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Trump Blasts Iran in an Explosive Tweet Channels Inner Roosevelt And Reagan: ‘Never Threaten the US’

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trump blasts Iran

President Trump blasts Iran as preparation for new talks?

Trump Blasts Iran – As Part Of A Larger Plan?

President Donald Trump challenged the Iranian regime in an all-caps tweet late Sunday night. Trump blasts Iran saying it will have dire consequences that “only a few have suffered.”
This capped an entire weekend of tweets about the Trump-Russia investigation. Readers should be aware that aggressive language is very much a part of Iran’s own posturing.  This has been for decades. Even to the point of endorsing an EMP attack on this country.


Trump Blasts Iran In An Aggressive Tweet

“To the President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani: ”Never threat the US ever again, or you’ll suffer serious consequences,” Trump said in a tweet.
He added: “We are never a country that will just stand for demented words of death and violence, so be cautious!”

These comments were Trump’s response to the earlier remarks of Iranian President Rouhani. Rouhani warned the US that a war with Tehran is “the mother of wars.”

Rouhani also warned Trump saying that playing with the tail of the lion is something that he will regret eternally. But the Iranian president held out the prospect of the two countries having a peaceful relationship according to the state media of Iran.
On Monday, Commander Gen. Gholam Hossein Gheibparvar of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards described Trump’s remarks as psychological warfare.

Even before Trump “tweet blasted” Iran, the administration had already intensified its stand against the Iranian regime.
US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, made a blistering speech comparing Iran to the mafia. Pompeo also accused clerics of ruling the country to enrich themselves. He said the Iranian regime funds terrorism, disregarding the welfare of Iranian citizens.

“To the regime, the security, freedom, and prosperity of Iranian citizens are acceptable casualties to fulfill a revolution,” said Pompeo in front of a crowd in Simi Valley, CA’s R. Reagan National Library.
“The level of corruption among regime leaders shows that the mafia is running Iran.”
Among the startling allegations made by Pompeo was that Ali Khamenei, Iran’s Supreme Leader, has his own hedge fund worth no less than $95 billion. Pompeo was a former CIA director.


The Use of Clear and Forceful Language “The Art of The Deal”

President Trump’s criticism against the Iranian president is similar to his approach to Kim Jong-un. Trump taunted and threatened Kim before agreeing to a peace declaration and summit.
Yet even by Trump’s standards, the language was forceful, brutal, and harsh, which surprised millions of watchers from the Middle East.

“We constantly hear aggressive words from the US president. However this tweet, I think, was taken to an entirely different level,” reported CNN’s military analyst, Rick Francona.
“It seems to be a bit out of character for him and it’s really alarming for a lot of people. This is certainly getting dangerous,” said Francona, who was a former intelligence officer of the US Air Force.

When asked if Trump is inciting a war against Iran with his latest tweet, the White House replied that “If there’s someone who’s inciting something, then that somebody shouldn’t look any further than Iran.”
White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders, told reporters that she would NOT say directly whether the Trump consulted with the national security team assigned to him before making the tweet. Sanders did note that Trumps speaks to the team daily; however, she didn’t give any details regarding future steps that Trump could take regarding Iran.


Trump Blasts Iran “Tactically” Like Teddy Would Have

John Bolton, the national security adviser, said that Trump will “make Iran pay a price that only a couple of countries have paid before.”
Pentagon’s undersecretary of defense, John Rood, told Barbara Starr that the US is still not making any new adjustments to its military posture.
“I don’t think we should do that and I definitely don’t recommend it,” Rood said.

On the other hand, Pompeo said that the US is currently undertaking a financial and diplomatic pressure campaign. The campaign will cut off funds that the regime uses to enrich itself and support destruction. Pompeo asked those who don’t like Iran’s destructive behavior to join the United States’ pressure campaign.

While many on the left and right claim to be afraid of the presidential “loose cannon,” it should be understood that Donald Trump is perhaps the best-trained negotiator to ever occupy the White House. Anyone not recognizing his tweets as “strategy and tactics” does not understand this president. Look for Trump to continue to build a framework for a meeting with Iranian leaders. My guess is he’ll do it by continuing to tweet like Teddy Roosevelt would have, had he had a twitter account.

Let’s be honest about all this.  Tough people respect other tough people and the truth is… they respond to tough language.  Above all, they disrespect weakness. All negotiators know this. Think Jimmy Carter and the Iranian hostage situation. A few tough words from “tough guy” Reagan scared the hell out of Ayatollah Khomeini and his shameless band of cowardly kidnappers. The results are obvious despite liberal attempts to rewrite history.


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