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Sharia Law: Coming to a Courtroom Near You?

“We struck and then we hid. We talked peace while planning destruction. We used our own brothers’ suffering as fuel against those who were more sympathetic of such things. We sowed discontent.” – A Star Curiously Singing

Those words from a fictional character in Kerry Nietz’ debut novel, A Star Curiously Singing, set the scene for a world the author imagined in the not so distant future. In his novel and its sequel, The Superlative Stream, Nietz paints a startling picture of a world that is dominated by a global fundamentalist religion. The main character is a servant who has served at the will of his masters since the age of ten, that obedience insured by a surgically implanted and state approved conscience. While we are never told the name of this all-pervasive religion, Nietz leaves little doubt what he modeled this future world after.

“But that’s just science fiction,” some will say. Anyone who has read much of the genre or seen movies like Minority Report know that such stories often serve as a magnifying glass on what is already happening around us. The quote from Nietz’ novel was from one of the agents of the world government explaining how Sharia law came to be the law of the world. So do I have your attention now? The idea of the Islamic rule of Sharia law being accepted in western countries is not science fiction at all!

At this point, some fourteen states have passed anti-Sharia legislation in an effort to circumvent this back door into our culture and rule of law. States that already passed such anti-Sharia laws include Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Wyoming. Kudos to them for seeing the imminent danger that threatens our system of law and rights.

Around the world, and now in the United States, attorneys have caught on to using Sharia law as a defense for a man who beats his wife, or parents who physically assault their children simply because they attend church with a friend. To be honest, they aren’t happy that some state legislators have woken up and realized what is happening across our country. Pam Geller first reported on her blog, Atlas Shrugs, how the American Bar Association has organized a task force to review ways to combat anti-Sharia laws passed by these states and others considering such legislation.

One attorney explained the need to respect Sharia law this way: “As the Muslim population increases, it is becoming increasingly important for lawyers and the judiciary alike to try to understand the mysteries of the Islamic faith and address legal issues that specifically arise out of Islamic culture and beliefs.” What state legislators who passed tough laws against Sharia understand is that the courts have become the tip of the spear in Islam’s march into our country. One of the main avenues Muslims are now using to express their identity is in the courtroom. And with each victory in our liberal courts, second-generation Muslims and converts are becoming more and more confident in asserting their legal rights.

So why are attorneys so enamored with Sharia law? It can’t be because it reflects their supposed belief in human rights and equality for all. Perhaps it’s because they have bought into the cultural mandate of the day which put simply is, “Thou shalt not insult or slander Islam.” Do they not understand that Sharia law is the most radical and intolerant system of government on the face of the earth? In countries that enforce strict Islamic standards, there is no freedom of conscience, no freedom of speech, and no equality for women or non-Muslims. Don’t be fooled by the unrest spreading across the Muslim world. The people in Egypt and Libya are not rejecting Sharia law; they are rejecting despot rulers who hoard everything to themselves. One need only look at the Taliban in Afghanistan to see what happens when everything breaks down and the people look to someone to restore order.

When will we realize that events like 9/11 are diversions? Were they horrible criminal acts? Certainly! But while we scan people in airports and continue to wonder when the next big terrorist act will occur, we miss the fact that it already has. Remember the quote from the novel: “We struck and then we hid. We talked peace while planning destruction. We used our own brothers’ suffering as fuel against those who were more sympathetic of such things. We sowed discontent.”

This is another major blow to what symbolizes America the best. Our judicial system is being sabotaged by groups like the American Bar Association who can have only one motivation. It isn’t ideology or concern for religious freedom. It is concern for the dollars flowing into their coffers as radical Muslims have discovered the best way to bring our system down.

Litigate it to death.

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