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Wealthy Preppers Building Huge Underground Neighborhood; 1,600 Residents; Sustainable For 200 Years

Wealthy Preppers Building Huge Underground Neighborhood; 1,600 Residents; Sustainable For 200 Years

Image source: KERA

DALLAS — Survival is certainly not what it used to be, as a $300 million five-star luxury resort fortress for millionaires is being planned in Texas.

Trident Lakes will give wealthy preppers all the comforts of home, including an 18-hole golf course, a shooting range, driving range, shops, polo fields, jogging trails, stables, restaurants and helipads.

The development will consist of 400 underground condominiums that will serve as survival bunkers for the rich, The Herald Democrat reported. The amenities, including lagoons, will be located on the surface while the rich hide underground.

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“It’s not just a hole in the ground to hide in; it’s going to be one of the most plush resorts in all of Texas, if not America,” Trident Lakes spokesperson Richie Whitt said.

The gated community will be surrounded by a 12-foot wall complete with watchtowers to keep less-affluent survivors out. Three different floorplans for condominiums are available, according to The Herald Democrat.

There also will be underground tunnel system connecting the condos. The tunnels will contain communal greenhouses, an air purification system and airlock — presumably to protect it from gas attack or fallout from a nuclear weapon.

“Part of the beauty of Trident Lakes and part of the reason it’s going to exist and be popular is the anonymity of it,” Whitt told the newspaper. “We wouldn’t give away the names, but I can tell you you’re going to recognize a lot of the names that move into this place. You’re going to say, ‘Wow, that person actually makes their vacation home, their second home, in Fannin County.’”

Trident Lakes is located off of Highway 56 between Sherman and Paris, Texas, northeast of Dallas. The site is in Fannin County, near the small town of Ector.

The location is close enough to Dallas to make it easy for wealthy oilmen and celebrities to reach. Yet it is far enough away to survive an attack on the big city

“If a country says I’m going to bomb America, they’re probably not going to have a bullseye over Fannin County,” Whitt noted.

Whitt did not reveal the cost of a condo at Trident Lakes. He and Trident Lakes CEO Jim O’Connor said the survival condominiums would be between 900 and 3,600 square feet in size. Trident Lakes would house about 1,600 people, if enough people buy condos.

The community also will have its own off-grid sources of food, water and energy, The Houston Chronicle reported. There are also plans for a DNA vault.

“We’ve evolved it into long-term sustainability instead of a survival community,” O’Connor said. “The concept is to build a community that will last two centuries or longer. That means we’re looking at designs that include earth structures that won’t be exposed to the elements.”

The development is being billed as a “lavish country-club” community that is “part private resort, part safe haven.”

If all goes as planned, the first wealthy residents will start moving into Trident Lakes in 2018.

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