal physiological development,” family attorney Jon Parchman told Fox Houston.

Medical records do not say why the boy, Ali, is failing to thrive.

A court case also left the parents frustrated – and the judge seemingly skeptical of CPS’ claims. CPS’ only witness was a doctor who had never seen the boy.

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“The most they really got was the hospital room was a little dirty. That was the extent of what they proved in court,” Parchman said of CPS. “The judge said: So you’ve proven there’s a dirty hospital room. That doesn’t get us to danger in returning the child home.”

Nevertheless, the judge granted temporary custody of Ali to CPS and said the parents can only see him for one hour twice a week, the TV station reported. CPS did not take his two siblings. One of them is his twin sister.

“It’s horrible. He’s never been without us. He’s my baby. The entire family is a mess because of it. We can’t function,” Olubunmi Giwa said.

The Giwas say Ali has developmental delays — the cause of which doctors have never been able to ascertain. CPS acknowledges the medical condition is unknown but accused the parents of medical neglect.

“My clients had taken their children, including Ali, to the doctor multiple times and followed up with physical therapy for Ali in the United Kingdom,” Parchman said.

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CPS is accusing the Giwas of moving from the UK to Texas in order to keep Ali out of medical treatment.

“It hurts knowing he’s that way. If we could fix it we would,” Giwa says. “We’ve done therapy. We’ve seen a lot of doctors.”

Said Parchman: “CPS would say, ‘Oh it’s based on a report here or a report there and you never could pin down where they got their facts from or what happened.”

The parents are well-educated, the attorney said.

“The mom actually has a Ph.D. in special education. Dad works for an energy company here in Houston,” Parchman said.

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