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Will China’s “Master Plan” Lead To World War Three?

China's master plan

China’s master plan intends to reshape the global order to their liking.

The leaders of the People’s Republic of China have a master plan for global domination that might lead to World War III. China’s master plan consists of two parts. First of all, a “web of international institutions” designed to make other countries subservient to Beijing. Second, a massive military buildup, as Hal Brands wrote in a Bloomberg opinion piece. Brands believes that the Chinese have a plan to reshape the global order to their liking by excluding America. Chinese President Xi Jinping wants to export a new ideology that Brands calls “authoritarian mercantilism” or “authoritarian capitalism.” Under that system, other countries would be ruled by dictators loyal to Beijing. These rulers would open markets for Chinese corporations and harvest natural resources for China’s benefit.

China’s New World Order

That system is similar to the Soviet Union’s rule of Eastern Europe and creation of Communist puppet states during the Cold War. That policy led to numerous conflicts and almost sparked a nuclear war over the Soviet puppet state in Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. Such an ideology would undoubtedly shut out American ideas like freedom, democracy, and constitutional rule. It would certainly be appealing to corrupt rulers in developing nations. To promote the new order, the Chinese are signing trade pacts with and making loans to dictators in countries as diverse as Venezuela and Saudi Arabia. The basis of the ideological master plan is a new international order called the Beijing Consensus which would supplant the United States as the world’s leader.

Like the Soviets, the Chinese have set up front organizations to spread propaganda. They have also tried to influence elections in Australia and New Zealand with money, Brands claims. The Chinese government is underwriting so-called Confucius Institutes on college campuses. The Confucius Institutes are supposed to promote “Chinese values,” which is a code word for Xi’s authoritarian capitalism. The last country that tried to impose its ideology on the rest of the world aggressively was the Soviet Union. That scenario led to the Cold War and many minor conflicts. Conflicts such as the Korean and Vietnam Wars and the strife in Afghanistan. Between 850,000 and two million people died in just one of those conflicts: the Soviet-Afghan War.

China’s Dangerous Military Master Plan

Like the Soviets, the Chinese are building up a massive military machine designed to police and protect their global empire. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) opened its first overseas base and naval port last year. It is in Djibouti across the Red Sea from Saudi Arabia. That base is part of a plan for China to dominate the Indian Ocean and extend its power into the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. The PLA has agreements to build bases in Gwadar, Pakistan, and the Seychelles Islands. From these locations, it can dominate the Indian Ocean, Brands noted. The Chinese are trying to establish bases in Colombo, Sri Lanka and Darwin, Australia to add to their power.

The Chinese also have plans for naval bases at Piraeus, Greece, on the European continent and inside the European Union. In addition, they may construct bases in Walvis Bay, Sao Tome and Principe on the Atlantic Coast of Africa, Brands claimed. Such bases would allow Chinese air and naval forces to operate in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. There’s also a scheme for a “Naval Silk Road,” an all-water route from China to southern Europe through the Suez Canal. Control of that route would enable the PLA to cut India off from Europe and America and dominate the Middle Eastern oilfields. It would also allow the PLA to cut the United States off from Middle Eastern oil. To project its power, the People’s Republic is expanding its navy and building aircraft carriers.

Is China’s Master Plan Leading To World War III?

This can lead to war, as such a naval expansion by Imperial Germany in the early 20th Century helped sparked World War I. Fears of a German naval buildup and German trading alliances with countries like Turkey pushed Germany and the British Empire into war in 1914. The British won that war because of access to superior American industrial resources. America might not be so lucky in the 21st Century. China’s production of steel (the primary component for almost all modern weapons) is 10 times greater than America’s. China produced 831.7 million tons of steel last year. However, the United States only produced 81.6 million tons of steel in 2017, Worldsteel estimated.

China’s master plan might spark a catastrophic Third World War that could devastate both the United States and the People’s Republic. Smart individuals should start preparing for the day when America’s military may not be able to protect their families from China’s “authoritarian capitalism.”

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