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Registered Gun Owners Can Now Be Spotted And Single Out By New “Recognition Software”

registered gun owners

Registered gun owners should know this new software is for them.

New surveillance systems that can recognize a person’s face and report that person to police will soon be everywhere. Registered gun owners should also know that this new “recognition software” could have special implications for them. The new software would enable police to identify wanted fugitives or persons on watch lists, ZDNet reported. Such software might also identify persons on a no-fly list and alert the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) if they walked into an airport or train station.

The software called NeoFace is being tested via TV cameras in the nation of Georgia. Georgia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs is testing NeoFace through 400 closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras in major cities. The Ministry plans to deploy tens of thousands of CCTV cameras equipped with NeoFace through its “Safe City, Safe Region, Safe Country Program.”

Police in Australia have also started testing NeoFace. Since 2016, at least two Australian states, South Australia and the Northern Territory, have adopted the technology. The hope is to identify fugitives, identify crime suspects and locate missing children. Similar technology is being deployed at airports down under through the Vision Box Australia program.

New Software Can Spot Registered Gun Owners

The dangers of such technology are obvious. Hitler would have been impressed I’m sure. Nazi Germany could have used the software to spot Jews, Gypsies, people with dark skin and whoever else.  Cameras and the new software can also be used to detect men with beards. This could mean persons that appear Arabic.  But it also would include millions of others including former U.S. Presidents like Grant and Lincoln since 13 of them have beards and or mustaches. But there’s more than just facial technology at play. Persons wearing certain kinds of clothing, or individuals with certain haircuts could be singled out for special attention by police.

There is a huge Second Amendment danger here as well.  That’s because software like NeoFace will be programmed to spot registered gun owners.  It can then single them out for searches by police. Sort of a high-tech version of New York City’s “Stop and Frisk” policy in which cops allegedly searched all young men for illegal weapons.

A frightening use of NeoFace would be to prevent registered gun owners from flying on airliners, riding public transportation, or taking trains. Another disturbing use of the technology would be to exclude gun owners from public places like malls, government offices, schools, supermarkets, banks, and churches. Individuals might be forced to give up their guns in order to keep their job.  Even buying food might require individuals to “pass” a facial recognition test to make sure you don’t own a gun or homeschool your kids.

Surveillance at the Bank

A diabolical new use of NeoFace is already being tested at the Holland Village branch of the OCBC Bank in Singapore.
CCTV cameras identify customers as soon as they enter the bank and gather information about the customer’s behavior, ZDNet reported. OCBC claims that the cameras will only be used to identify high-income customers to signal them out for extra service.
Such technology can also be used to signal out lower-income customers. Example: If an individual owed the bank or a utility company money and tried to cash a paycheck, NeoFace can “recognize” him and automatically seize the funds owed from the check. Bank employees will direct security to remove persons with low Credit Scores once NeoFace spots them.

Protecting yourself from surveillance solutions like NeoFace is going to be difficult. Disguises like wigs, false beards, scarves, headdresses, makeup, etc., might beat the system.  But NeoFace technology can be programmed to adjust. Perhaps in the future, we’ll all have to wear new masks each day.

Technologies like NeoFace should be a wake-up call for sleepy Americans.  It should demonstrate to all of us why it is so important to know the Constitution. It should also provide the motivation to continue to fight for the rights specified in it.

Bottom Line: Big government and big business can now single us out in public.  This includes registered gun owners. This is one of the most dangerous applications of  “recognition software” imaginable.

Biblical Takeaway: As a nation forgets God, the concept or doctrine of omniscience doesn’t go away. It simply shifts from God to the state. Unlike the state, the God of the Bible never changes. With Him, omniscience is a blessing. When the state attempts to assume His attributes, life on earth becomes an Orwellian living hell.

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