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10 Life-Saving Survival Items That Fit In Your Pocket

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You may have a backpack at home that’s armed to the teeth with survival gear, or perhaps you have a similar kit in your car.

That’s great, but have you considered carrying survival gear in your pocket? While carrying only one or two small items cannot provide the same level of dexterity that a fully equipped bag or kit does, these items can still come in handy for emergencies and day-to-day living.

Here are 10 survival items you can fit in your pocket:

1. Compass. If you have a compass that’s already built into your knife handle or one on your smart phone, great! But neither will likely be as reliable as an old-fashioned compass that can fit nicely into your pocket. Sure, you have one on your phone, but it only works with a battery.

2. Fire Starters. Lighter, matches, magnesium flint striker. Any one of these can easily fit in your pocket. Fire provides warmth, protection and comfort, so instead of being forced to rub two sticks together to make a fire, consider sticking one of these fire starters into your pocket instead.

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3. First-Aid Kit. You won’t be able to pack a fully equipped first-aid kit in your pocket, but there are several miniature first-aid kits with the minimal necessities out there. You never know when you may need to tend to an injury, whether it’s for yourself or for someone else.

4. Fishing Supplies. Take an Altoids can and fill it up with fishing lures, bait, line and hooks. Fish are an excellent source of protein, and whether you’re lost in the wilderness or just driving along a river and come across a nice fishing spot, you’ll always have a makeshift fishing kit with you in your pocket.

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5. Flashlight (small). A small flashlight can easily fit in a pocket; just take a look at the miniature models that hook onto a keychain.

6. Knife (folding blade). Perhaps you already carry a knife, but the usefulness of a solid pocket knife cannot be overstated. Rather than going for a Swiss Army-type knife (you can use a multi-tool in place of that), aim for a more durable, folding knife with a longer blade. This will be more intimidating to attackers and is better suited for heavier duty work as well.

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7. Multi-Tool. If you can carry a multi-tool in addition to your knife — either on your belt or in your pocket — you’re in good shape. You could argue that a multi-tool is actually more important than a knife, considering that many multi-tools already have a knife blade built into them.

8. Paracord. If you’ve ever seen one of those paracord bracelets in the store, consider picking one up and keeping it on your wrist at all times. Paracord has tons of survival uses.

9. Pocket Handgun. Wait, a pocket handgun is a survival item? It certainly is. A firearm provides you with security, protection and even a way to hunt. There are plenty of little handguns out there chambered in .22, .32, .380, 9mm or .38 Special that can easily fit in your pocket.

10. Whistle. One of the most popular survival signaling devices is an old-fashioned whistle. Since most are extremely compact and lightweight, it’s definitely a viable option for a survival item as part of your everyday carry.

What survival items would you add to this list? Share your thoughts in the section below:

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