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Zoning Allows Naked Mannequins But Bans Their Owner’s Fence

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zoning allows naked mannequins

Santa Rosa, CA city zoning allows naked mannequins, all the while preferring to outlaw high fences instead.

In Santa Rosa, California, zoning allows naked mannequins in yards but bans fences. Particularly, it is legal for Jason Windus to have nude mannequins in his yard but somehow illegal for him to keep his fence up.

In fact, four naked mannequins sit on chairs in the yard, while a fifth stands guard. The mannequins are there because zoning bans fences over three feet tall, The Press-Democrat reports.

Strangely, Windus learned zoning allows naked mannequins after being forced to remove a six-foot fence. To explain, Windus put up the fence to keep his dogs in the yard.

However, a city code enforcement officer and a neighbor think a six-foot fence is too high. Thus, mannequins are decorating Windus’s yard.


Zoning Allows Naked Mannequins

“Reserved seat for the nosy neighbor that complained about my fence to the city,” a sign in Windus’s yard reads.

Meanwhile, Windus’s dogs Caine and Domino cannot enjoy the yard because the fence is too low. After being told to remove the fence, Windus brought in the mannequins.

Oddly enough, Windus has been storing the mannequins for years but had no use for them until now. To explain, someone hired Windus’s trucking business to haul the dummies to the dump years ago. Instead, the moving company owner kept the mannequins in storage until the complaint.


Neighbors Like Naked Mannequins

Strangely, Windus’s neighbors seem to like the naked mannequins NBC Bay Area reports.

The TV station reports many passers-by give Winduce’s protest display the thumbs up. Windus is protesting because he says his fence was no higher than his neighbors.

In particular, the display targets the neighbor who made an anonymous complaint to Santa Rosa’s City Hall about the fence. Moreover, Windus thinks protest art is the best way to get back at the nosey tattletale.

“It was a six-foot fence, like everybody else’s around here,” Windus says of the former barrier. However, a city code limits fences along sidewalks to three-feet in height.


Naked Dummies Protest Fence

Unfortunately, a six-foot fence is too low to keep Caine and Domino from jumping over the fence and escaping. Hence, neighbors now get a view of five anatomically correct fashion dummies with no clothes.

By displaying the dummies, Windus is avoiding a large fine, reports. To explain, Windus is trying to show neighbors there are worse things than high fences.

However, the mannequins have their private parts covered with strategically placed fig leaves. Remarkably, the city zoning allows naked mannequins and yet outlaws high fences.

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What do you think about how zoning regulations in California allow naked mannequins but not fences? Let us know in the comments below.

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