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Preparing For A Crisis With Limited Storage Space

small homePreparing for an unknown crisis is challenging, but doing so when you have limited storage space can be even trickier. Thankfully with a little effort, a little practice and unique designs, you will have no trouble storing what you need for a crisis.

Water Storage with Limited Space

If you are in a limited space like an apartment or small home, you may be wondering how to prepare for the time when you’re not able to turn on the faucet and get water. There are several options, including having water bottles stored in places that you normally wouldn’t store them — a closet shelf, under the bathroom sink, or even in your car. Switch the water out periodically, especially if you are leaving it in your car. Another option is to have water bladders which can be filled and stacked neatly in closets and under stairways. You can also store water under your bed. Finally, have a water filter handy that you can use to drink stream, lake or river water.

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Food Storage with Limited Space

Dehydrated foods are a great option for those with limited space. They can be flattened down in Mylar bags and you can place these in buckets or even in a suitcase. You can store your dehydrated foods just about anywhere in the house, including on top of your refrigerator, under the sink, under your bed, and even in a storage closet.

Medicine Storage with Limited Space

With limited space you will need to decide what kind of medicines you absolutely must have. Big bulky medicines may have to go. Consider more compact options like pills. Instead of using over-the-counter medications and prescription medications, switch to essential oils and other home remedies that are easier to store in limited space – and that have multiple uses.

Have plenty of reusable cloths, Band Aids, and even gauze. Place your medical storage under your bed, closets and shelving units.

Think outside the box when it comes to storing. If you have a wall that you’re not using, consider getting a shelving unit and turning it in storage. There, you can store all your crisis supplies – foods, medicines and water. Also, take advantage of any extra bedrooms. Another option is to store these items in the trunk of your car.

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If you have a porch or a deck, consider turning these into storage areas for your crisis products. Put shelving units up and use Tupperware containers and Mylar bags to protect your items.

Another popular option is to hide items behind walls. While this might sound like a massive undertaking, it actually is a great way to have storage for items that you might need in a crisis. For instance, if you have paneling on your walls, you can simply remove the paneling, install shelving, and store your items there before putting back the paneling. This gives you a hidden storage space that functions well. (Although you would need to ensure everything is protected from rodents and insects.) You can also do this in your floor if you own your own house.

No matter the size of your home, you can be prepared to get through tough times.

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