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5 Must-Have Winter Survival Items Every Car Needs

Image source: PreparedForThat

Image source: PreparedForThat

If you’re reading this, chances are pretty good that you have some form of survival kit of your own. It doesn’t matter whether you have a full-size backpack, or just a little case that can fit into your pocket — having a kit of basic survival tools is imperative.

But if you do have that survival kit, it’s also probably filled with basic items you would find in a survival list or book. All of these items — like a good knife and a compass — are important. Still, your kit may be underequipped for the drastic change in weather. A frigid, snow storm-filled winter is one of the harshest environments for survival.

Here are 5 items every winter survival kit needs:

1. Blanket

Obvious, yes, but this cannot be overstated enough. During winter, you need everything you can get to keep you warm. Your survival kit should already contain some form of space blanket, tarp, and/or poncho. But what you need is a full-sized wool blanket that you can wrap around yourself. Granted, a full-sized blanket is likely going to be too big to fit into your regular kit, but it’s more than easy to fit into your trunk or car. If you find yourself stuck on the road in the middle of a snowstorm, you’ll be thankful you had a warm blanket.

2. Lots (and lots) of fire-starting materials.

Having some matches or a magnesium flint striker in your regular survival kit is a no-brainer.  But with a winter survival kit, you’ll want at least four or five different ways of starting a fire.  Having plenty of quality matches, a magnesium flint striker, and a couple of lighters are a good place to start. Your blanket will make you warm, but nothing will make you warmer than a good fire.

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In addition, you’ll also want to invest in some kindling or other easy means of starting a fire. After all, firewood during the winter isn’t exactly firewood (it’s cold and damp). You can put some premade kindling from twigs and moss in a bag, or you can also use Vaseline and cotton balls, which will light up instantly. Another good idea is to buy a couple of candles that can give you light and keep your hands warm.

3. Hand warmers.

Some hand warmers are cheap and don’t last for long, but the slightly more expensive ones will last for several hours. You can put the hand warmers in your boots and in your gloves — and your chances of developing frostbite in your toes and fingers will go down dramatically.

4. Protein bars

This is another item that should be in your regular survival kit, but having a few protein bars in your winter survival kit is critically important, especially if you are stranded and help is far, far away. Consider packing a few extra bars into your pack.

5. Snow shovel

Every vehicle on the road should have a snow shovel in the trunk. A shovel is imperative for digging your car out of the snow if needed, and can also be used to make some sort of a snow shelter. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a quality snow shovel, either; most are rather inexpensive and a few come equipped with other useful items, such as a small saw or some string.

What would you add to this list? Leave your reply in the section below:   

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